Earworms 5 May 2014

Well, it’s May Day Bank Holiday here in the UK, and we have some laid-back and slightly wistful offerings to ease you in gently. Wherever you are, take time out to have a listen, and don’t forget to send those nagging earworms to earworm@tincanland.com. Many thanks.

The Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin – debbym: Caught TheBoyWonder listening to the Moody Blues and was immediately transported back to when I was his age and this was still the number one slow dance no matter what party you found yourself at. May still be for all I know, do kids still smooch these days?

Deaf Havana – Caro Padre – DsD: It’s almost time for the annual gathering of the Clayton boys at our Dad’s for his now traditional birthday barbeque. Can’t wait. In the meantime, imagine if Mike & the Mechanics’ The Living Years had instead been written by a bunch of new millennial heavy rock student buddies … oh.

Midlake – The Old and the Young – CaroleBristol: Midlake is a band that never really registered with me in the past. I am only just getting to grips with their music, once again thanks to BBC 6Music. This track is from their latest album, “Antiphon”, which I am probably going to have to buy.

Timber Timbre – This Low Commotion – glassarfemptee: Canadian outfit Timber timbre have a new album out (Hot dreams). I find them refreshingly different and unpigenholeable (is that a word?). Jon Dennis describes them as like a soundtrack for a David Lynch western. I also love Taylor Kirk’s hard edged (with a slick of honey) voice. Here’s a track that illustrates their USP nicely.

Rubus – Golden Ball – Zalamanda: A variant on Child 95 (The Maid Freed From the Gallows), this has really caught the attention of my children (ages 7 and 9). I like it, too.

Johann Pachelbel – Canon in D –  goneforeign:  a German Baroque composer, who  died  March 9, 1706, 70 years before the US got established!  When I first heard this I thought it was by Bach but no, he preceded Bach by a generation. Wiki tells me that I’m late to the game, it’s been used and sampled by lots of contemporary ‘artists’.


18 thoughts on “Earworms 5 May 2014

  1. Point of order: my dad’s BBQ was last month – this worm has been wriggling in the box for a while. We’re about to brave the Bank Holiday roads and head for my mam’s on the Wirral, so listening will have to wait.

    • Oh don’t worry about that, Ali. In fact, there’s a certain deliciously-grim irony in my journey to my mother’s being soundtracked by a song about “my father”!

  2. Re: Knights In White Satin – The first time I ever remember hearing that song was on AM radio station late at night with a signal that at times faded in and out. For some reason that gave it a dramatic power I’ve never forgotten.

    Re: Pachelbel’s Canon in D – The original one-hit-wonder! Turns up everywhere: weddings, funerals, graduations, Christmas, Easter, pop songs.

  3. Good Easter morning Limey’s and Cinco de Mayo greetings to all who celebrate it. The first thing that registers with me on listening to today’s list is that it’s how you listen that counts, I think I heard ‘Knights’ a thousand times, but always via a background radio. Ditto Pachebel. I’ve been aware of the tune all my life but I’ve never really listened to it, this morning at 5am on headphones it sounds fantastic, such a complex piece, ditto Knights.
    I have tinnitus that’s a real pain sometimes and probably a result of a lifetime of wearing headphones at possibly too high a volume.
    Midlake and Timber were both interesting and well worth more listenings, Timber was this weeks hit for me, great sound, Jon Dennis was spot on, I could see the images in my mind’s eye.
    Rubus and Havana didn’t really connect with me.

    • Nah, I didn’t think Deaf Havana would be up your street really, gf.

      What I have been trying to find is a version of Pachelbel’s Canon arranged and renamed Kanon by Loudest Whisper. I’ve got the CD single somewhere, but a forty minute search of the shelves has failed to locate it. Frustratingly, neither can I find it on YT or GrooveShark. GAH! I’ll maybe try again later.

      Re the rest of this week’s worms: nothing I didn’t like, nothing (newtome) I loved. Sorry if that’s a bit of a non-opinion.

      • Richard: I quite enjoyed the first 90seconds of ‘Deaf’, it was when all that bloody noise came in that I frantically searched for the kill switch, but thanks anyway.

  4. Nice selection, Ali! We’ve been out enjoying the bluebells nearby in the sun today, it’s clouded over now. I have been a fan of Midlake since their Trial of Van Occupanther album from 2006, also discovered via BBC6Music. “Young Bride’ is still my favourite song by them and sounds nothing like their usual output! Hadn’t got into the new album as Tim Smith left and I didn’t find it as appealing, but the track Carole has chosen is good.

  5. Forgot to tick notify and interested to hear Timbre Timbre as I keep getting them recommended to me because I like some freak folk.

  6. Great selection this week, everyone’s a winner but I think the top position goes to Deaf Havana, though the Moody Blues get the bank holiday chillin’ classic award.

    Nicely put together playlist.

  7. I must admit I’ve never really been a fan of the Moody Blues. This track is pleasant enough though. Thankfully it doesn’t have any of the portentous spoken bits that drive me mad on their albums.
    Deaf Havana seemed a bit generic and unremarkable to me I’m afraid. Not bad of its kind just not my sort of thing. I liked the Midlake track a lot but it was Timber Timbre that stood out for me. Yes very David Lynch, could have fitted into Wild at Heart very easily.
    Rubus were a great listen for a May Day. I’ll be playing that again.
    Pachelbel is familiar but never palls for me. Lovely music and provided the inspiration for quite a few pop tunes. I listened to Nico’s “Afraid” many times before spotting that is was basically the same tune.

  8. Interesting list in places.

    Hearing the Moodies took me right back to being underage in pubs in the early 1970s. Deaf Havana reminded me of Whitesnake, and that is never a good thing in my book.

    I rather liked Timber Timbre, I’ll listen to that one again and Rubus was a nice tune. Pachelbel is lovely.

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