elastic bands – this week: K

the Continuing Theropy of Cyderpunk K or elastic bands
here’s the game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

Should be a player with 13 tracks from one band this week

I will post a letter of the alphabet
all BANDS or ARTISTS must begin with that letter.
Artists letter is determined by the letter at the beginning of their SURNAME (if they use it) – ignore the use of ‘The’ in a bands name.
up to 13 songs are allowed – fewer if you wish.
All can be the same artist if that represents you perfectly or all the same genre. Just make them great tunes.

make a youtube playlist (if you wish) and link to it – just link to it – don’t overload the thread.

Cut and paste the band names and tracks (in a joyous list style) in the comments.
Then we can chat about the choices – add some waffle if you wish (about how narrow or varied those choices are) … but above all, have fun.


151 thoughts on “elastic bands – this week: K

  1. Ah, now this’ll be interesting. This may well be the letter that most obviously demonstrates changes in my tastes over the years. My artists are going to go from Kiss and Krokus to Kozelek and the Kronos Quartet.
    Back later.

    • Kwicker that I thought.

      Koop – Baby (ft Cecilia Stalin)
      Kurder & Dorfmeister – Useless (DM remix)
      K-Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery
      KLF – 3AM Eternal
      Keith – Mona Lisa’s Child (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Mix
      Kraftwerk – Neon Lights
      King Tubby – Freedom Dub
      Knife Party – Centipede
      Konflict – Messiah
      Kosheen- Hide U
      Ray Keith – Chopper (Shy FX remix)
      DJ Krust – Warhead
      King Jammy – Darker Shade Of Dub

      • Hi shane. Lovely blue wicked artwork. Yes KLF was my first thought. These playlists seem to be sending me on massive nostalgia trips. I remember having a huge crush on the K-Klass singer – she has the sexiest lisp. Ah! I feel like getting pissed on Mad Dog 20/20 Blue Raspberry. Happy days.

      • Sorry, wilemena, there were quite a few I had to skip there. But the newtome Kruder & Dorfmeister was strangely alluring – like an electronic Siren’s call. KLF still produce a grin, and both Dubs worked a treat, as always. Ta.

      • Hi DsD. Yeah, a few of my choices won’t go down well this week unless you like a bit heavy d&b and dubstep. I just raided my old dance collection and stuck the Knife Party in cos it’s ‘sick’ (as my 11 year old would say – meaning good, but the vid is a bit sick as in bad taste too).

  2. Shane, K’s are difficult, I can only think of 9 and to be honest they’re not my absolute favourite tracks ever, I wonder who I missed out and what everyone else will chose?

    They also seem to be a bit heavy, prepare your ears
    Beth’s mostly metal Ks

    1. KMFDM – A drug against war
    2. KASMS -Bone You
    3. Katatonia – The Parting
    4. Killing Joke – Requiem
    5. Killing Miranda – Conspiracy Theory
    6. Kreator – When the Sun Burns Red
    7. The Kinks – You Really Got Me
    8. Kula Shaker – Govinda
    9. KYUSS – Green Machine

  3. Ah, I am so happy because a K List is tailor made for me. I can include the mighty Crims!

    I also get the chance to list the Three Kings of the Blues, Carole King and Randy California in his incarnation as Kaptain Kopter. Along the way, there is Steve Hillage’s first band, Khan and Paul Kantner from Jefferson Airplane with a track from “Blows Against The Empire” his trippy solo album with Grace Slick, some 70s blue-eyed soul from Kokomo, Steve Mason as King Biscuit Time, Alison Krauss and Dagmar Krause covering Brecht and Weill.

    The other track that is work mentioning is an early Kinks effort that sounds, to my ears, remarkably like Davy Graham.

    King Crimson – Epitaph
    Khan – Stargazers
    Paul Kantner – Have You Seen The Stars Tonight?
    Kaptain Kopter and The Fabulous Twirly Birds – Things Yet To Come
    Carole King – I Feel The Earth Move
    Kokomo – I Can Understand It
    BB King – The Thrill Is Gone
    King Biscuit Time – I Walk The Earth
    Alison Krauss – Down To The River To Pray
    Dagmar Krause – Alabama Song
    The Kinks – Nothing in This World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl
    Freddie King – Hideaway
    Albert King – Blues Power


