Sunday Sequence

Fleetwood mac

The connection was of course they all became members of Fleetwood Mac.

Whilst I love Rumours I do prefer the more blues oriented Peter Green era and for my fourth I’d suggest the possible precursor to Albatross and invite you to listen to some awesome guitar on Supernatural

Thank you all for playing last week and hope you enjoyed the trio of songs:

Tom Petty and STEVIE NICKS – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – unmistakeable voice.

Chicken Shack – I’d Rather Go Blind – the female vocalist none other than Christine Perfect who later became Mrs. McVie.

Lindsey Buckingham – The Right Place to Fade – characteristic vocal and guitar (methinks). The album DsD is Gift of Screws.

Love your book suggestions and quite surprised at our enthusiasm for Alan Garner titles 🙂

Turning to this week’s ‘triplet’ of rock songs. the first is quite ‘heavy and loud’ in places so take care with the volume if on earphones:

12 thoughts on “Sunday Sequence

  1. Hey, Leavey, you’re all out of seQUEnce up there!

    Instantly knew Tracks 2&3, and guessed the connection from that.
    The first one I couldn’t place, but knew I knew. Time (and commitment) is short today, so I gave up and Shazammed it. D’OH! I was right with the connection though. Suggesting a fourth song will take some thinking about, so I’ll give others a chance to come in first. May be back later – if I’m not on a hospital run.

  2. I knew track one! How did that happen? The influence of Kerrang TV is obviously more significant than I suspected, am I becoming a closet metal fan? Of course 2 and 3 are familiar to me, but I am having trouble with the connection this week. I’m glad I understood last week, but I shall have to think on this one…

    • Hello bethnoir, perhaps you are a closet metal-head. Perhaps you’ll be donding Chinny’s noms on the mothership next 😉

      Not sure DsD’s fourth will help you crack the identity of this week’s theme!

      Thanks for taking a listen.

  3. Ah, I forgot. Not sure how often, or even IF, LIAB9 will check in this week; I seem to remember being told he’d set this to auto-launch because he’s away.

    • Haven’t listened to Al Stewart for a while, nice.

      Hope you liked the tracks as they’re quite different, each one has it’s own identity! 😉

      thanks for popping by.

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