DJ Rupture and the Act of Killing

As a follow up to Chris’ excellent post about the Act of Killing a couple of weeks ago, one of my favourite people in music, DJ Rupture, has just released a ‘response’ to the film in the form of a full length mix of psychedelic folk and contemporary Indonesian sounds along with snippets of poetry by a leftist Indonesian poet Wiji Thukul.

I haven’t listened all the way through yet, but it sounds pretty interesting so far and a new DJ Rupture is always worth a listen!

6 thoughts on “DJ Rupture and the Act of Killing

  1. Hi Panthersan ! ! !

    I think DJ Rapture is great and I love this Album. I think his work mixing sounds from places like Asia and Africa and South America is really innovative and I love that he makes his music available for free.

    I really love this and I think he should have more exposure on The Spill. Maybe I will write a “How I discovered . . .” About him ! ! !

    Really Great Panthersan ! ! ! !

    Thank you posting this ! ! !

    • Thanks Sakura, good to meet a fellow fan!

      I’ve mentioned him a few times on the Spill over the years and played his records on a podcast, but more exposure for the great man (he is so much more than just a DJ!) would be great!

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