elastic bands – this week: T

Hey Mr. wanna sit down with a nice steaming cuppa and play?
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

I will post a letter of the alphabet
all BANDS or ARTISTS must begin with that letter.
Artists letter is determined by the letter at the beginning of their SURNAME (if they use it) – ignore the use of ‘The’ in a bands name.
up to 13 songs are allowed – fewer if you wish.
All can be the same artist if that represents you perfectly or all the same genre. Just make them great tunes.

make a youtube playlist (if you wish) and link to it – just link to it – don’t overload the thread.

Cut and paste the band names and tracks (in a joyous list style) in the comments.
Then we can chat about the choices – add some waffle if you wish (about how narrow or varied those choices are) … but above all, have fun.


115 thoughts on “elastic bands – this week: T

  1. Temple Of The Dog deffo in mine too. Gonna have to dash this one off, then you’re not going to see me on anything better than my phone until Friday night earliest.

  2. Talking Heads – Girlfriend is Better
    Trouble Funk – Drop the Bomb
    The Time – Jungle Love or The Bird
    Tower of Power – What is Hip?
    Thee Oh Sees – Meat Step Lively
    Traffic – Empty Pages
    Tubes – White Punks on Dope
    Talk Talk – It’s My Life (not my very first pick, but i’ll leave that to others)
    Teenage Fanclub – Ain’t That Enough
    TLC – Unpretty
    Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels
    James Taylor – Close Your Eyes
    Tindersticks – The Turns We Took

    sadly had to leave out Thompson Twins, Television, Ten Years After, Tupac, Koko Taylor

  3. T-Rex – Jewel
    Tours – Language School
    Toots and the Maytals – Funky Kingston
    That Petrol Emotion – Big Decision
    Richard and Linda Thompson – Withered and Died
    Joe Turner – Shake Rattle and Roll
    Temptations – My Girl
    Teenage Film stars – There’s a Cloud Over Liverpool
    This Heat – The Fall of Saigon
    Jake Thackeray – Sister Josephine
    Television – Marquee Moon
    Troggs – With a Girl Like You
    Talking Heads – Love Goes to Building On Fire

    Sadly not enough space for T Dream’ Thin Lizzy, Peter Tosh, Teardrop Explodes or Tricky

  4. My list (as alluded to by Amy) just HAS to start with:

    Talk Talk – I Believe In You
    I can’t not pick my all-time best piece of music EVER, can I?
    Funnily enough, it’s not top of my iTunes Most-Played after a counter-reset some time back, though it is still the top T.
    I tell you what – I’m pushed for time now (trekking through those Western US states took longer than I thought) so let’s have a T-list which is strictly in Most-Played order.
    This could go horribly wrong!

    Talk Talk – I Believe In You
    This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren
    Tindersticks – Tiny Tears
    The Twilight Singers – Number Nine
    Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song
    Live: Reading ’83, natch!
    Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike
    Terraplane – Couldn’t Handle The Tears
    Tito & Tarantula – After Dark
    The Temperance Movement – Lovers And Fighters
    William Topley – Back To Believing

    Tangerine Dream – Beach Scene
    Texas – Everyday Now
    Terrorvision – Oblivion
    Tigga SoundSystem – Ultimate Chair
    Timex Social Club – Rumors

    I’m going to have to stop there, but I can’t believe that William Topley choice, or that Tigga Soundsystem’s electronic dubscapes are higher up my ITunes than ANYTHING by Thunder!!!!!!!!

    Off to the CD shelves to see who I’ve missed.

    • I did keep that to one tune per artist, by the way. Otherwise there’d have been a lot of Talk Talk, Twilight Singers and most of the Temple Of The Dog album.

      Actually, it’s not bad: as well as the already-mentioned artists, I’d say my own regretted major omissions are Tackhead, Tanita Tikaram, The Teenbeat, The Triffids and Transvision Vamp‘s No.1 hit. I ask the Prof’s forgiveness that Trwbador haven’t made the list!

