7 thoughts on “Peculiar People, Strange Sounds

      • Love it too Carole. Easily fits most Reader’s Recommend subjects but doubt many Guru’s would select it, probably wouldn’t listen through it.

        Each time I play it I pick something new from it.

  1. Ooh, I tell you what: that Faith Hill is some catchy, gratuitously-bombastic-and-hang-the-consequences, nu-country / pop-rock crossover choon, innit?

    I know the name but nothing by her. Is this typical?

    • HANG ON?!

      whatever peculiarities and eccentricities we display This Is Me

      Huh? LIAB9 IS Faith Hill?!?!?!?!?!? Bloody Hell!

    • Hi DsD, that’s a very good way to describe the present Mrs McGraw. Faith Hill is married to Tim McGraw and came to my attention during a CMA show some years back with this song This Kiss.

      She does some ballads, remarkably good ones but in the main she tends to be the poppier, crossover country rather than true Nashville country.

      I love her music.

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