Sunday Sequence


Last week’s sequence was the NATO Phonetic alphabet.

The foursome were made up of:

1. The Mayfield Four – Mars HOTEL – DsD that’s Myles Kennedy on vocal 😉

2. Robert Johnson – Traveling Riverside Blues – (The King of the DELTA Blues)

3. ECHO & The Bunnymen – Silver

4. Arcade Fire – No Cars Go – They’re from QUEBEC

Thanks to Ali and DsD for popping by and giving it a go; good to have one where the link wasn’t so obvious but for this week it’s probably quite straight-forward and my money ‘s on DsD given one of his favourite groups is in the mix.

So many to choose from: The Eagles – Hotel California, The Dead – Mr. Charlie, Dire Straits for a double header but for my money this one: G ‘n’ R November Rain


14 thoughts on “Sunday Sequence

  1. Gosh this is difficult ! ! ! I know all the tracks and artists – but I can not think of the connection ! ! ! (I think I have something for the first two . . .but number three ! ! ! )

    • Hi Hoshino Sakura, like your thinking and can see why you’ve made that choice but unfortunately that’s not the connection this week.

      I’ll provide a clue later, though there is a small one in my intro above 😉

  2. Gordon Bennett, wouldn’t have got that in a million years but a good call. Haven’t started on the latest one yet; my son hates me, my ITunes won’t play and same son has run up a large bill downloading stuff so I’ve had to p*ss about changing passwords etc. Just going outside to scream something rude, then I’ll feel better.

  3. Warmer but not quite there. It is something to do with America or to put it more accurately an American something. 🙂

  4. Sorry LIAB, I can’t play this week. My phone line has gone down (BT say it’s their end, not mine), so no landline or internet until further notice.

    Re last week: Mayfield Four, huh? OK, maybe I should’ve spotted MK, but my head wasn’t properly in the game. And I only have file share d/ls of Arcade Fire; never really “invested” any effort in them.

    You’re right about their relationship to the connection being a bit stretched! Could you not have put in some WHISKEY Myers? Or Wilco from the YANKEE HOTEL FOXTROT album?

    Take care. Hopefully I’ll be back on more than my phone in time for RR TOFF.

    • Another crises to contend with DsD, trust other matters are better.

      Could have made it easy with a “whisky” track or two but every once and a while it’s good to have one that requires some thinking.

      Hope BT get you up and on-line again soon.

      all the best.

    • Love that song Hoshino Sakura, recall SHA suggested I listen to that on one of the RR topics but whilst I love it and can see where you’re coming from I don’t think it hits the mark, or the pound or the Yen 😉

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