elastic bands – this week: G


Gee up – Get a move on in musical memory of a ‘Grateful Dad’
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

I will post a letter of the alphabet
all BANDS or ARTISTS must begin with that letter.
Artists letter is determined by the letter at the beginning of their SURNAME (if they use it) – ignore the use of ‘The’ in a bands name.
up to 13 songs are allowed – fewer if you wish.
All can be the same artist if that represents you perfectly or all the same genre. Just make them great tunes.

make a youtube playlist (if you wish) and link to it – just link to it – don’t overload the thread.

Cut and paste the band names and tracks (in a joyous list style) in the comments.
Then we can chat about the choices – add some waffle if you wish (about how narrow or varied those choices are) … but above all, have fun.


111 thoughts on “elastic bands – this week: G

  1. @ Chris – ouch!
    My condolences too. It’s those little keepsakes that are the killers: at once treasured memories and painful reminders.

    Re the music – if I get the opportunity (should be on fibre/super broadband by the weekend, finally), then this week is one of the ones which will most show off the breadth of my musical preferences, from Gun>/b> to Goldmund via Gangstagrass.
    Hopefully, a baker’s dozen of Greats will appear later.
    Back to work …

  2. Gee whizz!

    OK, a few ideas, let’s se how it all hangs together.

    First, I think, The Groundhogs, a blues-based band that were hugely ignored by most people back in the day, followed by the more obviously bluesy Rory Gallagher, who was far more popular, but not as popular as my third choice, Genesis, eventually became. My choice is from when there weren’t chart darlings, natch, and is an exercise in Victorian nursery Grand Guignol. After that, we head off to somewhere with the Pothead Pixies, yes It’s Gong.

    Where next, ah yes, let’s go and visit Captain Trips, here’s The Wheel from Jerry Garcia’s first solo album and it only seems right to then go directly to The Grateful Dead and some Scarlet Begonias. Next, a track from Lowell George’s solo album, glorious blue-eyed soul, and clearly the answer to Lowell’s question is clearly Ooh La La, so here’s Goldfrapp, closely followed by Marvin Gaye making a plea for the Earth.

    After that, we have to have Peter Gabriel, with Kate Bush, in a shimmeringy beautiful and achingly sad song that is all about the effects of ecological failure. Then we have GSY!BE with a piece that is so apocalyptic it is surely about the end of everything.

    After that, we need something a bit less downbeat, so it is time for Davy Graham and a medley of superb DADGAD brilliance.

    And then, to finish, some blissed out Groove Armada. A trombone has never been deployed in such a chilled way before or since.

    Lots more I could have chosen, but this is pretty cool and eclectic, I think.

    Groundhogs – Split Part 1
    Rory Gallagher – Laundromat
    Genesis – The Musical Box
    Gong – Flying Teapot
    Jerry Garcia – The Wheel
    Grateful Dead – Scarlet Begonias
    Lowell George – What Do You Want The Girl To Do
    Goldfrapp – Ooh La La
    Marvin Gaye – Mercy Mercy Me
    Peter Gabriel – Don’t Give Up
    Godspeed You Black Emperor – The Dead Flag Blues
    Davey Graham – Medley: She Moved Thru’ the Bizarre/Blue Raga
    Groove Armada – At the River


  3. Surprisingly hard this week !

    The Germs – Forming ( classic L.A. Punk)
    Green Day – Ha ha you’re dead ( Twisted and bitter lyrics, what’s not to like ?)
    The Groupies – I’m a hog for you baby ( Love this version of hoary standard)
    Guernica – Bremem ( Jun Togawa project, not as “rocky” as her other stuff)
    Guitar Wolf – (I can’t get no) Satisfaction ( You may know this tune)
    G-Schmitt- Cathedral Junky ( J-goth from the 80s)
    Gordon Wayne and his Nite Owls – Red Wing ( cheating a bit but I love this one, extra owls)
    Go-Bangs – Zama, a mad daughter ( or something like that !). ( Mad J-ladies, again !)
    Genesis – The lamb lies down on Broadway ( Yes, I do like prog sometimes !)
    Garfunkel and Oates – The loophole ( Rude. NSFW)
    Guess Who – American Woman ( sadly not the 15 minute live version)
    Goose House – Goodbye days ( oh, they are just soooo cute !).