  4. Lucky for me there’s lots of Japanese artists and bands that start with a “K” ! Hooray !

    1. Kaleidoscope (U.K.) – Jenny Artichoke ( 60s fey psych with Bo Diddley beat)
    2. Kaleidoscope ( U.S) – Pulsating Dream ( 60s Ethno psych, short but sweet)
    3.The Kabeedies- Treasure hunting ( 2000s Indie from Norwich)
    4. Kahimi Karie – Lolittapop Dollhouse ( Momus cover, perfect for this artist)
    5. Kegawa no Maries- Bonnie and Clyde ha konya mo muuchu ( Great band, now defunct)
    6. Kenzi and the Trips – Cheeselita ( Cheeselita ? Great name for a child !)
    7. Ketchup Mania- Hime no omi ( Manic, in a kechupy way)
    8.The Kinks- Autumn Almanac ( A classic, “Crawly caterpillars” and all.
    9.Kiiiiiii-4 little joeys ( Mad Japanese ladies, nuts)
    10. Kinoco Hotel -キノコホテル ( Hot Japanese ladies, 60s influences)
    11. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Mottai Nightland ( Japanese icon lady, colourful)
    12. The Kokessies -I am fine ( Saving the best till last, I love this long lost Japanese “folk” band so much, they are just soooooo Kawaii !).

    Playlist here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-RXx-Wllv4&list=PLjhQua39mNprOf08c7kosIP1nwT3NzT71

    • Oh and 13 would have been Katie Katty- Bad, bad, bad but, for some reason the video wouldn’t load. Might be restricted to Japan.

      • Just tested it and it seems to work fine for me.
        Sometimes the Japanese videos cause problems, I don’t know why.
        Thanks for trying anyway !

      • No, it’ll be my PC. It’s thrown the equivalent of a teenager’s strop at how much work I’ve made it do today. I’m back on your list, starting at No.5, playing as I type. Like the riff!

  5. If I’ve got this right, this should be a link to my first proper YT playlist:

    K: From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

    Entitled K: From The Ridiculous To The Sublime, it goes

    Kiss – Strutter ’78
    Krokus – Back Seat Rock & Roll
    The early, simple-headed, teenage me.
    King Kurt – Destination Zululand
    Ah! Student days. 🙂
    Killing Joke – Eighties
    Jaz may be crackers, but he nailed that decade.
    Lenny Kravitz – Always On The Run
    Great version with Slash here.
    Katrina And The Waves – Cry To Me
    B.B. King – How Blue Can You Get
    Proper blues.
    Kitchens Of Distinction – Gone World Gone
    Can’t find ‘One Of Those Sometimes Is Now’ on YT.
    Mark Kozelek – Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer
    An AC/DC cover, natch, but MK is SO much more than that to me.
    Bap Kennedy – Howl On.
    Quietening it all down now.
    King Creosote – Marguerita Red
    Kenny had to be in there somewhere.
    Kronos Quartet – Xibalba
    With Clint Mansell on writing duties, & Mogwai contributing.
    Keith Kenniff – Portraits Pt.2
    If you’re not chilled by now, you never will be!

    As Carole said, “no edit function“, so I really hope this works: fingers crossed.

    • K is a fairly restricted pool of talent in my collection (even more so than R was). So as well as donds already issued, I figure it’s OK for me to mention the relatively few artists I thought about but didn’t list – I WON’T be doing this for the ‘big’ letters, like B, C, T, etc.

      Jeff Klein, Jess Klein, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Kane Gang, King, Paul Kossoff and Chris Knight missed out. I figured (correctly) that classics from the likes of The Kingsmen, Ben E. King, Kool & The Gang, and The Kinks would show up anyway; and there are much bigger fans out there than me of bands like Kings Of Leon, Katzenjammer, Kraftwerk, Carole King and The Killers.

      I am gonna sneak one more in though: a song I B-listed on one of my RR Guru stints:
      Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
      Call me an old softie, but this is just gorgeous.

      • If you still have it, go check the B-side. The 12″ of Bedside Radio had two songs on the reverse:
        Back Seat Rock & Roll
        Lady Double Dealer

  6. Oh, and that artwork brings back some painful memories. K cider is, I seem to remember, about 8.2%, and was my first exposure to white cider, in December 1983. More than that, I’m not prepared to recall!

  7. DarceysDad, donds to Killing Joke of course, hadn’t heard King Kurt for ages! I missed out on Kitchens of Distinction, off to Spotify to listen to some more now, really varied list!

