Minnesota to Wisconsin


The Spoonbridge and Cherry is a key piece in the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Designed by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, his wife and collaborator. The spoon weighs in at 5,800 pound and the cherry 1,200 and has become an icon.

I promised you some alternative music genres this week and our first taste is a very early recording from Green Day and Minnesota Girl.

From Californian punk to some ‘hard core’ metal and none other than Slipknot and the song about their home state Iowa.

Sara Evans may well be Missing Missouri but Bruce’s Mary Queen of Arkansas is a very unusual song with several references to circus acts and running off to Mexico.

Heading in to the ‘deep south’ there’s only one type of music we’ll be playing down here and that’s some Louisiana Blues courtesy of Muddy Waters.

I was going to stay with the blues in Mississippi but I heard this next song over on The Mothership during RRSA Locks and hope you enjoy Jim White’s Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi as much as i did.

To make this journey work we need to side-step to Alabama (Hi SHA), but we’re not going to have the obvious tune but John Mayall’s Alabama Blues.

Chris, it’s Tennessee next: had several Johnny Cash tunes waiting in the wings but thought I’d proffer something a little different from Frank Turner, though I’ll include an extra track from the Dead just for you.

The next state is known to me for two reasons; the Kentucky Derby and a fried chicken fast food outlet! Neil Diamond though has a Kentucky Woman.

It’s the Everly Brothers taking us for a tour through Illinois next and then Bon Iver on our final stop this week in Wisconsin the home of Harley Davidson motorcyles.



22 thoughts on “Minnesota to Wisconsin

  1. Marvellous! Just got to work (outdoors today and it’s unexpectedly glorious weather so far – fingers crossed!) so the alternative route will have to wait, but I’m delighted to see you’ve left me plenty of roads to choose from. Expect some Cajun, some bluegrass and some Karin Bergquist. Oh, and quite possibly royalty!!!

    Right, work. Forget the car, it’s time to put your best foot forward …

  2. What a sweetie you are, liab!
    And there’s a food connection to link in to Kentucky. Tennessee Jed was the cowboy star of a radio show aired on WWVA in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1945/6, sponsored by Tip-Top Bread (‘When you get up you better butter my bread’). The chicken sandwich in sound!

  3. Ooh, i AM going to make time to listen to this later, i have some editing to do and it will go perfectly i’m sure. Looking forward to some Mayall, Dead, Muddy Waters, and Frank Turner. Don’t believe i’ve ever heard that Brucie either.

    First thoughts – Mississippi Goddamn, Arrested Development’s Tennessee (on my A list from last week). I’m guessing that Neil Young is the obvious Alabama, unless there’s a Skynyrd tune or something. Mountain’s Mississippi Queen. Minnesota has coughed up some heavy hitters – Dylan, my Purple Friend, the Time, Husker Du, the Replacements, Babes in Toyland just for starters. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are some pickings there. Louisiana – well, Arlo’s City of New Orleans, House of the Rising Sun, and Dr. John.

  4. For me the “obvious” Alabama tune is by John Coltrane… though it’s not at all obvious for the current crop of RR’ers or Spillers, which is why nobody mentioned it for “RR songs about funerals”. May1366 might have or Ejaydee, if they had still been active.

    The solo Coltrane plays in the original version is based on the intonation and rhythm of Martin Luther King’s funeral oration following the Birmingham bombings. A powerful, uplifting piece of music.

    John Coltrane- Alabama

  5. Eesh. That’s taken a while: here’s my playlist for the journey this week. No explanations here; I’m doing my own chores this week, and will put up the Stalk….er….Alternative Route thread shortly.

    John Prine – Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone.
    William Elliott Whitmore – South Lee County Brew.
    Dolorean – Hannibal, MO.
    Tony Joe White – They Caught the Devil and Put Him in Jail in Eudora, Arkansas.
    Professor Longhair – Tipitina.
    Grant Lee Buffalo – Dixie Drug Store.
    William Topley – Magnolia.
    Olu Dara – Rain Shower.
    Drive-By Truckers – The Three Great Alabama Icons / Wallace.
    Elvis Presley – That’s All Right.
    Marc Cohn – Walking In Memphis.
    Little Feat – Dixie Chicken.
    Steve Earle & Del McCoury Band – Harlan Man.
    Th’Legendary Shack Shakers – Something In The Water.
    UFO – Lights Out
    (MUST be the SITN live version).
    Live – Pillar Of Davidson.

    1. No Karin Bergquist – We didn’t get to Ohio yet. My mistake.

    2. I’ve driven myself INSANE trying and failing to find the song in my collection that includes the line “…round here green sorghum and cotton are king…”
    Rock guitar sound, slow-paced, deepish voice, but deffo not Lanegan, Cooley or Fisher.
    Help me please!

      • Thanks Amy, but on my way home from work in the car, I’ve just had the mother of all headslap moments, and a certain RR/Spiller mother must be laughing her socks off.
        The verse is actually

        But soon I’ll plant seed alongside my queen
        Around here green sorghum and cotton are king
        I once had a house here with gates in the back
        Now I’d rather drink whiskey alone in my shack

        and is from The In & Outlaws’ Gray Burn Pile Day
        And no wonder the lyrics sites were all failing to turn it up.

  6. ok, i finally got here. Never did get to edit yesterday, had good light and shot some 700 frames instead, so today i’m paying the price for that.

    That was a truly fine list, Leavey. Only ones i knew were the Dead and Neil Diamond. Surprisingly to me, my least favorites were the swampy blues tunes – Mayall and Muddy Waters. But Mayall did remind me that i forgot about this one –

    I loved the Brucie. Never heard of Jim White, and i loved that one too. I’ve loved every Frank Turner I’ve heard – probably first from Shane, and maybe Ali, Suzi, and my son (AIP). That one was no exception. Thanks much! Now i’m off to catch up with your stalker.

    • Cheers amylee, would love to see some of your pictures if you’d care to show them to a wider audience?

      Always happy to have a tune from Jim Morrison but didn’t know you liked Frank T so much; he was a self discovered one back when we did Shakespeare only to find out he’s a local lad to me and I love his style of song writing.

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