Earworms 7 April 2014

Thanks to everyone for topping-up the wormbank, please keep ’em coming – we have an arresting selection this week. It includes a track from Coldplay which seems appropriate for a spot of conscious uncoupling – sad really, but I suspect I’m holding the minority view here. May we indulge in a warm group hug for debbym, please. Anyway, take it away, Eric the orchestra leader, and please send your spare worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Everything but the Girl – I Must Confess – Albahooky: It’s the 30th anniversary of their first LP ‘Eden’, 30-odd minutes of musical perfection that I’ve recently got reacquainted with. Here’s a nice bossa from it which has everything you could ever want or need from a 3 minute song. Sublime.

Joan As Policewoman – Holy City – CaroleB: I’ve not ever really followed the music of Joan As Policewoman, but BBC6 Music has been playing this new single a lot and I think it is hugely catchy. It is so good, I need to share it, even though it sounds like a tribute to the BBC TV series, Holby City.

The Beach Boys – Summer’s Gone – daddypig: The last song on their 50th anniversary reunion album, from 2012, That’s Why God Made The Radio.  There are whispers in the surf that we’re getting old, and Brian Wilson, disregarding Dylan Thomas, is going gentle towards that good night.

Any Trouble – Playing Bogart (slow version) DsD: I’m fairly sure it’s tfd I have to thank for this. Can’t remember how it came up, but having “meh”ed the faster version of the song that I heard first, I was informed of the existence of this one, which is more  to my [late-night] liking. 

Tito Paris – Otilia Otilio – goneforeign: I’m always amazed by artists from Cabo Verde. It’s an African island nation 400 miles off the coast of Senegal, the language is Portuguese and the music is unique, unlike anything else anywhere in Africa.

Coldplay – The Scientist – debbym: Life has been throwing things my way of late and in the moments I get really wobbly I have two lines from this song on permanent replay: ‘Nobody said it was easy/No-one ever said it would be this hard’ – and it’s particularly annoying that I have Coldplay in my head. This is YOUR cue to send in some kick-ass, don’t just sit there moping worms 😉

27 thoughts on “Earworms 7 April 2014

  1. EBTG: Not really my fave period of theirs. But just because of my aversion to jazziness. Still love Tracey’s voice.

    Joan As Policewoman: I don’t think I expected her to sound like this. Sort of funkier than I was expecting. Surely that’s someone else at the end? I like his (?) bits in particular.

    Beach Boys: Pretty. I suspect it needs more than one listen for me to form a more coherent judgement/opinion!

    Any Trouble: Is this contemporary? It’s got that classy mid- to late 80s Aztec Camera/Deacon Blue blue-eyed Scots soul thing going on. Nice.

    Tito Paris: Sounds much more South American than African to me – fascinating. Is it also known as Cape Verde? If so, I edited a report on its debt the other day at work. Can’t remember much about it…

    Coldplay: I do think it takes such skill to come up with a tune this simple but effective. This is probably my favourite of their songs (and I’m not a fan). They are so easy to mock – and the Gwyneth connection didn’t help. I have a sneaking regard for “Fix You” too because it once came on the radio when I was recuperating in hospital after an op and reduced me to (anaesthetic-enhanced) tears. At least this one has lyrics that make sense. What on earth does “Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones” mean?!

    • I don’t know, is that really what they’re singing in ‘Fix You’? I always thought it was just me, one of those mis-heard lyric thingies.

    • The fast version of Playing Bogart was on Any Trouble’s first album Where Are All The Nice Girls (1980); the slow version was on Wrong End Of The Race (1984).

  2. Apologies to DebbyM, but I really don’t like Coldplay at all. Sorry. I liked the EBTG track, the lazy bossa nova thing they used to do is lovely, I think, and the song took me right back to 1984. Ah, those long-lost days of youth, and the miners’ strike.

    The Beach Boys song is another of those elegaic things, again bemoaning lost youth, bitter-sweet stuff.

    The other two tracks were by artists new to me and I liked them both.

  3. Not a fan of the first 2 I’m afraid, quite liked the Beach Boys one and my favourite this week is Tito Paris. I quite liked some of Coldplay’s first album initially, but didn’t like the direction they went in, however I do send a group hug debbym’s way. Thanks for the worms, Ali.

  4. The EBGT track was nice… Ben Watt and Bernard Butler were on the last Review Show sounding very good together (and Bernard Butler was pretty impressive with Bert Jansch on that thing a couple of weeks ago).
    The Joan song is cool. I thought The Temptations were going to show up in the chorus.
    The Beach Boys track is quite lovely. A joy to noodle with.
    Any Trouble just about stay the right side of power ballad cliche (apart from the drum). A sterling effort, and rather effective.
    The Tito Paris track is another great noodler! I love the rhythm section.
    The less said about Coldplay the better. Stodge. I think the songwriting course tells you how to make these in around Lesson #5 (Repeat minor-based chord sequence under simple, repeated melody and brain-dead rhythm; come up with two lines that sound meaningful and pack gibberish around them; move to major chords for the chorus; gradually add more instruments; ooh over last bit, kinda like Hey Jude does.)