    • Kitchens Of Distinction (nominees in the category of ‘Worst Named Band Ever’) are one of those acts I’d never even heard of until I was pointed at them on RR. Can’t remember who to give credit to, though. severin? barbryn? Proudfoot or Mark68, maybe. I know bish loves ’em, but I’m fairly sure my intro to them was before he joined RR.

      • Kitchens will deffo be on my list. (And yes, I think someone pre-me headed you in their direction – I know their Breathing Fear was A-listed before I joined da community.)

  8. Korn – Y’all Want a Single
    Kyuss – Born to Hula
    Killing Joke – Millenium
    Kingsmen – Louie Louie
    BB King – The Thrill is Gone
    Kool and the Gang – Jungle Boogie
    Kelis – Milkshake
    Evelyn Champagne King – Love Come Down
    Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine
    Jorma Kakounen – Genesis
    Kitchens of Distinction – Prize
    Carole King – Tapestry
    Kula Shakur – Tattva (thanks, Beth)
    King Crimson – Exiles

      • i wouldn’t be surprised if they maybe showed up on DsD’s list. I like them for some guilty pleasure fun. The did cover the Floyd’s entire The Wall album, which was interesting. And made not all that bad of a job of it either.

      • Korn a bit too nu-metal for my liking (says the man with big enough brass balls to put Krokus on his list without blushing)!

    • We both picked Milkshake but different Carole King numbers! Donds for Louie, Louie and how could I have forgotten Katrina and the Waves? – donds for that too.

    • Hi amylee my favourite Korn track is Freak on a Leash, purely for the video, but donds anyway for that and Kelis (not really admitting to liking that but I do secretly)

      • The best part about this game is being able to shoehorn all of our guilty pleasures and the rubbish tunes that we like onto a playlist. I’m proud to like shit tunes! Nearly got Kid Rock onto my list.

  9. k-play-list HERE

    Albert King – Born Under A Bad Sign
    Al Kooper – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
    Katzenjammer – To The Sea
    King Creosote – I’ll Fly By The Seat Of My Pants
    Tom Klose – Born A Lion
    Nils Koppruch – Armer Junge Weint, Armes Mädchen Auch
    Jean Knight – Do Me
    Frederick Knight – Pick’Em Up Put’Em Down
    Carole King – Beautiful
    Kronos Quartet feat. Asha Bhosle) – Ekta Deshlai Kathi Jalao (Light A Match)
    Melina Kala – Milo gia sena (I Tell Of You)
    The Kinks – All Day An All Of The Night

    and a special bonus track with much silliness, because I can’t get enough silliness at the moment: Philippe Katherine La Reine d’Angleterre

    For not obvious entries above: Tom Klose is a local singer/songwriter I’ve been listening out for ever since TheBoyWonder got to play support at a gig of his; the late Nils Koppruch might seem familiar, I chose that song for one of my Festive Spill top 3’s a couple of years back; Katzenjammer I didn’t like at all the first time I heard them (sorry, severin!), probably I was expecting to be knocked away by them, I’d heard so much good about them – but they’ve grown on me greatly since catching a live broadcast; Melina Kana is a Greek singer with such a beautiful voice; my Kinks’ choice was greatly aided by the lack of accessible youtube links own our way; Kronos Quartet is from the album ‘You’ve Stolen My Heart – Songs From R.D. Burman’s Bollywood’; and my Stax collection finally gets an airing! Have a listen, I hope you’ll enjoy.

  10. Kinks – Waterloo Sunset
    Killers – Mr Brightside
    Ben E King – Stand By Me
    Kryspy 3 – Destroy All The Stereotypes
    Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot
    Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody
    Carole King – You’ve Got a Friend
    The Kingsmen – Louie Louie
    Klark Kent – Don’t Care
    Kool and the Gang – Get Down On It
    Frankie Knuckles – Tears
    Evelyn King – Shame
    Kleeer – Tonight’s the Night

  11. Had trouble posting earlier on…this could be it……

    suzi’s elastic bands : K

    The version of Maki Madni (or Madani) isn’t the one I have, which doesn’t seem to have a Youtube link – but I did like this version and preferred it to others online. I couldn’t get the lyrics translated into English but I believe that the title means ‘joyful noise’ – which is the feeling that it gives. I could probably have filled the entire list with Kraftwerk and the Kinks quite happily, but variety is better (I’ve heard) so I chose two favourites from them plus some others I liked!

