Sunday Sequence – A Substitute Sequencer Splurges!


Hi all. DarceysDad here. I have agreed to write and post this week’s Sunday Sequence whilst leaveitallbehind is away.

First of all, last week’s connection (which I didn’t quite guess right) was “changing identities”.

The songs were:

Slipknot – Duality,

David Bowie – Changes, and

Kate Bush – Babooshka.

LIAB9 says Slipknot changed their identity with masks; Bowie had several (Aladdin Sane, Ziggy, Thin White Duke); and of course Babooshka did it to trick her errant husband 🙂

But now to this week’s. Because I’ve been left unsupervised with the key to the mp3 cupboard, I’ve gone completely over the top! In typical DsD style, if the norm is to only choose three courses from a menu, I’ve decided to gorge on the whole banquet.

Here’s eight, yes, EIGHT tunes. If you want to play the normal game, pick any three. That could be fiendishly difficult, particularly if you don’t know the songs. Alternately, you could hit lucky on three key words which make it an absolute giveaway. On the other hand, if you have the time and/or the inclination, play the lot. With one spiky exception, this is a fairly laid-back, smooth-running playlist.

I admit that the connection is, at times, tenuous in the extreme with some of these, so I’ll tempt you with a little clue as an amuse-bouche. The connection could be in either artists’ names or song titles, but if you write down what you know, you should be able to trace the connection all the way back to the source. My alternate file names when anonymizing the songs also drops a heavy hint. Oh, and if you somehow play the songs via Windows Media Player, although I’ve tried to remove the file properties, some of the album cover pics show up.

If any of you DO get this far, and have figured out the connection, then what your choices for another song would be will make very interesting reading. Off to make the kids’ tea; back later.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Sequence – A Substitute Sequencer Splurges!

    • Yeah, fine, LIAB9. But I’ve ended up working every day this week (including a VERY-short-notice shift at an EPIHL match last night, which meant I didn’t get home until the early hours of this morning) and have been on childcare duties a lot whilst DsMam & DsGran were out visiting DsAuntie in hospital as much as was allowed. Am at my desk as much as possible today under the pretence of working to catch up all the admin for the week!

  1. Because I haven’t got my head around the current music player favoured on The Spill, the songs have been inserted as single plays via the old player. If anyone is having a problem getting this page to play, I’ve loaded a folder into the ‘Box entitled DsD Sun Seq.

  2. I thought at first it was ‘songs in the key of G’ – and with you being such a muso that seemed highly likely(!) – but then the one I knew demolished that idea. Something in this area maybe?

  3. Thanks for stepping in and doing this DsD, especially as I appreciate you have a lot on at present.

    Good idea to go for a big splurge, hopefully bethnoir and Ali will pop by for a listen during the week.

    Haven’t been able to listen to them all yet and am travelling for the next two days but will try before the end of the week.

    Best wishes everyone.

    • My favourite of these is Track 5 in the list. And it’s made me rediscover the source LP, which I think I’m enjoying now more than I did when I got it.

  4. Good shout DsD, sorry it has taken a while to get around to it.

    I only know one track which is (2) – Silly Sisters and “Doffin Mistress”. I was singing away. Track 4 has to be the Grateful Dead and track 5 I’m sure I have somewhere, it sounds like Davy Spillane / Aly Bain. Apart from the ones I know, I really like track 1 and track 7 – I’ve googled them but I won’t say what they are ‘cos that’s cheating (but it will open my ears to some new music).

    Anyways … here is my shot at a song on the same kind of theme (I think):

    And thanks to Virgin Media for speeding up my internet connection. (All I need now is a new laptop).

    • Hi Ali.

      Ah, trust you! You are exactly right with the Silly Sisters, but unfortunately for the connection, you need to name them individually.

      You are also correct with the Dead, but the connection’s in the song title.

      With Track 5, you are – if you’ll pardon my being obtuse – along the right lines, but as far away as it’s possible to be!! Again, you need to know the artist to look for the connection.

      Consequently, I’m not sure where you’re going with your suggestion for a fourth, er, ninth song. We’ll discuss that later.


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