      • my most played (on the computer since resetting) comes out very odd to me:

        Heartstopper (Mum Mix) Emiliana Torrini 15
        Snakeface Throwing Muses 11
        Artsick Tricot 10
        Out of the Blue (Into the Fire) The The 9
        Woodcat (Viva Voce remix) Tunng 8
        Unemployed In Summertime (Junior Sanchez Remix) Emiliana Torrini 7
        Six Royal Vipers Tobacco 7
        Woodcat Tunng 7
        Your Own Religion TV Girl 7
        unemployed in the summertime Emiliana Torrini 6
        Heard It All Before Emiliana Torrini 6
        Manitoba Tapes ‘n Tapes 6
        It’s Alive Tech N9ne 6
        Face of 73 Tender Trap 6
        Little Cup Thao & Mirah 6
        We Want War These New Puritans 6
        Draw Down The Stars Tom McRae 6
        One More Mile Tom McRae 6
        Tall Cans In The Air Transplants 6
        Lizzy Come Back to Life TV Girl 6
        Mr. Grieves TV On The Radio 6

  5. Cup of T:

    Tindersticks (32)
    Tackhead (19)
    Thee More Shallows (17)
    Talking Heads (13)
    Talk Talk (9)
    Tricky (8)
    Thee Oh Sees (6)
    Tullycraft (6)
    Tunng (5)
    TV On The Radio (5)
    Ten Benson (4)
    The The (4)
    Thermals (4)
    They Might Be Giants (4)
    Emiliana Torrini (4)

    • number of appearances by each band on music player:

      Throwing Muses 72
      Thievery Corporation 33
      Tricky 26
      Tunng 26
      Thao/ Thao & Mirah/ Thao & The Get Down Stay Down 21
      TV On The Radio 17
      Tinariwen 16
      Jimi Tenor 14
      Tricot 13
      These New Puritans 12
      Emiliana Torrini 11
      Tones on Tail 11
      Tom McRae 10

      if you aded all the spin off to the Muses they would fill up my small player on their own

  6. This feels like a provisional list but anyway….. I thought The Weeknd (with Wicked Games) might appear, since as a solo performer the definite article might be construed as the commencement of his name proper, but I decided against courting any controversy! For a similar reason I also elbowed Taj Mahal and Statesboro Blues, though he probably isn’t Mr Mahal.So we are left with:

    Peter Tosh – Stepping Razor.
    Turtles – You Showed Me
    Two Door Cinema Club – Sleeps Alone.
    John Taverner – Song For Athene.
    Tyrannosaurus Rex – Debora
    Felice Taylor – I Feel Love Coming On.
    Tempests – Someday.
    Traffic – Hole In My Shoe.
    Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back In Town.
    Willie Tee – Walking Up A One Way Street.
    Toys – Lovers Concerto
    Carla Thomas – Stop Look What You Are Doing.
    Irma Thomas – Time Is On My Side.
    Temptations – I Wish It Would Rain

    The last named not at all related to the fact that it hasn’t stopped for two days.

    • dond for the Toys, who were on my list and then i forgot. Feel your pain about the rain, it was a balmy 51 deg here yesterday as we head into June. (dunno what that is in centigrade, but i can tell you that it’s cold.)

      • Thought you might have said Irma Thomas, oh yes much superior to the Stones – just teasing! Difficult not to talk about the weather when it is so awful on a Biblical scale!

    • Mr. Scruff is making his TEA from his ‘make us a brew’ tea bags in his tea mugs – but he’s making Tea for a Team from a crack commando unit that was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit – especially the one that doesn’t like flying.

      (you do realise no one else has a scooby concerning what we are on about)

  7. Without checking anyone else’s lists so apologies for any duplications –

    Richard Thompson – Vincent Black Lightning 52
    James Taylor – Carolina on My Mind
    June Tabor (with Oysterband) – Bonny Bunch of Roses
    They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse In Your Soul
    T-Rex – Ride A White Swan
    Jake Thackray – The Statues
    The Kathryn Tickell Band – Hareshaw Burn
    The Troggs – Wild Thing
    KT Tunstall – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
    Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere
    Travelling Wilburys – Not Alone Any More
    Thomas Tallis – Spem in Alium

  8. Well have somehow managed to avoid duplications! Shocked to discover while searching for video that the Thomas Tallis is associated with Fifty Shades of Grey! That was NOT the reason for the choice! Resisted temptation to fill whole list with RT and Jake, and anyway could not have left out Carolina On My Mind. Or Roy Orbison singing with the Wilburys.

