I knew it! I bloody knew it!!!

That moment when you realise that you're both right ... and stupid!

That moment when you realise that you’re both right … and stupid!

Thank the Lord for that. I’d almost convinced myself I’d invented it.

Some time ago, someone posted or nominated a song I immediately latched onto and loved. Happens a lot; that’s why I love you lot. In this case, it was this one


Dessa – Mineshaft II

– and it’s been on my Walkman ever since. Now I’d never even heard of Dessa. No surprise there. Let’s face it, the phrase

 “… member of the Minneapolis-based hip-hop collective Doomtree, Dessa Darling, (born Margret Wander) first made a name for herself in the world of poetry slam …”

was never going to make her a staple of the music collection of this aging heavy rocker, was it? So why the hell did I feel like I’d known this song for years? I did a little research at the time, but focussed on the voices, because I was utterly, utterly convinced that was where my memory search would eventually be rewarded.

Dessa’s voice, and the tone, and the storyline, reminded me A LOT of Mary Gauthier (don’t laugh, tfd).

And that backing vocal just HAD TO BE Sarah McLachlan, didn’t it?

But my research – AllMusic, Wiki, Pitchfork, Google, etc. – all let me down. No mention of MG or SMcL anywhere.

Oh, and I further stymied myself by failing to spot that there was both a Mineshaft II and a Mineshaft (which has COMPLETELY different music), so only ever searched without the suffix. [You berk, DsD! – Ed.]

Nonetheless, every time the song popped up on Shuffle (almost always in the car, so no opportunity to return to my search at that point), its familiarity nagged at me infuriatingly.

Fast forward about three years. As discussed elsewhere recently, I’m on another one of my musical comfort food phases, so listening to a lot of 70s/80s classic rock. With an Amazon voucher I was given at Christmas, I treated myself to a 5CD boxset to replace two albums I used to have on vinyl & cassette. (Paid about the same for the full five now as I paid for just the two back then.) This morning, I ripped the discs to the PC, then set off my old favourite one playing as I started on my office admin.

When Track 3 started, I nearly fell off my chair! Have a listen:

Blackfoot – Left Turn On A Red Light

Remember the look on Blackadder’s face when Bob/Kate reveals herself to him? That’s how I look right now.

So why hadn’t I made the connection? Because I haven’t had Blackfoot’s Strikes album for years – the cassette was in a binliner accidentally thrown out by an old landlord over twenty-five years ago. Cor! I now don’t know whether to feel vindicated (that I somehow knew I knew … something!) or bang my head against a wall for being so dumb.

Either way, the relief is enormous, and I’m going to go and have my lunch now happily singing along.

Oh . . . hang on . . . to which set of lyrics??????

11 thoughts on “I knew it! I bloody knew it!!!

    • Well it may not be. For all I know, credit for the sample may be on Dessa’s sleevenotes, but I (unsurprisingly) don’t have a copy of her A Badly Broken Code album; I only have that one song via it being ‘Boxed one week. Cheers, MM.

  1. I’d put money on there being quite a few other songs with that intro, DsD, although this particular instance does seem to be a ‘sample’ (or theft/cheating as it may also be considered). It’s a staple chord sequence in many tunes.
    I think of it as the Watchtower sequence (as in All Along The…).

  2. There’s something in the water in Minneapolis affecting hip-hop collectives.

    Here’s Atmosphere with Bob Seger The song reference is “Move the Night”. And yes it’s too bloody late to nominate it for this week’s RR theme now that I’m mentioning it.

      • Gulp! … Actually that’s really cool! It’s just another example of rap’s open-mindedness and ability to reinvent itself. Wouldn’t be the first time Genesis or members of Genesis have had their songs sampled or used for inspiration either. Thanks. Brilliant Drones justification, by the way.

      • Hmm. Interesting. The music still isn’t my thing, but I accept the points about rap.

        Re RR – why don’t you name it as a “Guru’s Pick” B-lister of the sort of thing we missed?
        Some of us have done that sort of thing before.

      • Hi, DsD. Ah! A guru’s pick … tempting but I’ve just done the B-list and I think I’ll’ve inflicted my taste on the good folks of RR enough this week. I think my Spill post on shadows will do fine as a guru’s pick, though I have at least another dozen songs that are on-topic (but i don’t think any are DsD friendly, except for the Korean post-rock wig-out).

  3. Went to see Dessa last year (even smaller venue than the one we went to). Knew Maki is a fan & mentioned this to Dessa during a break, she offered to send him a phone video message after the show.

    The poor lady had a really bad case of the sniffles, so didn’t join the meet & greet line after the show, as we felt she needed to get out of there.

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