Earworms 24 March 2014

Only in the mysterious Land Of Earworms could we go from the tender and beautiful Birdy to Mario Lanza, in one sitting. It’s a strange journey, but enjoyable nonetheless. To help us embark on the next, please send more worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Birdy – Strange Birds – glassarfemptee: Birdy is a local (to me) songstress, great-niece of Dirk Bogarde. Whilst she has charted in the UK, she seems better known in Oz than here, but can do some great pop, like the anthemic Wings. Here she is with Strange Birds (another song with a ghost connection).

Neneh Cherry – Dossier – Abahachi: I’m currently finding all but one or two of the songs on Neneh’s new Blank Project album to be thoroughly earwormy. This is one of of the jollier numbers; no depressive metaphors, no strange bleating noises and no angsty songs about menstruation, just a heart-warming tale of boy shyly meets girl, to tempt you in for the harder stuff…

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Akosua – Albahooky: Here’s an uplifting tune from the wonderful Georgia Anne helping us to a higher level of consciousness  – you gotta get it in ya soul!

Kodachrome – Paul Simon – goneforeign: I’m not a huge fan of Kodachrome even though I’ve shot a few hundred rolls, much prefer Ektachrome or Agfachrome of which I’ve shot thousands! But I am a fan of Paul Simon who just doesn’t get enough airplay hereabouts. From 1973 and I’ll drink to “When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.” None of that helped me with Ektachrome. Did you know that Kodachrome was invented and patented by two NY high school chemistry teachers, Kodak had been working on it for years.

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit – Ali: This is another one of those worms that has been around for a while but passed me by, until I heard it in the Co-op … sang it all the way home and subsequently downloaded it. “Tum ti tum … Fill your water tank …”  Soon, you’ll be humming it too.

Mario Lanza – The Drinking Song (from The Student Prince) – beltway: This is a song I’ve know for ages mostly through a Joseph Locke album that my mum had in our house, but a few months back I heard this Mario Lanza version played by John Lydon (of all people) on a Radio 6 show he was presenting and it really grabbed me as a top notch pop song, a proper sing-a-long at the top of your voice thing – and you have to remember, this was premiered when America was in the middle of prohibition, so it’s even got an element of punky defiance in there too.

18 thoughts on “Earworms 24 March 2014

  1. Love the Neneh Cherry track. I bought the Raw Like Sushi album on cassette at the time and played it to death at home and on the Walkman. Haven’t kept in touch with anything she’s done since. Sounds like I would really like this new album. Do I have a lot of catching up to do?

    • As GF says below, a couple of albums; very high-quality pop/soul, and ‘Seven Seconds’ is a classic single, but in my book didn’t compare to ‘Raw Like Sushi’. Recent stuff is more like that, insofar as it’s more experimental and generally stroppier. Her previous album was a collaboration with a free jazz outfit called The Thing; I thought it was brilliant, harking back to the Rip Rig and Panic days, but I suspect for most people it will make more sense to start with the new album, which is a bit less abrasive, and then work back from there.

    • Recently I did a playlist for a friend’s 40th, one song from each year from 1974-2014. “Buffalo Stance” represented 1988 (it was released before the album), but I never listened to the album. So that’s Raw Like Sushi and The Cherry Thing to explore.

      • Something funny’s going on with my music collection. I’d already noticed that the PC has completely lost my copy Of Lucinda William’s West album, and now I can’t find any of my Neneh Cherry stuff either.

        * [Insert your own “lost his cherry” joke here! – Ed.] *

        Here’s the one Neneh Cherry song that’s on my Walkman:

        I’m also rather fond of Trout, with its ubiquitous drum beat (always wanted to know: is that a sampled’n’cloned John Bonham?) from the same Homebrew LP.

  2. Only a couple of albums but quite a few singles. She did a very popular single about 10 years ago with Youssou N’Dour – 7 Seconds. Check Spotty.

    • Is that the std. WordPress player now? It has a couple of nicer features except that you have to turn your monitor upside down.

  3. Well, the new player looks very smart, but not only is it upside-down, for me it’s playing The Drinking Song six times ! Sorry, Beltway, I only managed three plays through of the rebel boozing song.

    I’ve listened in the right order from other sources and enjoyed it very much, they’re all good for me. I’m off work poorly today after a high temperature yesterday (thankfully lower now) so good to have Earworms for company.

  4. Another good set.Thanks, all.
    Although I can’t listen to The Drinking Song without thinking of the worst aspects of Germanic behaviour from the first half of the twentieth century. Lines like Drink! Drink! Drink!/To arms that are white and warm as a rose in the sun! leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth, particularly when sung in such bombastic tones.

    The new player does actually work for me, despite being topsy-turvy.

  5. The Georgia Anne and Neneh tracks hit the spot this week.
    Re Kodachrome, I was with Paul Simon in not wanting it to be discontinued. I loved the super-saturation, though understand it was not to everyones taste. But the killer for me was that it was stable and never aged, whereas other slide stock I used forty years ago has faded.

    • That might depend how they’re stored, I’m constantly scanning both Ektachrome and Kodachrome slides and for quality they look identical.

    • I haven’t seen the hat! Too busy standing on my head trying to fathom out the new player … totally messed up my sequence (flounces off in over-dramatic huff)

  6. Can I not tempt any of you to go peek in next door at the Sunday Sequence? Definitely some Ali-friendly sounds in there.

  7. Re the worms – that upside-down list got better as it went on for me. Birdy top of the pile at the bottom . . . as it were!

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