Earworms 3 March 2014

We’re breezing into March with another eclectic set – you lot never cease to surprise me with the variety of worms you send in. Thanks to all, and keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime – Albahooky: Alright we all love the original, but I’m always partial to a re-edit when it can keep the groove going like this.

Beastellabeast – The Final Mistake -Shoegazer : Another stunner from the funky females of post punk series.

We Major – Kanye West– Magicman: This is from Kanye’s 2nd album “Late Registration” and is a wonderfully produced slab of punchy pop with a celebrated verse by Nas. “High over the ground instead of skyscraper, too low making you local, c’mon homie We Major, We Major”.

David Fenton – Fresh Air – DsD: I was reminded of this song –  Fenton was the lead singer of The Vapors – when guruing RRSA Faces. Hadn’t heard it for years, decades even! 7″ single is in the pile on the shelf above my head as I sit at my desk, so I blew the dust off, played it, and now have the wormy snippet “…aqualung, aqualung…” stuck in my head. D’oh!

Andy Stott – Luxury Problems – Fuel: I love Andy Stott’s “Luxury Problems” because of the hypnotic undertow to the song and the way it develops and never gets boring due to its constant shifting of sound and beat.

Lee Perry – Dreadlocks in Moonlight – goneforeign: Originally from the 1970’s film “Countryman”, directed by Dickie Jobson and structured around a St. Anne’s Bay fisherman called of all things – Countryman! It’s almost like a documentary of his life. It features my old mate Basil Keane playing the bad guy and is full of reggae. This film is dedicated to Bob Marley and the Wailers whose words and music inspired it, it must be on YouTube, go and see it.

15 thoughts on “Earworms 3 March 2014

  1. “Over the rainbow a Kansas tornado can twist up a little girl’s head – Aunt Em’s on relief and the tinman’s a thief, and even the wizard can’t wake the dead …” ‘Spill point to anyone who recognizes that without googling.

    Worms are in the box.

  2. A real contrast with last week. I imagine that was the idea. Loved the Beastellabeast one and the David Fenton. Expected to like the Talking Heads remix more than I did. Wanted to be even more relentless and unchanging than it was. Good though.
    Liked the music in the Kanye West track. And the singing too. Would have liked it better without the rapping to be honest.
    I love Lee Perry but I thought this was not one of his best. Still better than most people’s best efforts of course. Will check out the film.
    Andy Stott was definitely hypnotic. I think I’m just in the mood for hypnotic at the moment because of all this weeks’ tracks it’s the one I’ve returned to and played the most times.
    Nice mix of tracks. All very rhythmic but in quite disparate ways. A bit of a journey.

    No idea where the quote is from.

  3. They all worked brilliantly for me this week, a nice surprise after my unnecessary curmudgeonliness a fortnight ago, for which I apologise. The Talking Heads overcame my suspicion of remixes, and it really is an Earworm, or it has several of the beasts. Talking of which, I wasn’t expecting Beastellabeast to stand up so well, playlisted straight after that legend of a song, but it did. The Kanye West track is an absolute wall of words and sound; I never like DsD’s choices but that was a good one. Hypnotic worked for me with Andy Stott, lots of shifts and shading in there. And Lee Perry to finish, magic.

    I don’t know the quiz answer, but I did notice some fake endings in the mix this week. Thanks Ali, very well playlisted, and all contributors as always.

    • * reaches behind for curmudgeon baton – grasps it, and takes off round the bend *

      Actually, I’m not sure I liked any of this week’s songs, including mine! I may grow to like the Talking Heads remix if I listened often enough, but as it is it disrupts my flow because I’m so familiar with the path of the original. Other than that, Lee Perry would have stood a chance, but by the time I’ve stumbled through the irregularity of the rest, I’m not in the mood.

      This raises an interesting (to me) thought … am I actively put off by “odd”, these days? Odd beats, odd combinations, odd time signatures: am I getting to a stage where I need the familiar?

      If anyone wants me, I’ll be over on the PASTE magazine website, streaming the new DBT album …

      • I can’t top that.. so curmudgeonly that you don’t even like your own Earworm.

        Nothing wrong with wanting familiarity, but it could just be a ‘phase’ rather than an entire rest-of-your-life thing.

      • That was me ! It said I was commenting using my WordPress account, the lying cheating, no-good low-down dirty mean motherwhatsit double-crossing son-of-a-sausage.

  4. Twice I’ve said I really liked a D’sD earworm – and twice he’s let me do so and then said he doesn’t really like it much himself. I think the other one was a Bronski Beat song. He’s playing mind games and messing with me ‘ead I tell you!

    • I would compare his expertise at mind games to a well-known football manager, but he really would get curmudgeonly….

  5. Talking Heads: I can’t decide if I’d like it more or less if I didn’t know the original. Not as good as the original anyway, but still pretty goddamn listenable. Bit long of course but that’s par for the course with remixes, innit.

    Beastellabeast: Yep, funky. Like it.

    Kanye: He does make an exciting noise. Like this too. Not as much as Black Skinhead but more than that one with the Kardashian boobies in it.

    David Fenton: I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this bouncy, rather innocuous little tune. Fun.

    Andy Stott: Faintly unsettling. Not sure if I like it or hate it.

    Lee Perry: Less bonkers-sounding than I expected. In fact, his voice sounds lovely and sweet. Very nice indeed.

    Thanks all!

  6. Bish: Yes, Scratch certainly has the potential for sounding bonkers but probably never to this degree. I heard this when it was released in June 1985 and I just noticed it on youtube.
    One part of the lyric is as follows:

    “Chris Blackwell killed Bob Marley, and take away his royalty
    Because Bob Marley was speaking the truth
    So he set him up, to get rid of him
    Because he is working with the Mafias
    I saw Chris Blackwell in Nassau
    Drinking the blood of a chicken, in a rum glass
    And have the heart to offer I man a drink
    I said no man, I don’t deal with ism or schism…
    I don’t drink blood….

    check it at

  7. Glad to have stirred up some comments, even if they’re curmudgeonly … the quote was from ‘Magdalene Lane’ by Don McLean, which earwormed itself into my head as soon as Talking Heads mentioned the twister. Here’s a very crackly YouTube link:

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