Earworms 14 April 2014 – Hoppy Easter

You can’t have Easter without a bunny, and you can’t have earworms without music, so thank you very much for your contributions. Another eggclectic mix to get you hopping around; don’t be chicken! Please keep sending your worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Reverend Gary Davis – I am the Light of This World – Steenbeck: I can’t stop listening to this. I love everything about it, particularly the lines, “I’ve got fiery fingers, I’ve got fiery hands, and when I get to heaven I’m gonna be in that fiery band.”

BINTA – One Mistake Too Many – debbym : Our neighbour’s daughter, a couple of years older than TheBoyWonder, involved in a local hip-hop project. I prefer it when she sings gospel, but I thought, why not give the kids an international audience when you can?!

The Tempos – See You In September – daddypig:  The American Graffiti soundtrack album has been a family car journey favourite for a few years now.  This harmonious ode to teenage uncertainty seems to have a vacancy for a “cha-cha-cha” at the end, that we feel compelled to fill.

Tshala Muana – Tshikunda – Zaire – goneforeign: After some  early success in the 70’s Tshala moved to Paris where she championed the Mutuashi rhythms and Tshiluba language which limited her popularity at home where the rumba and Lingala ruled. But her choice mattered little to International audiences, unschooled in Congo’s ethnic politics they embraced her music and sustained her popularity.

Sidi Bou Said – Twilight Eyes – beltway: A lovely track from a vastly underrated, very literate 90’s all girl indie pop trio Sidi Bou Said, ace pop, needs to be better known!

Dream Bitches – Maniacal Mechanic – Shoegazer: From the funky females of post-punk series.

13 thoughts on “Earworms 14 April 2014 – Hoppy Easter

  1. Had a listen and only the first one “does” anything for me.

    I can hear Binta has a fine voice and expect that a gospel song would be pretty good debbym.

    Beltway I think I vaguely remember Sidi Bou Said in the distant reaches of my mind, but couldn’t name another tune from them.

    The others unfortunately didn’t do a lot for me.

  2. Reverend Gary Davis: What a lovely voice. Not sure I’d be fussed by the song itself without him singing it, but that’s rather an academic quibble!

    BINTA: Another nice voice. Reminds me of someone but I can’t put my finger on whom. Quite a nice clean sound to it too.

    The Tempos: What an odd little song. I think it might have creeped me out as a kid!

    Tshala Muana: Lovely sound. I feel like I’d like the song to go somewhere else as it goes on, but I may just need to give it a few more listens!

    Sidi Bou Said: I don’t recall ever having heard them but whenever I’ve seen their name, it’s reminded me of that “Sit Ubu, sit!” line at the end of some American sitcom or other. Not that that’s of any interest whatsoever. Or even specific enough to be informative. Bit lo-fi/scuzzily produced for my tastes, I’m afraid. If something sounds like this, I need it to have a hook as insistent/undeniable as that of, eg, the Breeders’ Cannonball.

    Dream Bitches: Like the last one but better produced. And therefore preferable to these ears.

    Thanks all!

    • Bish, I got it! Binta‘s singing a slower version of the melody from The Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).

    • Using a bit of a chocolate analogy to suit the season …

      The Reverend needs some chilli in his dark chocolate to appeal to me. Not fiery or tasty enough as it is.
      I like the Binta, but was distracted by my knowing the taste, but not the newfangled packaging!
      The Tempos, on the other hand, are WAY too sickly sweet for my tastes; like opening your egg to find Caramac instead of chocolate.
      Tshala is an exotic cocoa delight – a holiday restaurant dessert that you just know you’ll never find again when you get home.
      Sidi Bou Said, to me, isn’t anything better than something from a vending machine to give you a quick energy boost to finish your shift.
      Dream Bitches is the more expensive bar of chocolate next to SBS in the vending machine; the one I know I should’ve bought, but didn’t have enough change. Would’ve done the energy boost better and tasted much nicer.

      Cheers all. A half-dozen eggs I haven’t tasted before.

  3. An eclectic little selection – following from DsD’s lead in the chocolate theme, if these were Easter Eggs they could be the following ones:

    Rev Gary Davis – A Yorkie Easter egg, solid and dependable, thoroughly enjoyable and firmly rooted in a masculine aesthetic. Sort of reminded me of Richie Havens vocally, appealing even to an atheist like myself.

    Binta – A Green and Blacks Organic egg – it’s familiar chocolate for sure, but you can tell the quality – a fine soulful vocal for sure, though the song/arrangement itself is a little over familiar perhaps (a little bit Adele like maybe)

    The Tempos – A small Cadbury’s Chocolate Button egg – the sort of egg you get bought by an ageing grandmother or Auntie, it’s at once familiar and a bit old fashioned, just like the song (I know exactly what bish means about a slight underlying creepiness to it). “See You in September” also sounds like a coded insult (like See You Next Tuesday). Normally I love these old records with the lush production, but this one doesn’t quite click with me.

    Tshala Muana – A very large, oversize Thornton’s Continental Selection egg – ie. I like it at first, but it does get a bit much after a while. It feels like it should “move forward” than it does – I can’t quite tell if the flute sound is synthetic or not, but it does sound it, and I find it a bit tiring on my ears after a while.

    Dream Bitches – A broken Mars Bar egg, a bit rough around the edges and I’d probably leave it until I’d eaten all the other eggs first. It might even last till May. Not that it’s bad in any way, it just doesn’t really grab me.

    Sorry that Sidi Bou Said didn’t really click with people either, though funnily enough I seem to remember non of my friends sharing my enthusiasm for it back in the early 90’s – just one of those bands I suppose. So if it was an Easter Egg, it would probably be a Caramac Egg -i.e. no one else likes em but I do!

    Having recently given up chocolate, I can’t tell you how tricky I found writing this!

  4. Tshala Muana was my favourite this week by far. Lovely hypnotic music. Binta was good for me too. Like her voice.
    The Rev has a great voice too but the song wore out its welcome quite quickly I’m afraid.
    Not sure about the Tempos. Didn’t really hit the spot although I did find myself filling in the cha cha cha at the end. Dream Bitches reminded me a bit of The Waitresses which I liked. The Sidi Bous passed me by completely at first but sounded better on a second play so maybe a grower.

  5. I have to agree with Lg this week, I submitted Tshala based on memory, I hadn’t heard it in quite a while and when I listened here on Monday morning I was surprised, It went on too long and wasn’t going anywhere plus I also wondered about that ‘flute; was it real or a computer? It’s interesting to listen fresh to long appreciated music here in this context, I’ve had this experience before. But as always, my appreciation for the positive comments.
    Rev Gary was a voice from the past [1970’s?], I remember buying a RGD album back then, something grabbed me.

  6. Sorry not to have listened this week, my left eardrum is still healing up after an ear infection, and everything sounds echoey and muddled at the moment. Happy Easter everyone, and cha-cha-cha back at ‘cha ! xx

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