Sunday Sequence


That’s Ulysses S. Grant’s portrait on a $50 bill.

The answers to last week’s connection was that the three songs represented US Presidents whose portrait appears on dollar bills.

The tunes were:

The Gaslight Anthem – Old White LINCOLN – Abraham Lincoln appears on the $5

Bruce Springsteen – JACKSON Cage – Andrew Jackson appears on the $20

Willard GRANT Conspiracy – Massachusetts – see above

Washington is on the $1 and I threw in a curved ball with Aretha FRANKLIN as whilst Benjamin Franklin appears on the $100 he wasn’t actually a president but I had hoped this would lead you in the right direction.

That’s two tough weeks on the trot so for this week’s Sequence something a little easier and topical!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Sequence

  1. Gosh ! ! ! That was really tough ! ! ! I got all the tracks but I would never guessed the connection ! ! !

    I am just about to start driving my self crazy with this weeks puzzle ! ! !

    • Konbanwa (good evening)

      Konnichiwa means good afternoon so it is perfect ! ! ! In old times they were used in a longer sentence to greet people

      konnichi wa gokiken ikaga desu ka ?

      It means “How are you today ?” As of course western languages have all the verbs in the wrong place and do not use particles like we do so, the literal translation is “As for this, day how are you?”

  2. This one is easier? Not for me, it isn’t. The main reason I don’t play the game is that I never, or hardly ever, even know who the songs are by. This week is no exception, except is the third one Pearl Jam?

    • Hi Carole, perhaps not then 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and having a listen.

      The third song isn’t by Pearl Jam but it is by a group regularly nominated by DsD and myself on the mothership.

      Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and trust the sun is shining where you are.

      • Yes, lovely and sunny here, thanks. It is interesting how some of us have musical tastes that are almost without any overlaps with other ‘Spillers.

  3. Hi liab! I have to admit to being with Carole here: I can’t distinguish specific songs or bands. DsD can explain why… 😉

    (I’ve tried to address your misgivings about my film recommendation, btw.)

    • Hi Chris that’s fine and appreciate you popping by.

      Thanks for the additional info to support your film recommendation. I’ve posted a reply.

  4. Morning all. Got an unexpected office day – bloomin’ customer sent me a text message at 0540 postponing today’s training course, AGAIN! – so having a go now.

    Gutted that being incommunicado last week due to broken phone line meant I missed a SS I’d’ve had fun with.

    1. God, I KNOW that voice . . . . it’ll come to me . . . . maybe later.

    2. Oh God, I KNOW that voice . . . . yup, got the artist. Song? Er, not yet.

    3. Oh hell yeah!

    Right. Off out on a couple of errands now; will ponder.

    • 1. is bugging the hell out of me, because I can’t place a voice I know I’m going to kick myself over. And therefore, I haven’t placed the song either.

      2. Pretty sure I know the artist, but the song is apparently not in my collection, so dunno.

      3. Yes, of course I know that.

      Connection? A sneaky peek at Ali‘s suggestion, as some simple deduction means I’m going to suggest this as a fourth:

      • Irritation got the better of me. I Shazammed No.1 . . . D’OH! But it means I think I’m right with the connection, albeit coming at it from an altogether ‘higher’ angle!

      • Totally spot on. Deep meaning with the song.

        Thanks for popping in, playing and suggesting a fitting fourth track.

  5. I know all the songs but did not think of a possible connection until Ali added her contribution and I am still not sure . . .

    I did not really understand DsD’s contribution but I am not really familiar with the topic that I think it is . . . .

    It is also difficult to think of a Japanese song that fits . . . .. but maybe . . . .

    • Hi there Hoshino Sakura, thank you for the Japanese language lesson up post.

      You’re spot on with the connection. Nice rocking song that one. 🙂

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