    A link http://tinyurl.com/oamb6xp

    Last choice would have been The Ground Floor People – Walking on eggs , a fantastic little 60s “garage” number that got “b” listed on RR once ! , but I can’t add it to the list , it’s here http://tinyurl.com/ov32vbs

  4. nuthin but a G thang

    Jean Grae – Love Thirst (oh mmmm)
    Guru ft Angie Stone – Keep Your Worries
    Nidia Gongora – Muévelo Negro (Columbian singer featured on Quantic’s brilliant new album)
    Gang Starr – Ex Girl to Next Girl
    Warren G – Regulate
    The Gaylads – If You Don’t Mind (one of the sweetest tunes ever)
    The Ganja Kru – Super Sharp Shooter
    GZA – Cold World
    The Goats – RU Down Wit Da Goats (2013 Remix & Lost Footage)
    Golden Boy with Miss Kittin – After 8 (cheers Shane)
    Gorgon City ft. MNEK – Ready For Your Love (for my girl who loves this tune)
    Ghostpoet – Dial Tones
    Ghostface Killah – All That I Got Is You
    Galliano – Slack Hands (Aquasky Remix)
    Goldie – Sensual

    nuthin but a G thang PLAYLIST

    Big warm hugs to Chris xxx

  5. Here goes. I thought long and hard about whether to include Rock & Roll Part Two by Gary Glitter because the record hasn’t changed since I first loved it. Can’t do it though. My 7″ copy of White Lines says it’s by Grandmaster AND Melle Mel but everyone else lists it as Grandmaster Melle Mel so I’ll go with that and assume it shouldn’t be an “M”. Sticking very much to the beaten track this week. My favourite songs by these artists are mostly their best known ones.

    Good Shoes – Morden
    Sophia George – Girlie Girlie
    Al Green – Take me To The River
    Macy Gray – I Try
    Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
    Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods
    Generation X – Wild Dub
    Girls At Our best – Getting Nowhere Fast
    Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – You’re All I need To get By-
    Peter Gabriel – Biko
    Eddie Grant – Electric Avenue
    Go Go’s – Our Lips Are Sealed
    Judy Garland – Over The Rainbow

  6. Go on then…

    Go-Betweens – Bye Bye Pride
    Grant Lee Buffalo – Jupiter and Teardrop
    Glasvegas – Geraldine
    Goldfrapp – A&E
    Grandadbob – English Summer
    Gretshcen Hofner – Crow in Heels
    Girls – Vomit
    Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound
    God Help The Girl – Come Monday Night
    Gotan Project – Lunatico
    Macy Gray – The Letter
    Gorillaz – Demon Days

    I own one album or less by most of these.

    • They are –

      Grinderman – Palaces of Montezuma
      Goldfrapp – Ride a White Horse
      Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer
      Buddy Guy – Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues
      Marvin Gaye – I Heard It On The Grapevine
      Dick Gaughan – Worker’s Song
      Mary Gauthier – Drag Queens and Limousines
      Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
      Gallops – Miami Spider
      Grateful Dead – Franklin’s Tower
      Al Green – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
      Grieg – Morning

      • For some reason G’s are scarce on my iPod however most of these artists appear….the Grieg I’ve loved since I was a little girl and my mother used to play it on the piano. Some people may not like all the birdsong at the beginning of this version but I don’t mind it. I was never really into the Grateful Dead but really like both the lyrics and the sound of Franklin’s Tower, which I used to close the Inheritance playlist. Gallops are a group local to me. I saw Mary Gauthier sing Drag Queens at Cambridge folkfest some years ago and always remember one thing she said – that people sometimes asked her if it hurt to sing about sad and difficult experiences in her life, and that her reply would be, that no, it didn’t hurt to sing about it. ‘Hurts to live it,’ she said.

      • severin having reminded me of Eddie Grant (d’oh!) have added to the playlist….

        Eddie Grant – Gimme Hope Jo’anna

  7. seconding Go-Betweens, Guru/Gang Starr, Groove Armada and Galliano.

    Dusko Goykovich- Macedonia

    Blue Note style, latin tinged hard bop from the underrated Macedonian trumpeter.

