Earworms 12 May 2014


Something of a menagerie this week with dinosaurs and tigers running amok. Hope you find something to get your teeth into – meanwhile, please keep sending those spare worms to earworm@tincanland.com. Thank you!

Dinosaur L – Go Bang! – Albahooky: Here’s one from the late, great Arthur Russell which encapsulates all that is good in dance music, and here in its original form with that subversive aesthetic of early 80’s New York.

Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite – CaroleBristol: I keep hearing this on 6Music all the time. It has a lot of echoes of other things, like Bowie’s ‘V2 Schneider’, for example, but it manages to be it’s own thing at the same time. I find it almost insanely catchy. Those motorik rhythms are great.

C2C – Down the Road – debbym: This was a huge hit here last summer and was straight back in my head the moment the Spring sunshine broke through. I don’t normally go for electronica/sampling etc, but I saw these guys on French TV when they were world champion DJ team and they do a good show.

Emmy the Great – Dinosaur Sex – Shoegazer: How did I forget this when we did RRSA Lizards?

Young Tiger – Calypso Be – severin: Young Tiger (George Browne to his friends) liked jazz but wasn’t convinced by bebop. Fortunately he had a very entertaining way of saying so.

Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra – Black and Blue – goneforeign: Many people think of Louis based only on the pop records of his later life. As a young man he was the guiding force in jazz, he almost invented it. Here’s a piece from July 1929 where he plays and sings about the black condition in America, it’s from a Harlem production ‘Hot Chocolates’, it’s Black and Blue recorded for the OKeh label.

19 thoughts on “Earworms 12 May 2014

  1. I enjoyed this selection with one exception. Sorry Shoey, but Emmy the Great grates on me. I just find her irritating.

  2. Nice set. The first couple are a bit overlong and I struggled with the machine drums in #2, but otherwise rather groovy. Emmy the Great is probably my fave (sorry, Carole).
    At my Dad’s request, we played Satchmo’s What A Wonderful World at his funeral last week.

    (I realise that I’m not saying much here but, as the Graun gagged me completely for posting a positive comment about Ken Loach’s talent as a filmmaker on a thread about Ken Loach yesterday (no idea why!), I felt the need to type some letters in a box.)

  3. I wondered what it was that you’d said to offend them, figured it had to be something pretty serious! Go ahead and express your most intimate feelings, we wont censure you, you’re safe here.

    • I have no idea what offended them! I simply suggested that, with his talent and focus, Ken Loach could probably make a great film that exposed the inequalities around the climate change debate (e.g. individual farmer suffering, big business lying, politicians equivocating).
      After modding me, they deleted my next two comments enquiring why they’d done so, then put me on the naughty step and held every subsequent comment. Peter Kimpton’s offered to negotiate on my behalf but, as of now, I’m still gagged.
      This from the newspaper that champions Edward Snowden! Baffling.

  4. Worms are now boxed. I know I keep saying I like them all, but I do like them all – C2C is probably the favourite but it’s Emmy the Great who sticks in my head as I hum, tunelessly.

  5. Daddy P: I think you’re right and I think that we should all individually send an email, preferably to the editor. [Email: reader@theguardian.com] We should respond as individual Guardian readers who know Chris and who will vouch for his integrity and refuse to believe that he said anything that warranted censure, he’s known to be a serious and articulate student of film.

    • It might not be quite the time to campaign, or not just yet – I only meant that if you want to ask why you got moderated, it’s genuinely best to e-mail the moderators. If you ask or complain on the thread itself, they’ll just moderate even more – not always helpful, but certainly that’s what their guidelines say they’ll do.

      • It’s not worth a campaign. It’s just very odd. And being excluded is getting a bit of a drag.
        I sent an email to ‘community.suggestions’ but answer came there none. One of my deleted comments yesterday might have referenced Kafka, and I couldn’t resist giving the address ‘Dear Moderator’ a North Korean tinge (in my head, anyway).

      • Thanks to Peter Kimpton, I’m free again! No apology from the modders, but an acknowledgement that my original comment didn’t warrant deletion (although ‘climate change is an extremely divisive issue’). And a statement that comments querying modding decisions are deleted because they are, by definition, not on topic. Franz K would have appreciated that.

  6. Saved by the Louis Armstrong as I thought I’d be registering “nil points” for this half dozen, just not my thing 😦

      • Hi Ali, would love to but I’ve never been sure of the criteria 😦

        Love listening to other’s suggestions and discovering new to me artists but appreciate that we have such diverse tastes here that one can’t hit the to with every song.

        Let me know what defines an Earworm and I’ll gladly submit some. Presumably the submitter provides a few words to go in the post as well?

      • LIAB – the original idea was to send in whatever track you had buzzing around and couldn’t get out of your head, but you can also send in something just because you think it’s good (as long as you don’t mind people saying what they think about it). Basically, if you have a tune you want to share, send it to earworm@tincanland.com with a couple of lines saying why you’ve chosen it, and I’ll put it into a playlist (hopefully with other ‘Spillers’ worms that I think compliment it or contrast with it). You send it, I’ll play it! (.mp3 files are easiest but I can convert .m4a and .wma).

  7. Must say that I enjoyed Young Tiger, a new name to me, there was a time when I identified totally with his comments but I outgrew them, Diz was never a favorite in large part because of Ooh Bop Sh’bam etc but Bird I grew to love.

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