  9. Ty – Let’s Start
    The Tornadoes & Tyra Hammond – You Got Me Thinking
    The Transatlantics – I’ve Been Bad
    I Really Love You – The Tomangoes
    Lester Tipton – This Won`t Change
    Third Coast Kings – Just Move
    The Third Guitar – Baby Don’t Cry
    Kim Tamango – Not By Bread Alone
    Timebox – Beggin’ (Southport soul boys)
    Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde
    TV On The Radio – Dirty Whirl
    Torpedo Boyz – (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew (especially for Shane!)
    Toddla T Sound – Acid
    Too $hort – The Ghetto

    • Mil novecientos setenta …
      Mil novecientos setenta …
      Mil novecientos setenta …
      Mil novecientos setenta …

      Ana Tijoux added

      • Glad you like. It’s a big fave on my ever-increasing fave NS tunes. That’s a fine list you have there too. The two Thomas ladies, Tempests (heard before from you – gorgeous) Temps. Willie Tee. Toys. Felice Taylor is lovely and it was nice to hear the full original version of The Turtles. I’ve only ever heard it sampled in hip-hop/electronica. Ace list.

  10. Time for a T Break, then.

    So many options, and I know that there are people I will leave out or forget and I’ll regret it.

    However, let’s do this based on what I want to hear right at this minute, strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

    These are pretty much all Tried and Tested (getting the T’s in here) old favourites

    So, here goes;

    The The-This Is The Day
    James Taylor – Fire And Rain
    Traffic – (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired
    Talk Talk – I Believe in You
    Television – Marquee Moon
    Talking Heads – Life During Wartime
    Throwing Muses – Counting Backwards
    Trees – Lady Margaret
    Travis & Fripp – Soaring and Gliding
    Tangerine Dream — Phaedra
    Robin Trower – Bridge Of Sighs
    Richard & Linda Thompson – Calvary Cross (live version)
    This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren

    Carole has a T break

    • Actually, my Robin Trower track isn’t Bridge of Sighs, it is Too Rolling Stoned. I seem to have had a braindead while I was typing up my list.

    • Phaedra’s a really good call, Carole, though I think when push comes to shove, Stratosfear is my fave TD album.

      • yep, and 8 tracks too, which i used to make from my car. Apparently you can rip mp3s from vinyl now, but i don’t dnow about casette and 8 track. But what do i know. Recently i’ve concluded that i need a smartphone. So i go to the Apple store in Cambridge.

        me – hi, i’m a late adopter and i’ve decided i need an iPhone5, of course right before the 6 is supposed to come out. I really just want it for the camera though. Which version do i need, and what are my plan options? I want to buy it upfront, but dunno about plans, my family is already filled up on friends and family, so i’m on my own here.

        Apple guy – (shows me like 5 different phone companies and plans)

        me – Which is the least evil?

        Apple guy – (kind of laughs, and then remains silent)

        me – so they’re basically all evil then. So that’s settled.

        Apple guy – yeah. And it would end up being around $125 / month, and you’re basically on the hook for it too, for 2 years.

        me – ok, my income is not stable enough yet for me to commit to that yet, (and i think it’s bullshit anyway), so for now i’ll stick with the DSLR i finally late adopted a few years ago after they essentially discontinued slide processing. And my dumbphone. Old age sucks.

        Apple guy – Feel your pain. They brought poloroid film back, and you can’t believe what it costs for a single sheet of film.

      • Made me laugh! Yes, you can convert cassettes to .mp3 but not sure if it’s worth it, even if they’re cleaned up, the sound will be pretty rough (I’ve a couple of hundred cassettes and they’re almost all home-taped). I still have a cassette player.

