I appear to have played that one at the wrong speed

Now we all know from listening to the John Peel show that’s it fine to play records at the wrong speed, especially if it’s avant garde noise, but have a listen to this pretty well known tune and let me know what you think…

10 thoughts on “I appear to have played that one at the wrong speed

  1. Blimpy, that sounds pretty fine to me, if you hadn’t have stated that it was played at a slower speed I would have thought it was just a slower version of the original.

    I have no technical musical abilities, in fact I am truly ‘tone deaf’ and couldn’t hold a note in a locked a box so those that are can probably tell that something isn’t right but for me it sounded very good.

    I’ll offer up two more versions of the original with an interesting twist.

    The first is Miley Cyrus (pre-twerking), I’ve said on this blog before the girl can sing, shame she’s decided to head in off in such a ‘sexualised’ direction.

    The next version is Miley again but this time duetting with her godmother: Dolly Parton.

    Miley’s Version

    Miley and Dolly Duet

    Enjoy 😉

    • I enjoyed this; must admit I liked ‘Wrecking Ball’ apart from all the cr*p that went with it. I know Miley can sing. I just wish Dolly was MY godmother!

  2. I didn’t believe you, Blimpy: it just sounded slower and in a different key. So I listened very carefully to the original and compared each instrument/voice in the first couple of verses. Amazing! That it’s all bang-on the beat and the note is darned impressive. Go Dolly!

    I often prefer slow versions: they’re usually more emotional.

    btw, Blimpy, the ‘Spill Player Jan 2010’ instructions in the Manual tab here no longer work. This – cribbed from an AliM comment recently – does:

    When you’re creating a new post, save the draft and put the cursor where you want to insert the playlist. Click the “Add Media” tab. In “Insert Media” click “upload files” and upload your mp3s. Make sure they are all selected, and then in the bottom right of the screen click “create a new playlist”. “Edit audio playlist” pops up and this allows you to reorder the tracks if necessary. When you’re happy with the order, go to the bottom right of the screen again and click “insert audio playlist”. The playlist will show up in your post something like [“55498,55499,55500”] etc. Save the draft and preview it to make sure you’re happy with the list.

  3. An Abba 45 played at 33rpm sounds a bit like Anthony & The Johnsons, and I’ve always thought that Rick Astley singles were just offcuts from the SAW stable slowed somewhat.

    • Any chance of pasting it into the post header, old chap (presuming you created it originally)? I doubt many people will scroll past the spam to get to DsD’s comment.

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