    Kraftwerk – Mitternacht
    Kaiser Chiefs -I Predict a Riot
    Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way?
    Kelis – Milkshake
    Ben E King – Stand By Me
    Carole King – It’s Too Late
    Kinks – Days
    Kardemimmit – Huoleton rakkauslaulu
    Kid Creole and the Coconuts – Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy
    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Maki Madni

    • I have added to the list…..The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon
      The I was going to add another Kraftwerk but it was difficult to decide when suddenly – headslap time! Aaarrghh ….or possibly, Arrrrrr……I remembered something I was going to add for sure if K came up –
      Kevin Kline – The Pirate King’s Song from G & S’s Pirates of Penzance
      Then I found the version of Maki Madni that I have on my ipod. It’s long – over 17 minutes – and more authentic and traditional….and also, I think, more joyous…It’s Sufi music and in the end it seems to have almost a hypnotic effect.

  12. Sorry for the dodgy-looking link, it DOES work. And I can’t believe I haven’t got Chaka Khan on that list anywhere.

  13. Here are mine. Possibly even more ‘pop’ than usual:

    Parvati Khan: Jimmy Jimmy Ajaa
    Mory Kante: Yeke Yeke
    KLF: Justified And Ancient
    Chaka Khan: Ain’t Nobody
    Gladys Knight & The Pips: Baby Don’t Change Your Mind (yes, I know it should be Midnight Train…)
    Nick Kamen: I Promised Myself (shut up you, it’s a CHOON!)
    Keane: Everybody’s Changing
    The Killers: Read My Mind
    Kelis: Milkshake
    Kenickie: I Would Fix You
    Kitchens of Distinction: Polaroids
    King Creosote: And The Racket They Made (really not, DsD?)
    Salif Keita: Bobo

    bish’s elastic K bands

    • I’m surprised you’re first with Kenickie.

      Re King Creosote: And The Racket They Made, Your Own Spell, Bats In The Attic, and 678 are higher up my iTunes No.of Plays list, but you all already know about me & the first three, and 678 didn’t really flow in that position in my playlist, which is largely chronological.
      [You sad pedant, DsD. – Ed.]

    • I know, I know… (Mainly it’s because I’m not a fan per se and I felt choosing them would be borderline-pretentious/dishonest coming from me. Like anyone else would judge!)

      • I don’t think anyone would know! I came late to Kraftwerk, via my son-in-law – previously I knew The Model and Tour de France and maybe one or two others but that was about it. Now I really love their stuff and I was lucky enough to see them last year at the Tate – coincidentally, it was the day that they concentrated on Tour de France, although they played things from other albums too, including Autobahn.

  14. Playlist later. A couple of my choices have been taken already but I’m going with them anyway:

    Keen – Darker Glasses
    Keen – Missed The Point
    Kinks – Lola
    Kraftwerk – Showroom Dummies
    Janet Kay – Silly Games
    Evelyn Champagne King – Shame
    Kuricorder Quartet – Nellie The Elephant
    KLF – 3 am Eternal
    Killing Joke – War Dance
    Katzenjammer – To The Sea
    Katzenjammer – Cocktails and Ruby Slippers
    Katzenjammer – Rock Paper Scissors
    Katzenjammer – God’s Great Dust Storm

    • Are we supposed to look and see if a tune’s already ‘gone’ before we post? Oops, the thought never entered my universe…

      I am a teeny bit disappointed that you’ve not gone for a ‘tfd’ with Katzenjammer, severin!

    • The (partial) playlist
      sans Keen, sadly, but you can read about them HERE! and hear Missed the Point if you click on the link on that page (in blue near the bottom). They’ve mis-titled it for some reason.

      Oh and the Kuricorder’s version of Nellie isn’t on Youtube so I bunged their rendition of “I’ve Just Seen a Face” on instead.

  15. I forgot Katzenjammer but then I only really discovered them when doing my Inheritance playlist! Must investigate them further!

  16. No where near as many K’s as I should have by the look of some of the other posts. I’ve got some good listening to do.

    Karsh Kale – Distance.
    Kiaser Chiefs – Oh My God.
    King Creosote – Bubble.
    Khaled – Wahrane, Wharane.
    Kasabian – West Ryder Silver Bullet.
    Kodo – Zoku. (Live at the Acropolis).
    King Crimson – One More Red Nightmare.
    Kinks – Waterloo Sunset.
    Killers – Good Night, Travel Well.

