Cold Blood Disco


Cobra Killer – Cobra Movement
Blockhead – Tricky Turtle
Us3 – Snakes
Audio Bullys – Snake
Pilote – Turtle [Bonobo Mix]
Trentemøller – Chameleon

Can – Turtles Have Short Legs
Shriekback – The Reptiles and I
Citizens! – Reptile
Sparrow & The Workshop – Snakes In The Grass
Echo & The Bunnymen – Porcupine
Th’ Faith Healers – Reptile Smile [Peel Session]
Kasabian – Velociraptor!

13 thoughts on “Cold Blood Disco

  1. this looks great – but won’t get a listen until this evening.
    The x-boy told me that Audio Bullys wasn’t music when I picked him up yesterday – it’s like sitting in a car with my dad during the ’80’s… except I could tell the 3 year old to get out and walk**** if he didn’t like it.

    ****I didn’t really – if the Ms. is reading this.

  2. These things change. Amongst others, my two have poo pooed Sigur Ros, Mountain Goats & all reggae. A few months/years later they’re demanding access to the tune library & nicking your t-shirts.

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  4. Th’ Faith Healers!!

    The only thing I think I still physically have of theirs tho is from:

    Purecd1 (TOO PURE) 1990

    Recorded At The Sausage Machine – White Horse, Fleet Road.
    Saturday, 17th March 1990 and Saturday, 21st April 1990

    1. SUNCARRIAGE – See How They Fly
    2. TH’ FAITH HEALERS – Jesus Freak
    3. SILVERFISH – Weird S**t
    4. SILVERFISH – Don’t F**k
    5. MEGA CITY FOUR – On Another Planet
    6. MEGA CITY FOUR – Clear Blue Skies
    7. THE UNBELIEVERS – Insight
    8. HONEY SMUGGLERS – Pie In The Sky
    9. THE HEART THROBS – Big Commotion
    10. THE HEART THROBS – I See Danger
    11. SNUFF – City Baby
    12. SNUFF – Do Nothing

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