        Young Munday has just run up a big bill with iTunes, so I’m not a fan of Apple right now – I know it’s not their fault but this is 2nd month in a row I’ve trusted him with my Apple ID and it’s gonna have to stop. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was music but it’s cr*ppy video game rip-off stuff on X-Box. Grrr.

      • blessedly i haven’t gone the gamer route. Count your blessings, young Mundy may have had crap taste in music he would have subjected you to. even if just to be rebellious. I’m horrified at the crap i hear in the mall stores – like, wtf is this shit? They’re smart, it keeps old farts like me out of the likes of Abercrombie.

    • This Mortal Coil and Trees dondage! I keep forgetting how much I like Trees, have you ever listened to Espers? A recent band with a sound that wouldn’t exist without the former band, I think.

  11. Tiny Tim – Living in the sunlight
    The Turtles – She’d rather be with me
    Tomorrow – My white bicycle
    The Temptations – Psychedelic shack
    Television Personalities – Part time punks
    Ten Pole Tudor – Who killed Bambi ?
    Tamurapan – “My” ( ぼくの)
    Tokyo Karankoron-Girl Jump (少女ジャンプ)
    T Rex – Hot Love
    The TIng Tings- That’s not my name
    Talking Heads – I wish you wouldn’t say that
    Thai Shotgun Casette- ?
    Them – Hey girl

    Can be heard here – http://tinyurl.com/op9uyvq

    • Yay for Tiny Tim, the kids learned ukulele last year and we listened to him quite a lot, got accidentally disturbed by internet searches for him which brought up a photo of him in his coffin with the uke!

  12. 🙂
    tindersticks – seaweed
    television – venus
    toy – my heart skips a beat
    triffids – stolen property
    the the – i’ve been waiting for tomorrow all of my life
    throwing muses – vicky’s box
    teardrop explodes – second head
    twilight sad – don’t look at me
    tool – hush
    tar – altoids, anyone?
    titus andronicus – richard II
    that petrol emotion – fleshprint
    this mortal coil – 16 days/gathering dust

    van Ts

  13. I think the only ones I’d add to the several tracks from each of Richard & Linda T, T Heads, T Muses and T raffic above would be Mo Tucker and, for nostalgic purposes, The Turtles’ Happy Together and The Tornados’ Telstar.

    Incidentally, Throwing Muses (with Tanya Donelly!) are playing in Manchester in September (in addition to several other places, no doubt). Anyone fancy that?

  14. Ali Farka Touré – Soya – (Love Ali Farka Touré);
    Irma Thomas (with Dr John) – Be You (An earworm but can’t remember whose, sorry);
    John Tams & Linda Thompson – Somewhere the Sun is Shining / Hold Back the Tide (BOGOF);
    June Tabor – Bonny May – (Don’t think this is a duplicate?);
    Richard Thompson – King of Bohemia – (Sob);
    Rokia Traoré – Aimer – (Another beautiful earworm, was it from Bish??);
    Sandi Thom (with Joe Bonamassa) – This Ol’ World – (thanks Tin);
    Steve Tilston – Green Toothed Gardener / Normandy Day / Rain All Around – (Can’t decide which);
    Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (Sorry if duplicated, it’s good);
    Tarras – Rising – (From a compilation CD, I know nothing more about them);
    Ten Years After – I Woke Up This Morning – (classic);
    Tir Na Nog – Two White Horses – (Old favourite);
    Travis – Sing – (Always had a ‘thing’ for Fran Healy);
    Toto – Rosanna – (dug this out for DsD’s ’80s list and can’t get it out of my head now).


    Martin Tingvall – En Stjarna Faller – (Beautiful earworm from Debby but I can’t upload it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTu2KszU7Cw)

  15. Television – Venus de Milo
    T Rex – Raw Ramp
    Talking Heads – Love goes to Building on Fire
    Ten City – That’s the Way Love Is
    Thin Lizzy – The Cowboy Song
    Turntable Orchestra – You’re Gonna Miss Me
    Temptations – Just My Imagination
    Tindersticks – City Sickness
    Telekinesis – Foreign Room
    Peter Tosh – Downpressor Man
    TV Personalities – Part Time Punks
    Them – Gloria
    Tenpole Tudor – Judy Annual

    Have tried to avoid duplication but sometimes it’s impossible !!