  17. Immediate thoughts are:

    Kings of Leon – Crawl – not too recent bethnoir, but I’m quite a fan of their new “dull” stuff as well as this track and their early works 😉
    Lenny Kravitz – Black Velveteen
    Kasiabian – L.S.F.
    Kinks – Waterloo Sunset (third nom this week – very popular)
    Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot (listed for las)
    Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
    The Kooks – She Moves in Her Own Way
    Kris Kristofferson – Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
    The Knack – My Sharona
    BB King – Sweet Sixteen
    Oh go on then I’ll have another Kings of Leon track of their current “dull” album – Comeback Story
    and another one from Lenny – American Woman oh and Fly Away whilst I’m at it.

    play list to follow.

  18. a young hillage was in a band called Khan ( stranded )
    of all the King’s has anyone done Ben E King and Stand by Me
    Albert Hideaway BB Sweet Sixteen and the Crims with Starless
    Kinks sunny afternoon – ‘cos i’m one for lazin’

    • the earth stood stilland the band Klaatu were somehow involved in the Paul is dead rumours – maybe he was singing with them from beyond the mersey
      i don’t suppose a Mr Kilminster has even worked under his own name
      in the British Blues boom a Dave Kelly & Danny Kirwan are worth a mention but I can’t name a song off the top of me head … … a sister of one .. Jo_Ann Kelly with i feel so good

      • Kilburn & the High Roads ( billy bentley perhaps ) Kippington Lodge was Nick Lowe & Brinsley Schwarz first band ( shy boy?) Wayne Kramer & Mindbenders ( possibly bend me shake me ) Sonja Kristina … has set me off on a train of thought

  19. killdozer – hi there
    king of the slums – simpering blonde bombshell
    killing joke – love like blood
    kong – leather penny
    kings of convenience – toxic girl
    koufax – why bother at all
    king blank – blind box
    kitchens of distinction – the 3rd time we opened the capsule
    the kills – cats claw
    kyuss – green machine
    killdozer – knuckles the dog (who helps people)


      • both immense tracks. i play love like blood every pub visit on the jukebox! only got to 11 with two killdozers. could have tried harder i guess. not looked through the thread yet and checked the lists.

  20. Krikey, a kornucopia of kracking ktunes this kweek.
    Forgot about Mory Kante, Salif Keita, King Krimson and ,Cheb Khaled ( how could I forget Cheb !) .

    That’ll teach me to rely on my i-Pod !

  21. The best K band I ever saw were Kid Khaki and the Karamojos, a local outfit from the early eighties. But I don’t think there are any recordings. They were so full of energy and invention, I’m smiling just remembering.
    Otherwise, I’m pretty much left with (several) Kinks, BB King and Kid Creole and the Coconuts….

    • Almost – all I can say is I followed Shane’s instructions to the letter.

      Kill Pretty – Rob A Bank
      Would have gone for a different track but none of the ones I wanted are on youtube. This is catchy though

      Klaxon – eSseTiOeRreIA
      Italian Oi off an Oi Against Racism compilation.Can’t tell you much else but it’s surprisingly tuneful

      Keyside Strike – In This World
      I wanted to go for Chavageddon but again the studio version isn’t up, this is very anthemic though

      Killing Joke – Pssyche
      Beth got my favourite first but this is almost as good

      Killjoys – Naive
      Threw this one on for fun, not my favourite punk band but the singer went on to better thigs, didn’t he Bish?

  22. CaroleB covered most of my Ks and Kudos due for that, particularly KC & CK but Dagmar is also my darlinK and somethinK from TanK Battles might have been my picK.

    To the colleKKtive above Komments I would of course say in true RR flyby style “Kan’t believe no one has mentioned the old Fela yet! He was a Cutie.

    Fela kuti glastonbury

  23. elastic bands K – (with bonus 14th track that made me think of doing K!)

