Earworms 21 April 2014

This ‘new’ playlist format is great, it actually works! I hope you’ve all managed to have some sort of refreshing break over the Easter period and that these tunes will brighten your day. Thanks to all for your contributions; please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Neil Young – The Needle and the Damage Done – debbym: I have never understood how anyone could voluntarily turn to the needle (I still don’t look when I’m having an injection) but I’ve always loved this song and I thought it was time we gave it a listen again.

Nanci Griffith – Waiting For Love – daddypig: I first bought the album Blue Roses From The Moons because it includes a version of I Fought The Law.  It came to be constantly-played on MummyP’s and my first holiday together, touring around the Yorkshire coast and North York Moors. This is the track I’ve listened to the most since then, and features Sonny Curtis and Joe B. Mauldin from her fellow-Texans, The Crickets.

John Cougar Mellencamp – Check It Out – DsD: I’ve got the Best Man job at a friend’s wedding next month. This will actually be the second time for the same bloke. When he first got married twenty-odd years ago, I quoted from this song in my speech. Whilst putting together an SD card (for the car stereo over his stag weekend), I played this six hours after the nomination deadline for RRSA Words – first line: D’OH!

John Cale – Half Past France – goneforeign: Well one thing that the “All time favorite album” post led to was much overlooked and forgotten music.  I finally did a search through the vinyl and you’d be amazed at how much good stuff turned up, like this long forgotten gem from the album Paris 1919 from 1973, a great album: If you don’t know it you should check it out on Spotty.

The Low Anthem – This God Damn House – Mnemonic: I had a couple of lines of this going through my head the other night and I couldn’t sleep until I remembered where they were from.  Dan Lefkowitz, who wrote it, has since embarked on a solo career but he still includes it in his live set.

Andrew Cedermark – Canis Major – glassarfemptee: I know almost nothing about Andrew Cedermark, bar that he hails from Noo Joy-zee. But boy, this song is a doozy. I love everything about it, not least the woozy guitar. Hope you do too.’

9 thoughts on “Earworms 21 April 2014

  1. Worms are boxed. Having re-read my blurb I’m not sure that Neil Young will brighten anyone’s day, but it’s a great song. I love the Andrew Cedermark, it grows on me each time I play it.

    • Thanks Ali. Do you know please if we have any instructions anywhere on the code for the player ?

      I see you’ve used my last three contributions in consecutive weeks, so I shall have to get digging again…

      • It has changed a bit but its actually less complicated than it was.

        When you’re creating a new post, save the draft and put the cursor where you want to insert the playlist. Click the “Add Media” tab. In “Insert Media” click “upload files” and upload your mp3s. Make sure they are all selected, and then in the bottom right of the screen click “create a new playlist”. “Edit audio playlist” pops up and this allows you to reorder the tracks if necessary. When you’re happy with the order, go to the bottom right of the screen again and click “insert audio playlist”. The playlist will show up in your post something like [“55498,55499,55500”] etc. Save the draft and preview it to make sure you’re happy with the list.

        Hope this helps.

  2. Great set, each song works with all the others, I always liked Nanci G and Neill, Cedermark and Anthem are new to me, both good, JCM, good cut. I’m always intrigued by the backing arrangement on ‘France’ it haunts me, a real earworm.

  3. Some beautiful haunting music this week. I knew the Neil Young of course and I’d heard Nanci G and John C a couple of times before. All great tracks. The others were new to me and need another listen or two I think.

  4. Yep Neil Young sounds like NY.

    Nanci G, doesn’t do it for me.

    Oooh, JCM, listening to him a bit more these days. Originally only knew of Jack and Diane but his tunes have cropped up on RR a few times, including this week. Not the best I’ve heard from him (goes on a bit) but I do like it.

    JC – the best so far.

    The Low Anthem, nope this is, similar voice to Bruce S. Beautiful, loved it.

    AC – new to me, pretty enjoyable.

    The Low Anthem by a country mile take this week’s crown for me. Will have to explore their back catalogue.

    Cheers everyone..

  5. I thought the winner was the playlist this week. I know we like variety and eclecticism here, but I like a set of tunes that sets a mood. Haunting music as severin says. Noteworthy that another DsD choice works for me, but all good this week.

    • There might be a little more eclectisism next week, I thought it kinder to ease you all through the Bank Holiday on a gentle note …! Panthersan, I’m looking at you.

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