    • duplication is fine in this game – it’s just as interesting to see what comes out on ‘top’ as an artists ‘most favoured’ track by listeners or if they have a lot of different top tunes.

      Talking Heads are getting quite a spread of tunes.

      • Well, i would have chosen the same Talk Talk as the others, but they have more than just one good tune and sometimes you have to pick your battles and step aside. And i have maybe an unfair advantage as this tends to come up at a yank-friendly time.

  16. .

    Elastic bands T playlist of top trumps

    psycho killer Talking heads
    Heartland The The
    Fish Throwing Muses
    It’s Because… We’ve Got Hair Tunng
    War Tones on Tail
    Hell Is Round The Corner Tricky
    Today Talk Talk
    Insistor Tapes ‘n Tapes
    Brown Eyes Tender Trap
    Bag of Hammers Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
    Elvis These New Puritans
    Wear You Out TV On The Radio
    Vampires Thievery Corporation

    grrrrrrrrrrr tsk tsk I ran out of space for these TOP TOP ‘T Bands’:

    Switch Amon Tobin
    Kangaroo This Mortal Coil
    unemployed in the summertime Emiliana Torrini
    Bust a Move Tone Loc
    Cler Achel Tinariwen
    Selfish Gene Jimi Tenor / Tony Allen
    Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (Lulu Rouge Feat. Abdullah Trentemoller
    Tall Cans In The Air Transplants
    Kennedy Toquiwa
    “Would You …?” Touch & Go
    99.974 Tricot
    Red Hankierchiefs Trwbador

      • Show is ongoing until the 8th June – the weather has not helped – we’ve had flash floods for the past two days… and as we are in a field of a Manor in the middle of the countryside; it doesn’t help ‘punters’/I mean ‘art aficionados’ come and experience the joy that is the soggy artists collective.
        I’ve sold a big piece though – so it’s paid for my expenses and for me to produce more – so I’m happy… taking a day off today as I needed to pick up tee shirts (that are wanted and ordered). So yeah – good for me so far – not sure about anyone else*

        * I DIDN’T evolve into a self centred, late night, lonely artists, because I cared for anyone else. So; ya boo sucks to them****.

        ****this might not be strictly true (as I’ve worked my socks off to get this exhibition sorted for everyone) but that might ruin my egoistic reputation.

      • i did notice the sold thing on that image, big congrats and good for you! Definite bummer about the weather though. It was 47 deg here today (that’s 8.3333 C) and i had to work an outdoor job all day.

    • elvis – great song. i couldn’t decide which new puritans song to include so decided on none.

      i like insistor as well. i persuaded a couple of mates to see T&T once on the strength of that track, but it seemed to be more of a jamming session than a gig.

  17. Tommorrow Claremont Lake ( b-side of white bicycle)
    Robin Trower little bit of sympathy
    Tom Tom Club genius of love
    Talking Heads cross-eyed & painless
    Teardrop Explodes reward
    Tangerine Dream ricochet
    Thin Lizzy whiskey in the jar or black boys on the corner
    T Rex children of the revolution
    Traffic hole in my shoe ..or a song of theirs
    television little jimmy jewel

    Other mentions
    Travelling Wilbury’s
    first newly formed punk band in liverpool, i did see the teardrops & bunnies debuts but i think Those Naughty Lumps beat them to it .. very tall singer is all i remember
    Ko Kop Taylor original of some presley thing poss hound dog
    ( t’pau china in your hands ),

  18. Possibly even more mainstream than usual (and doubtless donding half of everyone else’s lists):

    Teenage Fanclub: Ain’t That Enough
    The Trash Can Sinatras: Twisted and Bent
    Ike and Tina Turner: River Deep Mountain High
    The Teardrop Explodes: Pure Joy
    Justin Timberlake: SexyBack
    The Thompson Twins: You Take Me Up
    TLC: Unpretty
    Tracey Thorn: Here It Comes Again
    This Mortal Coil: Song to the Siren
    The Triffids: Trick of the Light
    Take That: Back For Good
    The Travelling Wilburys: Handle With Care
    Travis: Driftwood

      • awww. and dond for the Wilburys, and of course i forgot Ike and Tina, (and Tina Solo.) Gotta be Nutbush for me though.

