If You Have Ten Minutes. . . .Enra ! ! ! !



Enra – Performance Art ! ! !


I have been very distracted from RR and The Spill recently as lots of interesting and maybe less interesting things have been happening in my life recently.

So as an apology for being absent and to share something that I think is wonderful I want to ask you give me ten minutes f your time.

Enra Troupe are a performance art group that uses animation, computerized projections of light and animation combined with dance to create really very special visual experiences.

They have about 700.000 views on Youtube so maybe you know them already ? ? ?

They formed in 2012 and since then have performed worldwide and have established a great reputation in Japan and Asia.

The first video I want to share is “Pleiades”

Pleiades – Enra



The dancers are not in anyway connected to the computerized light show – they synchronize the movements to the projected lights.  I think the effect is simply magical ! ! !  I hope you enjoy it ! ! !

The second clip I want to share with you is called “Primitive and features dance and animation together

Primitive – Enra

I hope you like it ! ! !

I am sorry Mr P for being distracted and will return immediately to writing my part for  the next He Said –  She said ! ! !




11 thoughts on “If You Have Ten Minutes. . . .Enra ! ! ! !

  1. “WOW” both of those video clips are impressive. Loved them.

    The first really captures the constellation and the second is so clever in its creativity.

    Thanks for posting them Hoshino Sakura.

    Have you seen them perform as I expect that a live performance is quite different to a video.

    • Hi Leaveitallbehind ! ! !

      I have seen then live and they are really wonderful.! ! !

      They use light and the animation projections live to give a really wonderful theater experience.

      I am really pleased you liked them ! ! !

    • This is the only live performance of them I can find, It just features one dancer and was for a corporate event but I think you can see that live they are still wonderful ! ! !

    • Actually Leaveitallbehind san – I have fallen in love with Tokyo again because really there is so much happening here musically and in the arts and in last weeks I have been going out a lot, and seeing so much, but also the quite cafes and bars have a lot to offer and recently I have been often to the “Golden Gai” area of Shinjuku which is a small area of bars from before the war and full of artist and musicians . . . maybe I will write about it as a “How I discovered . . .”

  2. Fuma Kai meaning depends on how it is written – if it is written 不磨 会 then it means “permanency association” and think this is the meaning in the title of the piece.

    It is great ! ! !

  3. Sakura – I’m kind of done with the Guardian and RR, but i just wanted to say that i thought you did a fantastic A-list on your last guru stine.

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