    Richard Galliano-Michel Portal- Blow up

    Furious accordian/clarinet duo.

    Gang Starr- You know my steez

    DJ Premier’s greatest sample mash up, Guru’s greatest rhyme.

    Go-Betweens- Bye Bye Pride

    Finest use of the oboe in pop music.

    Grantby- Timber

    Built around a Diamonds are forever sample (the same one as Wagon Christ’s Shadows) and some snippets off From Russia with Love and The Ipcress File.

    Grant Green- Sookie, Sookie

    Green’s zenith, the Blue Note soul jazz track which stands above all others.

    Groove Armada- My friend (Swag’s Good Buddy Rmx)

    Spare remix built around an insistent organ riff, superbly upbeat.

    Jan Garbarek Group- Maracuja

    Not his usual “nordic” style, this is more akin to Weather Report. Manu Katche provides the urgency.

    Joao Gilberto- Desafinado

    Bossa nova classic.

    Manuel Göttsching- E2-E4(Quiet Nervousness)

    Genre spawning jam session.

    Clifford Gilberto- the 10th victim

    Cinematic Ninja Tunes mash-up from one of their lesser known artists.

    The Great Unwashed- Neck of the woods

    Great single by “The Clean” offshoot featuring Peter Gutteridge and the brothers Kilgour.

    @Chris- commiserations, mate.

  8. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
    Generation X – Your Generation
    Dobie Gray – Drift Away
    Gloria Mundi – Fight Back
    Al Green – Call Me
    Gang of Four – Anthrax
    Girls at our Best – Getting Nowhere Fast (had to include this)
    Green Day – Basket Case
    Groundhogs – Split part IV
    Gap Band – Outstanding
    Gang Starr – Jazz Thing
    The (Hammersmith) Gorillas – She’s My Gal
    Dave Grusin – Friends and Strangers

    A surprising mix of genres for such a difficult letter !

  9. You folks have made this week easier for me, there are benefits in being late to the party.

    Green Day – Longview
    Go-Gos – We Got the Beat
    Guns n Roses – Sweet Child of Mine
    Garbage – Queer
    Godsmack – Serentiy
    Gorrillaz – Feel Good, Inc
    Grandmaster Flash – The Message
    Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man
    Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
    Art Garfunkel – All I Know
    Dick Gaughan – Now Westlin Winds
    Gaslight Anthem – National Anthem
    Peter Gabriel – Hear that Voice Again
    Grateful Dead – Uncle John’s Band

    No link this week, i’m on the library computers until mine gets up here this weekend.

    • Donds for Greenday and GnR but whoa there amylee, you’ve nicked my GA tune 😦

      Nice list and trust you are settling in. Best wishes.

      • few i don’t see yet that could have made my list –

        Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
        Gin Blossoms – Found Out About You

        I decided to either go Peter Gabriel or Genesis. Went for Peter as Genesis seemed to be fairly well covered., and a pick of the day, it could have been many others.

      • Leavey –
        Sorry about GA – especially because i first heard it from you. I’m settling in just fine, thanks, i love it here already.

  10. the godfathers – this damn nation
    greenhouse of terror – 3rd class heaven
    gang of four – damaged goods
    gbh = junkies
    gallows – orchestra of wolves
    ghost club – suicide train
    galaxie 500 – isn’t it a pity
    glasvegas – it’s my own cheating heart
    girls – vomit
    girls names – drawing lines
    grizzly bear – yet again
    the god machine – purity
    godspeed you! black emperor – rockets fall on rocket falls


  11. Think I’m there:

    Notwithstanding amylee snatching my proposed Gaslight Anthem nom there are plenty more so my first up is this beautiful acoustic version of Miles Davis and the Cool.

    Several Peter Gabriel noms have been shouted and duly donded but for me there’s none better than Solsbury Hill.

    Limited tunes on YouTube for my next offering and my No. 1 and No. 2 choice weren’t there so here’s Otis Gibbs and Christ No. 3.

    Obviously GnR but for me November Rain.

    Another epic song: Jesus of Surburbia from Green Day.

    Time for something different and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly and Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager (Part 1)

    I’ll defer to Chris on his probable list of 12 Dead songs and whether this appears I don’t know but I love Brown-Eyed Women.