        • Incidentally, have you seen that Pitchfork are advance-streaming the new Bob Mould, Amy? Some great Husker Du-esque/Sugary tracks there. On first listen, I was particularly taken with “I Don’t Know You Anymore”.

      • no i haven’t, i’ll try to have a listen, thanks. I’ve been dipping into FB for family messages, and otherwise usually only see the top post on my stream so i haven’t kept up.

  19. I am a silly ! I entirely forgot Jun Togawa, possibly my favourite Japanese artist of all time !
    So here’s a bonus Jun listette.
    1. Suki Suki daisuki
    2.Angel Baby
    3.Tamahime Sama
    4.Far East comfort song
    5. Mushi no Onna


  20. Tina Turner: What’s Love Got to Do With It?
    Terraplane: Beginning of the End
    Thin Lizzy: Still In Love With You
    Talking Heads: Life During Wartime
    Ten Years After: Going Home
    Tangerine Dream: Phaedra
    Temptations: Papa Was A Rolling Stone (long version)
    Tricky: Black Steel
    Tesla: Little Suzi
    Shania Twain (I like Shania Twain…): That Don’t Impress Me Much
    Tindersticks: Marbles
    Tears for Fears: Pale Shelter
    Trwbador: Little Lights

    I seem to be overlapping more than usual…

    • The long version of Papa Was A Rolling Stone always brings back memories of being 15 or 16 and going to a pub called The Alexandra with my friends. That used to get played pretty much every Friday. We used to get all done up to the nines and never had any problem getting in.

  21. Here’s a little Teaser based on those I’ve left out or have already been nominated by others:

    Temple of The Dog, would have chosen Wooden Jesus but couldn’t find a suitable clip but donds to DsD for his choice.

    No William Topley because I couldn’t find a clip for Black River.

    Alfie suggested my Thin Lizzy and T-Rex tunes so they’ve not been invited to tea either.

    The final thirteen sitting down to Tea are a mixed bunch of love their work and one off’s.

    Ex Creed and Alter Bridge lead guitarist Mark Tremonti taking on lead vocals in his self named band: Tremonti with Leave It Alone.

    Thompson Twins and We Are Detective.

    I should like more of Talking Heads work but I really only like Little Creatures and Stop Making Sense so here’s my favourite track And She Was.

    My next suggestion a duo that are sadly overlooked is Turin Brakes and Pain Killer.

    This next one is my soppy one, saw Shania Twain in Las Vegas and this is an ‘our song’ type tune for Mrs L and I: You’re Still The One.

    A one off and probably the “best ever rock song” featuring Dave Grohl as the guitar playing devil: Tenacious D and Tribute.

    One from my stint on RRSA Whiskey: Richard and Linda Thompson with I’ll Regret It All In The Morning.

    A random find whilst scrolling from one video clip to the next was Tokyo Police Club, this is from their first album (Elephant Shell) and the only one I have: Listen to the Math.

    Next a “supergroup” it’s Josh, Dave and JPJ as Them Crooked Vultures with Caligulove.

    Another one off, Train and Drops of Jupiter.

    One of my all time best finds from RR. This was from Shakespeare week and it’s Frank Turner and I Still Believe.

    Another quasi “supergroup” but this time Gary Lightbody, Peter Buck, Richard Colburn and lots of other ‘famous’ people got together to form Tired Pony. Love them and this is That Silver Necklace.

    Final invitee is a Canadian ‘heavy metal’ group from the late 70’s early 80’s, Triumph and I Live For The Weekend. Don’t know what it was about Canadian bands of that time but Gil Moore is almost as good a drummer as Neal Peart (Rush).

