OK, this post is like Seinfeld, it’s about nothing. There’s no music, you don’t have to create playlist based on letters, there’s no pictures, no questions to answer, there’s really nothing more that a couple of minutes of my usual meaningless blather.

Sometime, right about now, there’s an important date at hand  for my beard. I’m not sure what caused this revelation but it’s very close to it’s 50th birthday. For 50 years now it’s been there every morning when I’ve been forced to look at myself in the mirror. The only change has been from brown to gray to white though there were a couple of short episodes when I let it get a bit excessive but I didn’t really like the Z Z Top look.

It all started in 1964 when I was a student at a Southern California university, I was enrolled in a design class where the instructor was a total asshole, he was ex-military, clean shaven with a crewcut, the whole redneck image, but that wasn’t the worst, he was constantly making comments about  ‘the god damned, long haired, bearded hippies’,  ‘faggots’, and the VietNam war resistors and other assorted ‘communists’, all groups that I felt an affinity towards. So I decided to initiate my one man campaign by letting my hair grow and quitting shaving, he didn’t like it at all and made regular comments about me that were supposed to be funny. I remember that I used to go to the ‘Barber College’, to get cheap haircuts, I quit in 1964 and have not had a haircut since, my hair seems to have found it’s natural length and it never goes beyond that.

But it became a way of life for me, I’d never enjoyed shaving so that was a positive and long hair became the fashion so for once I was with the ‘in crowd’. It’s not something that I’ve thought about at all, in fact I’m quite curious what prompted me to start scribbling this.

So, Happy Birthday beard. it’s been nice having you around.

9 thoughts on “BEAUTY TIPS.

  1. Happy birthday to your beard.

    Did you look a bit like this Beard Picture?

    Perhaps your post was a way of coming to terms with the need to change and in your sub-conscious you’re thinking about the radical step of shaving it off, just to see what you look like underneath!

    It does seem be a bit of a celebrity trend to have a beard see days though I’ve never had one and never really thought of growing one. I did try and grow my hair long in the late seventies, wanted to have a Robert plant type “lion’s mane” but never really made got past the unkempt curly stage which was a right mess, probably the longest it got was about and inch or so off my shoulders.

    Thanks for a light hearted and interesting post.

  2. That’s a fabulous random post. We need more tangentials around here, IMO.

    My own beard is long gone – fifteen years or more since I’ve been more hirsute than merely “can’t be arsed to shave for 2-3 days” – but if you’ll pardon the riddle, it is still around to grin back at me every day.

    You’ll no doubt roll your eyes when I remind you again that we got married in Barbados. I had sported a sort of bushy goatee & straggly ‘tache for a couple of years up to that point, but had agreed with Julie that it had to go in time for the wedding photos. Trouble was, I was too busy with the organisation of my nuptials to remember to shave it off before we left the country, and then so overwhelmed by Barbados that I had a seriously-tanned / sunburnt face by the time I thought about it over there. We decided the prospect of high quality photos of my inevitable red face and white chin was too big a risk, so the beard got a stay of execution.

    With big wedding photos on the walls of several rooms at home, I can’t help but be reminded of it. Unfortunately for me, DsMam’s opinion of it has lowered considerably over time, and on the rare occasions I suggest a more mature “salt&pepper” version might look quite good, I get a glare that tells me in no uncertain terms not to even try!

  3. I don’t think I’d ever have attempted one if it weren’t for male pattern baldness. I don’t do a good beard – too sparse – but without it and with scalp also cropped close, I’m alarmingly big and round and dazzlingly white of head. So the beard was grown (11-plus years ago) to reintroduce something approximating features to an otherwise barren landscape. Plus, I’m too lazy to attend to my scalp and my face so something had to give!

    I see we are now allegedly reaching “peak beard”, at which point they cease being trendy. I can’t see that affecting my shaving choices but it’ll be interesting to see if beards do indeed die off in popularity over the next few years.

  4. My dad grew a beard when he retired (at 70+), “just to see what it’s like”. He ended up looking like Father Christmas. Both my brothers have beards; most of my boyfriends or whatever have had beards. I like beards.But fortunately I can’t grow one.

  5. Great post GF!

    Maybe it’s time to shave it off – my sister once told me about a big biker bloke she used to work with who had had a big grizzly beard for 20-odd years. When he shaved it off for some office-based charity event, his skin was baby-soft smooth underneath as his beard had been protecting him from the elements for all those years – so he ended up looking much younger than he would have done if he he’d never had a beard!

    Personally I’ve never gone more than 2 or 3 days without shaving and only have one ‘fallow’ day per week, I just don’t think it would suit me.

  6. Thanks GF for a good read, and Happy Birthday to your beard, or Happy Golden Beard Anniversary. Perhaps you should dye it gold for a day to mark the occasion ?

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