Am I Being Followed?


No, but I do seem to have picked up a hitch-hiker who seems determined to send me on an alternate route:

This is the way DarceysDad wants to send me across the great USA:

Richmond Fontaine – Laramie, Wyoming, which is a beautifully sad tale with a simple acoustic guitar tune.

Moving on, Utah is, amongst other things, the home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, i.e. the Mormons. So let’s get some 70s cheesy-[grin]-rock with those toothy family smilers, The Osmonds – Crazy Horses.

Any mention of the late Warren Zevon yet? From Colerado, we can have Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, which is rather more upbeat than the excellent film of the same name.

I’m going to cheat with New Mexico in order to vary the sounds nominated; let’s have Jah Wobble – New Mexico Dub.

Ah, Texas. All those jokes and clichés about its size. OK, I’ll use that as an excuse to justify two songs instead of one, both – unusually – attempting some infusion of self-deprecating humour.
Lyle Lovett – That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas) and, from the Tarantino/Rodriguez flick From Dusk Till Dawn Jon Wayne – Texas Funeral.

I have an ace rocker as a counter to Broooce: The Deep Vibration – Oklahoma City Woman Blues.

Can I be forgiven just a little border-blurring in order to shoehorn in a double-scorer?

Kansas – Cheyenne Anthem. After all, the original native Americans had no such formal borders, so the Cheyenne certainly had much of Kansas in their territory.

Up into Nebraska now, whose largest city is sung about by another DsD fave: Damian Jurado – Omaha

Typing ‘Dakota’ into my music collection as a wordsearch is a nightmare because of all the Dakota Suite I own, none of which is relevant in this context.

So for the more southern of the two states, let’s have:

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee but for the northern version< I’m really struggling (and have to go out in a minute), so let’s stretch a coincidental name to breaking point: Bruce Springsteen – Badlands.

This collaboration was brought to you by Darceysbeenleftbehind Productions and is a repost of DsD’s comment on Wyoming to The Dakotas.

11 thoughts on “Am I Being Followed?

    • Hope you don’t mind a newby to RR and Spill Blog putting ‘my two cents’ in.
      A suggestion for a song for Utah

      Train To Utah – by Patrick Karnahan
      Written for the Black Irish Band album:
      ‘Hear the Lonesome Whistle Blow’

      • Hi. New blood is most welcome and thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps you can follow this week’s trip and suggest some alternate tunes from Minnesota to Wisconsin.

        Would appreciate knowing who “anon” is over on The Mothership (RR)

  1. Got to tell you, this hitch-hiker knows his music.

    That’s a most enjoyable journey this morning with several knew to me artists.

    Opening with a tale of another hitch-hiker leaving home in Idaho and heading East to his Aunt’s place in Laramie, Wyoming and spending 3 weeks in a juvenile centre on the way, you be careful DsD!

    The Osmonds, well Utah was always a difficult state to find a song for, so well done with that connection.

    Warron Zevon’s instructions on what you can do in Denver could put this in contention for this week’s RRSA Taxis, up to you!

    The ‘new to me’ Jah Wobble’s New Mexico Dub definitely conjured up pictures of the mesa landscape.

    Big change with Lyle and That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas), good tune.

    Jon Wayne, new to me and according to wiki-lies this is a group made up of session musicians, the album Texas Funeral has several other ‘Texas’ inspired tunes: Texas Jailcell, Texas Cyclone, Texas Wine, Texas Polka, hmm interesting. But what really gets me is why DsD didn’t nominate this when I was in the chair for RRSA Whiskey?

    The Deep Vibration, well another new to me and well, brilliant, going to have to explore them some more. Great opening guitar, good voice to boot. Me likey 🙂

    That is such a ‘progtastic’ track from Kansas, really, really enjoyed that; had elements of Tull, Yes and American AOR bands, brilliant.

    Omaha, that’s a nice mellow tune before hitting us with the angst ridden Buffy Saint Marie and the plight of land grabbing from the Native Americans for minerals and energy.

    Great finish even if stretching it a little, but you can’t argue with a decent track from the Boss, whichever state you’re in.

  2. Well, let’s face it, Leavey, you did ask for alternates in your first week of this thread. And I was enthused by the idea, so you got my responses. I get the feeling next week might be a little more difficult though.

    Re Warren Zevon & RRSA Taxis – hadn’t made the connection, and think I’ve already chucked in enough tangentials to last me a while. I’m more concerned with why the mp3 file is such poor wobbly sound quality. Must go and reimport the CD immediately.

    Re Texas Funeral & RRSA Whisky – didn’t I? That was a missed opportunity. Although, as I remember it, I think I did pretty well with getting songs listed anyway that week.

    Re The Deep Vibration – sorry, mate, can’t help. That’s the only song I have, from a compilation of artists playing at the 2009 SxSW Festival.

    Off now to see if I can prise the TV remote away from my BGT-watching wife and kids, and put the England/Honduras match on …


    • Best of luck with that, removing the remote control that is.

      Your recollection is right about whisky: two A’s and a B; Slobberbone and Lanegan for the A and Nazareth on the B.

      Tomorrow’s trip across ten states or so has some interesting tunes.

      Enjoy the footie.

  3. Late to this party.

    Already knew Warren, Buffy, (which i love – Buffy Still pick of the set) and Brucie, but that’s a long way from a Brucefave. Never heard of Damien Jurado, but that was lovely, sounded a bit like Neil Young. Shocked to find i really liked the Osmonds. If that Kansas song was on the album with Dust in the Wind, i actually had it but don’t remember it. I liked it up until it decided it wanted to be a film score. Could have done without the John Wayne and the Lyle Lovett (much as i love his voice) though. Thanks kids!

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