    Sit down and pour your self a cup of char!

  22. The Templars – Out Of The Darkness
    Trotskids – Guele D’enfer
    Tower Blocks – Night On The City
    Threats – Politicians & Ministers
    Templars – Guardian Angel
    Trashcat – Nothing
    Terminal City Ricochet (aka The Inciters) – Police State
    Torcha Shed – Torture
    Templars – Gunrunner
    Terminal Heads – Simon Melville’s Face
    Thingy – Bod & The Chainsaw
    This System Kills – Reality TV
    Templars – These Four Walls

    • A few comments

      No apology for including 4 Templars tracks – I could have listed 13.

      I saw a band called Terminal City Ricochet a few years ago and picked up their CD-R. The Inciters seem to be them under an earlier name, and as far as I can tell it’s exactly the same recording as on the TCR demo, so I’m not cheating (unless I also list them for letter I …)

      Often the case that I can’t find the exact tracks I want, in the case of Torcha Shed I really wanted a track called Pacifist , it’s not on youtube , but this track off the b-side is! Good, just not as good

      Re the Thingy track – for those who didn’t grow up in the UK in the 70s Bod was a TV character aimed at young children. It never featured a chainsaw massacre as far as I can remember.

      French (Trotskids) and German bands (Tower Blocks) this time round – it’s as if my musical taste is subconciously rejecting UKIP,while acknowledging that the established parties are greedy scum by choosing Trashcat and The Threats.

      • Bod was deeply into the holistic interconnectedness of all things plus satori and peace – basically he is a little Buddhist – so Bod and the chainsaw is a very funny juxtaposition of imagery… were they intending to be that clever?

        ace track.

      • Glad you liked it. Some of them were previously in the Chineapple Punx who were also good fun. They were clever guys, whether they had thought about Bod in that much depth I can’t say!
        They only released one EP as Thingy, but it was full of minor classics such as Caring Sharing & Swearing, Dog Faced Dog, and Me & My Straight Edge Siamese Twin.

  23. Here’s my list today, Terrific tees

    1. Teardrop Explodes – Passionate Friend
    2. Telescopes – Perfect Needle
    3. Tindersticks – Another Night In
    4. Tubeway Army – Down in the Park
    5. Tones on Tails – Rain
    6. T Rex – Life’s a Gas (video with the terrible Cilla Black, but Marc looks hawt)
    7. Tyrannosaurus Rex – Salamanda Palaganda
    8. Tool – The Grude ( I only like the album Lateralus by them, but I like it a lot)
    9. Trauma Pet – You Cannot Feel This
    10. Terrorvision – Oblivion (disco floor filler!)
    11. Trees – Murdoch
    12.This Mortal Coil – Another Day
    13. Them Crooked Vultures – Mind Eraser, No Chaser

    Haven’t seen all these bands yet, I think it’s quite an eclectic selection, hope you enjoy

    • more tones on tail – yeah!

      I spent a stupidly long while listening to the bauhaus box set and then fond there was a Daniel Ash anthology too (so I ended up engulfed in that as well) – I’m still resisting the Love and Rockets set as they only really appealed to me in very small doses – (I think it just felt too ‘American’ for my tastes instead of the dark, damp and dank previous incarnations and spin-offs. ‘Rain’ was in my thoughts for the ToT choice – strangely enough, or NOT; as we are soaked in flash floods here.

      • I’m not a big fan of Love and Rockets either, but I do like Earth Sun Moon. Tones on Tail are ace though. Tempted by the Bauhaus box set, but I’ve already bought the Fields of the Nephilim one even though I have all of it already, so I must be good 🙂

    • Some nice stuff there, Beth! Donds for Teardrop Explodes, This Mortal Coil and Them Crooked Vultures, and Trees too, obviously.

      Tindersticks are such a YOU band, aren’t they?

      • what mournful deep vocals, violins and dark themes? Yeah, quite me really 😉

        Tones on Tail are a bit hit and miss, but I love that track.

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