    Despite my provisional post I’m going for an alternative post Gabriel era Genesis track and Squonk.

    Gorillaz and Dare.

    Buddy Guy with John Mayer and Feels Like Rain.

    Another Genesis Collins era tune and more for the Spitting Image video for Land of Confusion.

    And finally Mrs. Leavey and I have just played the Eddy Grant vinyl and here’s the second song from the a- side: I Don’t Wanna Dance.

    One more, Grand Funk Railroad – We Are An American Band.

    Air On A G-String

  12. Gentle Giant Just the Same
    Groundhogs so many Split II but early stuff like Times , Daze of the Weak has a great sixties feel
    Gordon Giltrap Lucifers Cage
    Rory G Messin with the Kid
    Genesis Cinema Show with Bill on sticks
    some oldies
    Gun race with the devil Golden Earring radar love Peter Green solo … white something
    Gabriel big town

  13. Without over-thinking it too much…

    Girls Aloud: The Promise
    Groove Armada: Song 4 Mutya
    Gwen Guthrie: Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent
    The Gossip: Heavy Cross
    Goldfrapp: Strict Machine
    Goodbye Mr Mackenzie: The Rattler
    Geneva: Into The Blue
    Garageland: Beelines To Heaven
    John Grant: Queen of Denmark
    Gene: For The Dead
    Grant Lee Buffalo: Fuzzy
    Dobie Gray: Drift Away
    Gabrielle: Rise

    And my condolences too, Chris.

  14. Not sure that I can add anything. Have just got a new laptop and am in the throes of transferring music etc. so might have to dip out this week (again). Will have a think. But definitely Dick Gaughan, Rory Gallagher, Dobie Gray, Davey Graham …

    • GBH – Give Me Fire (ignore the “Charged” that they temporarily added to their name)
      Gang Of Four – Return The Gift
      Goldblade – Black Sheep Radical
      Generation X – Valley Of The Dolls
      Gonna Get Yours – Echoes Of Bauer
      GLM – Now Is The Winter
      Generators – Summer Of Unrest
      Gobsmakt – Police State
      Gonads – Sweeney Todd
      Gestalt – Death Threats
      Gene Loves Jezebel – The Cow
      Goldfrapp – Black Cherry
      Gun Club – Port Of Souls

      • yay, Gene Loves Jezebel and Gun Club will be on mine too, I heard one of the brothers playing The Cow only a couple of years ago, still sounded good. Cool Gen X track too.

  15. OK, this was harder than I expected, so I’m gonna dump my promised listing of Herr Göttsching – as E2-E4’s already been picked – to make room for something else.

    Starting with new noms from already mentioned artists:

    Peter Gabriel – Here Comes The Flood
    OTT bombastic rock version please.
    Grant Lee Buffalo – Dixie Drug Store
    Gotta pick my RR asafaerae, haven’t I?
    Lowell George – Easy Money
    I must’ve heard Lowell’s arrangement of RLJ’s song played live by Somebodys Brother close to a thousand times since the mid-80s.
    Gaslight Anthem – The Backseat
    Deffo my go-to GA tune.
    Gutter Twins – Idle Hands
    No surprise in this selection either.
    Guns’N’Roses – Welcome To The Jungle
    Oh that was a hard one to choose. I could do an all-GnR list easily.

    And onto the artists not yet seen above:

    Guillemots – Redwings
    One of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard.
    Goldmund – Threnody
    Just for a change, something NOT from Corduroy Road.
    God Is An Astronaut – Forever Lost
    Can’t believe I’ve missed this lot playing pub/club gigs close to me three times now.
    Ginger – Drinking In The Daytime
    A whole album’s-worth of different riffs packed into one tune.
    Go! Team – Bottle Rocket
    I simply cannot listen without grinning.
    Gun – One Reason
    A lyrical nostalgia-fest, and a DsD air-guitar AND desk-drumming fave.
    Oh, and these are the 90s Scots heavy rockers, not the Race With The Devil mob. Many of you already know their cover of Word Up!

    And finally, it just HAS TO BE:
    Gerry & The Pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone

    So, no Gillan, Genesis, Gov’t Mule, Gomez, Mary Gauthier, Grateful Dead, Gin Blossoms, Great Lake Swimmers (“Ohh, DE-E-BB-B-YYYYY…?”), GusGus, G.Love & Special Sauce, Green On Red, etc., etc., etc.

