Late Night Sleaze

If you like a bit of low-down dirty sleaze from the edges of decency painted in a nicotine stained 1970s palette…if you like dark humour from the edges of desperation and madness…if you like a nasty, reeking assault on modern niceties…then click on….if you don’t like left wing skin on right wing leather…then this is not for you…

13 thoughts on “Late Night Sleaze

  1. Is it just me or does it sound like Teenage Kicks? (In a good way.) (Not that it would be possible to sound like Teenage Kicks in a bad way really.) (Unless you’re One Direction.)

  2. Is this extreme skateboarding (rather like extreme ironing only colder?) – “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of leaving your posterior for posterity?”

  3. At the risk of having you all shuffle that little bit further away from me whilst coughing nervously, THIS IS ACE! It’s like (Bob Hoskins / Cathy Tyson flick) Mona Lisa, remade by Guy Ritchie and soundtracked by Barry Adamson in a particularly lascivious mood.

    • It would indeed be a load of arse if the tune wasn’t so damn tight & catchy!

      Everything’s so righteous about it; the teeth, the vietnam vet knifeplay, the fact those shutters have never been open, the woodbines, the brown suit, the geezer’s desperate face twisted in disgust as he reels off the shameful yet erotic lyrics that he HAS to share with us, the fact I’ve watched it so many times, and of course; the magic hypnotic floating joyous hairy crack n balls.

      Thanks for daring to watch y’all (tho I do feel a bit dirrrrrty for making you look at it, mmmmmmmmm, yeah)

      • He’s an odd looking fella isn’t he? He reminds me of drunken encounters where you find him strangely attractive in the smoky pub, and you keep staring at him till he comes over to you and offers to buy you a drink…. You wake up the next morning in his bed, eyes like piss-holes in the snow and as the cold light of day smacks you round the chops, you think wtf did I do?! He doesn’t look strangely attractive now, just grubby. You want to go home and have a shower, but you don’t like yourself very much now, so when he offers you that glass of whisky for breakfast you accept, blocking out those nasty thoughts, and that’s your weekend sorted.***

        ***not a bit autobiographical. Honest!

  4. I just made the mistake of pressing play on this on my work PC……..hastily mimimised, so will have to imagine the rest based on the rest of the comments! Top tune though!


    • I should have put NSFW on the post, but quite frankly that video’s not suitable for human consumption anywhere, let alone at work.

      I got the 7″ of it in the post today and was mildly disappointed that I didn’t have to shake out fag butts and empty wraps from the envelope to get at the record.

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