Maria McKee – One Song At A Time


WOW! Did you see leaveitallbehind9‘s comment on this week’s Earworms? He says that my nomination of You Gotta Sin To Get Saved is only the third Maria McKee song he’s [knowingly] heard!!

Shoorly shome mishtake? No? OK then, your MMcK education starts here, Leavey.

One song each folks. **

Explanatory notes welcome, but links essential. YT, grooveshark, Spotty or a good ol’ public ‘Boxing all welcome, I think. (I’ll keep an eye on the thread to make sure it doesn’t get too unwieldy.)

I’ll start –

Leavey, you DO know another McKee tune, but not by her. Remember Feargal Sharkey’s solo No.1? Maria wrote it.

Maria McKee – A Good Heart


**  I reserve the right, as thread author, to post as many as I bloomin’ well want!!

27 thoughts on “Maria McKee – One Song At A Time

  1. Thank you to DsD for establishing his outreach programme for the musically disadvantaged 😉

    Up until recently I had only heard Show Me Heaven and then heard Drinkin’ in my Sunday Dress, which someone had dropped, was that you DsD furtively infiltrating my i-tunes library?

    Thank you all for educating me in MMcK’s repertoire; I didn’t realise she wrote A Good Heart and according to wiki The Dixie Chicks also covered one of her songs:Am I the Only One (Who’s Ever Felt This Way?)

    I admit that I’m lazy when it comes to appreciating who wrote what song and whether it’s a cover of someone else’s work so I feel that this might open up to something much bigger on future posts to encompass who did the better version of an original or who is the ‘unsung’ writer of a popular hit.

  2. I think my favourite of her albums is High Dive, so here’s Life Is Sweet/After Life from it (there’s also a version on the Life Is Sweet album – funnily enough – but that’s a bit spare for my liking):

  3. @ Leavey (and severin too, by the looks of it) –

    A short personal history: yes, Maria first came to my attention when Lone Justice‘s debut was picked up on by a couple of British DJs who, like me, were fed up of both synths, padded shoulders & hairspray (the UK music scene), and smack, spandex & hairspray (the US rock scene). It was a breath of fresh air. The follow-up was just as good, and hinted at Maria’s gentler songwriting skills, but then they broke up.
    I was lucky enough to spot Maria’s debut album on release, and it just blew me away. Songs like To Miss Someone and Panic Beach could bring a lump to even the most cynical of throats.
    I’ve been a fan ever since.
    She can rock – here’s a live version of Absolutely Barking Stars,
    and she can be heartbreakingly delicate – check out this version of Wichita Lineman (Curse you fools in the background of this audio, who couldn’t stop talking in the presence of musical perfection!)

    I’ve never seen her play live. That’s a major regret.
    Anyway, I hope we’ve converted you.

    • I’m glad someone (you!) mentioned Panic Beach – a genius song.

      I was very pleased when Suzi A-listed my nom of Breathe in Breathing week. I love that album to bits and that song and Panic Beach are probably my highlights.

    • Now I’ve been told she recorded Show Me Heaven I realise that I have heard at least one song by her. I must admit though that I don’t like it very much. Will get round to giving the others a listen though as I quite enjoyed that earworm.

      • Hmmm. Don’t let Show Me Heaven put you off. I admit I love it, but it is very …um… polished, shall we say?
        If you liked Y.G.S.T.G.S., start with Wait Til We Get Home and Ways To Be Wicked from the above tunes, both from Lone Justice before they broke up, then bring yourself down gently from there. Leave Wichita Lineman til last.

  4. Point of trivia (for non-fans): Maria is the half-sister of Bryan Maclean from Love, who wrote “Alone Again Or”.

    This kind of blows my mind.

    • I put this on RRSA Jesus

      My favourite Maria McKee song is You Are the Light. I Found Love comes a close second. She’s equal parts rock goddess and hell and damnation preacher, especially when playing live. Absolutely Barking Stars!

  5. That is rather mind-blowing.

    My piece of trivia is that “Real Gone Kid” by Deacon Blue is apparently about her.

    Anyway, I only know a handful of her songs that have dropped into the box over the years, so am looking forward to going through this thread.

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