Earworms 10 March 2014

Feeling a bit fruity this week? Or maybe just nuts? Well, this little selection might help you decide, one way or the other. Many thanks to all our generous contributors; please continue to send your wonderful worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

The Crystal Method v The Doors – Roadhouse Blues Remix – Shoegazer: A welcome flash from the Shoey archives, this is another from the ‘unexpected covers’ series.

Desperate Journalist- Organ – Bethnoir: Desperate Journalist are from North London, they’re a bit post-punk, a bit goth so no surprise that I enjoy their female vocals with noisy backing sound, this is their single from Nov 2013.

The Clint Boon Experience – Do What You Do (Earworm Song) – glassarfemptee: I came across this in my iTunes today – the only song I know that actually calls itself an earworm. Not convinced myself, but have a listen and see what you think…

Francis Bebey – New Track – Albahooky: Here’s a tune from the late Cameroonian artist of whom I know very little about, but seems to have a firm grip on what was wanted & required: “Bananas, more freedom and dance on the new track”. No change there then.

Lloyd Price – Coconut Woman – beltway: This is one of the greatest and catchiest pop records ever made, a perfect bit of Calypso – once heard never forgotten and you will be singing it for a month.

Ayamafele – Kandia Kouyate – goneforeign: From her album Kita Kan which in her native Maninka language means “the voice of Kita”, a historic town in western Mali. Kandia Kouyate is one of the foremost voices of Mali. Basing herself on the tradition of the “griot”, she has created her own style, she is a “jelimuso”, a female griot. She’s a ‘praise singer’ and in the early ’80’s, to show his appreciation, Babani Sissoko, a very wealthy Malian,  gave her a Lear Jet, a Nissan car and about $35,000; she’s one of the wealthiest women in Africa.

14 thoughts on “Earworms 10 March 2014

  1. Nice drive home on a lovely sunny day and this was a nice set of tunes to accompany it.

    The Kandia Kouyate was the absolute highlight, a beautiful tune and great vocal performance. Francis Bebey was pretty good too, though it did get a bit repetitive.

    I used to get a bit sniffy about remixes of what I regard as “classics” but The Crystal Method vs The Doors is an interesting mash up, if not something I’d want to listen too often, Liked the Desperate Organists, really reminded me of something else that I couldn’t place.

    Clint Boon was nice – note sure it’s really an earworm though as I can’t really remember it, though it sounded a bit like Richard Hawley.

    Nice selection – thanks all!

  2. Thank you for including Desperate Journalist! I hope people enjoy it. I just wanted to listen to the original when I heard the Doors track, Clint Boon is fun, not wormed itself into my ear yet, but I’ll see if it’s in my head when I wake up tomorrow…
    I love the vocals on the Francis Bebey track and the coconut calypso is fab, almost made me forget I have a cold and went to the dentist eariler! Kandia is very uplifting too, great selection.

  3. Oh I like a bit of sweet and sour! That is to say, I like a mix of wild and mild. I enjoyed the way the set wound down from the driving Crystal Method and wonderful Desperate Journalist wall of sound, through to the lovely Kandia Kouyate with the delicate kora backing. This contrasted well with the earlier mix of traditional and electronic Africa from Francis Bebey, and I liked the bridge from banana to coconut! The Lloyd Price brought back happy memories – I think I first heard this in Trinidad in the early fifties, from Harry Belafonte. Great bit of play listing, Ali. Thanks wormers.

  4. Enjoyed all of those, thanks!

    Ayamafele was the standout, but they were all great. Liked the Desperate Journalist too – just my cup of tea, and the Clint Boon sounded pretty Earwormy to me.



  5. I’ve been taking sick-and-tired to a new level this week (Ali, you know why!) so this was a lovely distraction, listened to this morning with the weak Spring sun shining through the window. Thanks everyone!

  6. Funnily enough, the Crystal Method grabbed me the most this week, though it’s not usually my kind of thing. I can’t dance to any of that music, but at some point in the early 2000s I found it’s good for driving to, so remixing Roadhouse Blues feels like a good choice of tune.

    Thanks Ali and all. I need to find a few tunes to send in.

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