    All You Need Is Love The KLF
    Rippin Kittin (Freaksfasterpussycatvocal) Miss Kittin and Golden Boy
    Opa Hey! Kottarashky
    Medication Karaocake
    Come Out 2Nite Kenickie
    The Build-Up Kings Of Convenience
    One For The Money Kotchy
    Fuck The People The Kills
    We Share Our Mothers’ Health The Knife
    Skanky Panky Kid Koala
    Mama Na Bana Konono No.1
    Sofa Surfer/Black Baby Kruder & Dorfmeister
    B-Boy Stance k-os

    Zombie Nation(Original Mix) Kernkraft 400

    • those I don’t know enough to judge entire outputs (and Kylie; whom maybe is under M? and Joseph K who I’ve got confused about where on earth they go):

      elastic bands the single K’s

      Dark Kioki
      Zombie Nation(any number of the million Mixes) Kernkraft 400
      AKD – Knarf Rellöm Trinity
      2 Hearts (Alan Braxe Remix) Kylie
      Sai Kanda Bongo Man
      We Are Fucking Angry The King Blues
      Citizens Josef K
      The Angle Josef K
      A Bar In Amsterdam Katzenjammer
      Shango – Peter King
      Two Frocks At A Wedding King Creosote
      He Travels in a Suit Kittyhawk
      What Time Is Love? The KLF
      Raise the Alarm – Kermit (as Big Dog)

      • Ms wilemena – re Requiem For A Hit….love the way they come up for air, between beatings, and break it down into a sweet little interlude @ 2mins. Biche !

    • I sort of lost track of Kings of Convenience after the first album, but that was lovely with Ms Feist’s vocals. Kottarashky a favourite newtome – a couple of others in there which have somehow ended up on my computer, probably via you.

  24. will try to make a proper playlist later, but am just grabbing a rare 10 minutes computer time!

    Mine will probably look something like this:

    Kyari Pamyu Pamyu
    Kill the Man Who Questions
    Kid 606
    Kings Have Long Arms
    Kool Keith
    Wynton Kelly
    Kenzi and the Trips
    Kathleen Hanna
    Kling Klang

  25. Crazy busy this week (and last – would have been mostly REM, Red House Painters, early Radiohead, Robyn and Max Richter) and YouTube is being funny, so here’s a virtual K-list:

    K’Naan – In The Beginning (live)
    Katzenjammer – A Bar in Amsterdam (live) [great to see the Katzenjammer love here – see them live if you possibly can]
    Kings of Leon – Joe’s Head
    Kings of Convenience – Winning A Battle, Losing The War
    Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavelle – Gustavo
    The Knife – Heartbeats
    Kenickie – I Would Fix You
    King Creosote – Camels Swapped For Wives
    Kitchens of Distinction – Remember Me
    The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset

  26. K-Mart:

    Killing Joke (19)
    Kraftwerk (8)
    King Creosote (5)
    Kormac (4)
    Killers (3)
    Kills (3)
    Kings Of Leon (3)
    Mark Kozelek (2)
    Kaiser Chiefs (2)
    Keane (2)
    King Missile (2)
    Richard H Kirk (2)
    Knife (2

  27. Kent – Dom Andra
    K-X-P – Magnetic North
    Kariya – Let Me Love You For Tonight
    Kotiteollisuus – Kone
    Lightning Rod (Kool and the Gang are the backing band) – Sport
    KIILA – Fireburnfoot
    Kings Go Forth – One Day
    Kerkko Koskinen Kollektiivi – Laura Palmer
    Kode9 & The Spaceape: Am I
    King Crimson ✪ MATTE KUDASAI
    Matti Johannes Koivu – Vain Elämää
    Koop – Koop Island Blues
    Kimmo Pohjonen / Timo Kämäräinen – “Kuume”

  28. Late runner and some duplication, missed quite a few (how could I miss Salif Keita, Bish?) King Crimson’s Book of Saturday and Exiles always go together for me (Amylee, carole), Kula Shaker guilty pleasure (Beth), Katzenjammer, thanks Severin and Kaiisa, thanks Goneforeign.
    God’s Great Dust Storm, Exiles and Lark Ascending (shoe-in for Nigel Kennedy) all hairs-stand-up-on-neck stuff. Katrina – happy song. Keb’Mo’ – dedicated to the one who got away.

    Alison Krauss – The Lucky One
    Henry Kaiser & david Lindley – Vavarano (noodling alert)
    Kaiisa – To Ndje
    Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby (dedicated to my friend’s dog)
    Kaleidoscope – Egyptian Garden
    Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine
    Katzenjammer – God’s Great Dust Storm
    Keb ‘Mo’ – Perpetual Blues Machine
    King Crimson – Book of Saturday
    King Crimson – Exiles
    Kula Shaker – Namami Nanda-Nandana
    Nigel Kennedy etc. – Lark Ascending
    The Kinks – Lola


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