    That was a hard week, I tell ya!

  16. OK, I’ve left out Genesis and Dobie Gray, Gryphon, Gentle Giant and Greenslade. There will be some duplicates but some new, I think:

    Davy Graham – Angi
    Dick Gaughan & Andy Irvine – Floo’ers O’ the Forest
    Dick Gaughan – The Snows they Melt the Soonest
    Glasvegas – Santa Monica
    Glykeria – Mehri Na Vroume Ourano
    Golden Earring – Radar Love
    Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats
    Macy Gray – I Can’t Wait to Meetchu
    Peter Gabriel – Mercy Street
    Peter Green & Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well
    Rory Gallagher – As the Crow Flies
    Stephane Grappelli – Sweet Georgia brown
    The Gloworms – Battered Hake / Jon O’Grouts
    The Gossip with Beth Ditto – Heavy Cross


  17. Well, it seems I forgot Gong and the Grateful Dead ! Silly old me
    I’ll add, if I may, I never glid before from the former and China Cat Sunflower from the latter, as a kind of late substitution thing.

  18. The problem with coming on here so rarely – enormous pile-ups of work, work-related stress etc, etc. – is that by the time I do turn up, more or less everything has already been taken; certainly my first picks for Peter Gabriel, GY!BE, Warren G and – damn you, nilpferd – Manuel Goettsching. So, what’s left?

    Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive
    Goldfrapp: Black Cherry
    Genesis: Mama
    Garbage: Vow
    GY!BE: Mladic
    Girlschool: Hit and Run
    Georgia Satellites: Keep Your Hands to Yourself
    Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz: Girl from Ipanema
    David Gilmour: Near the End
    Gang of Four: Capital (It Fails Us Now)
    Serge Gainsbourg: Aux Armes et Caetera

    • Hi Prof.

      I’m going to proactively defend your Genesis choice. Despite being from the “pop” period, I think Mama is an ace tune. It is one of only a handful of Genesis songs on my Walkman.

      Donds also for Georgia Satellites (Mon Cheri would’ve been my ‘guilty pleasure’ choice), and Girlschool (d’oh! Totally forgot them).

      • Poppier than earlier stuff, certainly, but a lot further out than most records I’d encountered at that date; likewise Home By The Sea, the other one I might have chosen from that album.

  19. If I’d have picked a Georgia Satellites tune, I think I’d have gone for Battleship Chain, ably covered by The Hindu Love Gods a.k.a REM with Warren Zevon replacing Michael Stipe.

  20. I’m doing a little description rather than a youtube list this time, I don’t expect anyone will mind.

    Gaye Bykers on Acid – Everything’s Groovy – bit of crusty action for you all
    Gene Loves Jezebel – Gorgeous – Wales’ finest about why they escaped
    Ghost Dance – Last Train – goths
    Gogol Bordello – Dogs Were Barking – so fun
    Gudrun Gut – Die Sonne – okay, it’s because Blixa is on it, but still
    Grinderman -When My Baby Comes
    Gong – Wingful of Eye – does anyone except me like Gong’s album Shamal?
    Goldfrapp – A&E
    Davy Graham – Ballad of the Sad Young Men – any version of this song is good
    The Gathering – Strange Machines – from the Netherlands
    Grateful Dead – Saint Stephen (live Dead)
    Generation X – King Rocker

    • Yeah, Shamal is great.

      Gazeuse! is also great.

      They are both post-Daevid Allen and are much more jazz-rock fusion stuff.

      • haven’t listened to Gazeuse! for ages, I shall seek it out again. I love Daevid Allen, but the Gong sound is always worth a listen.

