Recipes from Brixton Village

I know a lot of you lovely ‘Spillers like to cook up a storm, so here’s another cook book promo I made for the excellent publisher Kitchen Press. Brixton Village is “the home of street food” in the UK with about 40 different vendors all making specialty food from around the globe. We had a most excellent day filming & eating there. The book’s out in a month, and I’m looking forward to making some of the dishes. I’ve already had a pop at the Okonomiyaki, which you can see briefly in the video, and very nice it was too.

11 thoughts on “Recipes from Brixton Village

  1. Ooh that’s my friend Will at about 0:46! Great little vid. Love Brixton Village (even if I’ve now moved to the more sedate environs of Forest Hill).

      • Forest Hill is super-genteel (for South-East London). We have the Horniman Museum with its ludicrously overstuffed walrus and gamelan classes, our very own butcher, a selection of coffee shops, etc. To be honest, there’s not a lot to Forest Hill but it’s a charming little enclave (and, most importantly, isn’t Catford).

      • I grew up in Catford 😦 and loved all my trips to Hornimans (my pal’s dad worked there, they erected a statue to him in africa somewhere when he died) – I take my kids to Hornimans whenever I’m back down south.

  2. Making me hungry!

    While your here, anyone else seeing a lot of Spam on old posts? Anything we can do instead of deleting one at a time?

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