    Your musical ear is in top form again Ali: all the tracks are in F-related keys!

  5. You did indeed get the Any Trouble track from me, DsD – and I’m glad you like it! I’ve been trying to get TP to play it on his radio programme (because he’s mentioned in the song) and I’ve had some correspondance with the producer about it but ultimately, the bloke said, it comes down to whether TP likes it or not. And as there’s only one programme to go in this season I’m assuming he doesn’t.

    • Well thanks again, TFD.

      And I got one past Chris’ defences too! Woo-hoo!


      Other than that, I’m afraid I can’t comment. Our phone line is screwed at BT’s end, so no landline or internet at DsD Towers until my soon-to-be-ex-provider of comms get their act together, supposedly in time for this week’s RR TOFF.

      • Yeah but “just about” is good enough. I’ll settle for Liverpool just about winning the League in a month’s time!

        And I suspect that of the worms I sent to Ali last week, to help fill up her can, AT will probably be the only ones who escaped being skewered!!!

  6. Lovely set this week. EBTG took me back as well, to a specific shared house where a long-lost friend had the record and I used to head off to miners’ support meetings and all sorts. The JAPW is a very catchy piece of music. I’m glad people like The Beach Boys, I think it’s just what one would want from them fifty years on. As Alex Petridis said in his Guardian review (linked to in the main text), much of the rest of the album isn’t ! I found both versions of the Any Trouble, like them both but with DsD (for once !) that the slow version has something extra. I loved Tito.

    As for Coldplay… I have their first two albums, and I remember a while ago trying to explain why to my brother, with whom I share nearly all musical loves. I tried saying that there is a “therapeutic quality” about the music, and I still can’t do any better than that. It’s as much in the sonic landscape they make as in the songs themselves (though Yellow; Don’t Panic; Trouble and a couple of others are pretty good). Their best music has a way of helping (some of) us to let ourselves off the hook and be gentler with ourselves. Lots of other things it doesn’t do, but that’s not the point. So I’m in for this song and the group hug !

  7. There are many, many worse things in the world of music than Coldplay, I admit (John Lydon doing a musical, for one). I just can’t help getting annoyed at them. Sorry if it offends some.

    • I’m imagining Johnnny Rotten doing “June Is Busting Out All Over”. Hmmm. Is he really doing a musical ?

      As for finding Coldplay annoying… I do get that as well !

  8. EBTG – love Tracey’s voice – delightful rhythm.

    JAPW – not my ‘normal’ standard but thoroughly enjoyable.

    BB – yeah fine

    AT – like that guitar start / intro, vocal is kinda meh – agree with bishbosh on the 80’s vibe.

    TP – rolls along ok.

    C – I’m in the “i think Coldplay are ‘greige'” camp. Don’t get it but Mrs. Leavey quite likes a couple of their albums and this one is in our music library so very familiar to me.

  9. A mixed bag this week – am firmly in the “hate” camp as far as Coldplay go (sorry Debby) – I just find them tedious, predictable and insipid. The Any Trouble left me a bit “meh” too (sorry DsD/TfD).

    The Tito Paris is the absolute star of the week, a glorious sound, as is The Beach Boys – some of the nicest orchestration I’ve heard on their records since their glory days, a fine epitaph if it turns out to be Brian’s last record with them (I’ve just learned it was co-written by Bon Jon Jovi). Really liked Joan as a Policewoman too.

    EBTG was pretty good too – one of those bands who are a hole in my knowledge, so perhaps I should rectify that.

  10. Loved Tito Paris and the Beach Boys. Liked Joan As.. a lot too.

    Didn’t mind the Coldplay track. I think they’re ok. Not great but ok. Couldn’t be doing with Any Trouble I’m afraid.

    So – Everything But The Girl. I tried, honestly, but I have never understood their appeal and I still don’t. Nothing against them as people but their music just passes me by.

  11. I liked the whole set myself, so thanks again gang.
    Re Coldplay, I loved the Parachutes album, so I am no doubt a leper among the indie snobs! And I add my hug, Debby!
    EBTG was fine (presumably from the Missing era). The light jazziness is it’s attraction as far as I am concerned – plus Tracey’s voice.
    JAPW is not an artist I have heard much from, and this was smashing, so further investigation needed.
    AT was fine – they do a slow version of Turning up the heat which I really like too. Very ‘of it’s time, of course.
    But as for many, the real standout this week was Tito Paris – thanks to GF, yet again. Cape Verde seems to punch above it’s weight, as there is some great fado from there too, Mariza being the best known Cape Verdean exponent.
    Roll on next week.

    • GHE: I think you’re mistaken re. Mariza, I believe that she was born in Mozambique and her parents moved to Lisbon when she was a child, wonderful singer, I’ve thought of her as an earworm candidate.
      Good list this week, only one didn’t work for me, thanks for the appreciation of Tito,

  12. The tags on the player seem to have broken out & have made the ‘Spill go all thin on the mobile.

    One of those page break thingies before the player is probably the easiest way to fix it.

  13. I love that there are so many comments on the Worms this week – maybe we should include ‘Marmite music’ more often?!
    Thank you for all the hugs, they’re working wonders, please keep ’em coming!

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