  21. G-spot:

    Get Well Soon (9)
    Gang Of Four (8)
    Laura Gibson (6)
    Chris Garneau (5)
    Phillip Glass (4)
    John Grant (4)
    Grasscut (4)
    Adam Green (3)
    Liz Green (3)
    Guided By Voices (3)

  22. G-Up
    Recent Listening: some faves, raves and obscurities

    Gold Panda – We Work Nights
    Givers – Up Up Up
    The Gap Band – Burn Rubber
    Gudrun Gut – Garten
    Gym Class Heroes: Cupid’s Chokehold
    G&D – PopStopper
    Martine Girault – Revival
    Gasoline – Geisya ft. Maki
    Grieves – Lightspeed
    Grasscut – The Tin Man
    Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke – Sacrifice
    Gnawa Diffusion – Ya Laymi
    Goldie – Inner City Life
    Glories – Mechanical Mariner
    Ghostface Killah feat. Mary J. Blige – All That I Got is You
    Gravenhurst – The Prize
    Mitt var starfið (My Work) by Bára Grímsdóttir

    • g-funk for that G-spot

      Gi Gi – Daddy Love
      Sandy Gaye – Watch the Dog That Bring the Bone
      Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers – Scream For Your Love
      Byrdie Green – Return of the Prodigal Son (could have had Grand Puba in my G thang)
      Benny Gordon – Give A Damn
      Binky Griptite And The Sugarman Three – A Lover Like Me
      The Golden Toadstools – Silly Savage
      Vernon Garrett – You Blew My Mind
      Billy Garner – Brand New Girl
      Lenis Guess – Super Woman
      Dee Dee Gartrell – I Must Be Doing Something Right
      King George & The Fabulous Souls – Baby I’ve Got It
      Jody Gales – You Gotta Push
      Brenda George – I Can’t Stand It
      Groove Merchants – There’s Got to Be Someone for Me

      and I could have made another list of G-funky instrumentals. So many.

  23. Condolences Chris. Sorry I’m late but I’m at my daughters house in Belper and have only been able to log on infrequently.

    Jeez, it’s Gs. Not many in the fold but, thanks (MOSTLY) to RR and ‘dropbox’ I’ve managed to scrape ten together.

    In no particular order…………….

    Grand Popo Football Club – “Men Are Not Nice Guys”.
    David Gray – “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”.
    Goat – “Goatman”.
    Gorky’s Zygotib Mynci – “Spanish Dance Troupe”
    John Grant – “I Wanna Go To Mars”.
    Philip Glass – “Heroes”.
    David Gilmour – “Smile”.
    Gwana Diffusion – “Istikhbar”.
    Goldeh Cups – “HiwaMataNoburu”.
    Goldmund – “My Neighborhood”.

  24. too busy and such a great letter (unexpectedly) quick thoughts give ME:

    You can lose it Geniuser
    Punish Me With Kisses The Glove
    Sorry Galaxie 500
    Believe GusGus
    Twist Goldfrapp
    12 Deaf Ghostpoet
    Way Of The Light Gift Of Gab
    Staying Sober Golden Virgins
    Madder Groove Armada
    Fear of a Flat Planet Godzilla Black
    Bad Medicine Liz Green
    Skateboarding Saves Me Twice Grandaddy
    A Gallows Get Well Soon

  25. Genesis – Cinema Show
    The Grateful Dead – Touch of Grey
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Mladic
    Peter Gabriel – Biko
    David Gilmour – Cruise
    Grails – Predestination Blues
    Gastr del Sol – A Watery Kentucky

  26. My contribution to Shane’s G string of songs:
    Gary Clark JrBright Lights: Fuzz ‘n blues
    Gaslight AnthemI’da Called You Woody, Joe: No one writes like Brian Fallon. Period. Puzzling out the music references is such fun, too.
    Gene ClarkYou’re Gonna Miss That Somebody: That quiver in the broken Byrd’s voice kills me
    Guy ClarkOut in the Parkin’ Lot: The all-time master of painting pictures and putting you in them.
    GreyBoy AllstarsGet a Job: Off your bums and boogaloo, ‘Spillers
    Gilberto GilExpresso 2222: Because summer is coming. Honest
    Glenn MillerIn The Mood: The song people mean when they say “they don’t write songs like they used to”
    Gil Scott-Heron3 Miles Down: Still relevant – musically, and, sadly, lyrically
    GlossaryFeeling Transcendental: Another Crazy Horse, toiling in soulful semi-obscurity when alone.
    Gretchen PetersOn A Bus To St. Cloud: She has a knack for sounding pretty while pricking you with a sharp stick; this is about a lover who commits suicide

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