Sunday Sequence


the answer to last week’s Sunday Sequence: Advertising

The three songs were clearly quite well known, or with a bit of searching were identifiable:

Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights – used for Jack Daniels.

The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling – used in the Cobra lager ad.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – Home – used for Peugeot cars.

I’m pleased that some of my song choices have been enjoyed and that working out the connection has been a bit of fun sometimes but frustrating more often than not.

Carole your eloquently deduced link was brilliant this week but this has also led me to think that perhaps something that doesn’t require any detective talents to find out the track and then to second-guess my random idea of a link would be better for a Sunday.

With that in mind there won’t be three connected songs this week but I’ve really enjoyed the fourth song suggestions and your comments and have a few ideas about a replacement but feel that the Sunday Sequence has run its course..

For those in the UK enjoy your bank holiday weekends and go takoo o inoro HoshinoSakura.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Sequence

  1. Ha! I don’t watch enough TV to have stood a chance with that connection.

    If it ain’t used as incidental music on MotD, chances are I haven’t heard it through my telly.

    All been appreciated though, LIAB. Cheers.

  2. Ooh, now I tell you what: if I had got the connection, there’s a song that would’ve been a perfect fourth, particularly given your header pic this morning. It samples the P&D theme. Trouble is, I’m buggered if I can remember what it is!
    Can anyone help?

  3. Hi Leaveitallbehind ! ! !

    I am not sure I understand your post, but I really enjoy the game and even if I do not get it all the time it is fun ! ! !

    Anyway just for you . . .

    no connection .. . .just a great sing ! ! !

    • Kon’nichiwa HoshinoSakura.

      Thanks for that lively song.

      Apologies my post wasn’t understood, what I meant was that I’ve really enjoyed the Sunday Sequence but feel it wasn’t enjoyed by many people because they either didn’t know the songs or the links weren’t obvious.For this reason I’m stopping it but am thinking of posting something different on a Sunday that doesn’t need any guessing or detective work but simply to share and enjoy some great music.

      My attempted Japanese was to say “best wishes” to you but i might have got this wrong and apologise if that didn’t translate.

      • OK now I understand ! ! !

        ご多幸を祈る ( Go takou o inoru ) is quite formal and normally written, so it sounded quite like a final good bye – I was worried ! ! !

        多幸 ( Takou ) means great happiness

        祈る ( inoru ) means to pray

        Literally it would mean “I pray for great happiness for you”

        So your best wishes translation is very good ! ! ! I use it on New Year greating cards as I think it both nice and sincere. You must check out P sensei’s word of the week in the He Said She Said ! ! !

        I am looking forward seeing what you do next Sunday ! ! !

  4. Ha! I’d never have got the connection, because I don’t watch adverts on telly, being mainly a BBC2 and BBC4 kinda gal.

    I’ve enjoyed the music though, even if I’ve usually not managed to find a connection.

    Looking forward to your new game, LIAB9.

    • Cheers Carole, thanks for popping by.

      Happy for anyone else to have a go at putting three connected songs together but just felt I’d try something it bit different for a while. Be back soon.

  5. Ha! Well played. I love it when the worlds of music and branding mesh… but not so much in this context — It’s one thing when bands/artists have a certain relationship with a product, but here it seems like, did they just stamp their song on any company who was willing to pay for it? Not that it’s the musicians’ fault or anything – they gotta get paid! It’s more the companies’ for not getting as creative as they could have with the artists they chose to represent them. Though “Gold on the Ceiling” seems to work

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