Snarky Puppy- Outlier.

This week’s Snarky Puppy clip is the other “harder” track off the new album, with a mind-boggling sax solo and some superheated dynamics from the band in the closing stages. This was the opener when we saw the band live last year- about a month after this recording was made- and it was even more extreme by then, with the sax distorted electronically over a wall of sound, and abrupt rhythm changes.

Check groundUPmusicNYC weekly for the other clips off the album, and if you like it please buy via the bands own website at

4 thoughts on “Snarky Puppy- Outlier.

  1. I did listen, though very accomplished, it’s probably not for me. Reminded me slightly of Pat Metheny and / or Weather Report, but that’s probably because my knowledge of jazz is very limited!

  2. Cheers people. Weather Report are a good match, There’s debate among jazz purists about whether SP even belong in the genre, but I’d say their mix of big band precision with funk, rock, electronic and a variety of world music influences is certainly in the right spirit. Can appreciate though that they are an acquired taste if you’re not a habitual listener to fusion/jazz rock styles.

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