elastic bands – this week: E


Everything starts with a eeerrrrmmm… world in motion***?
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

I will post a letter of the alphabet
all BANDS or ARTISTS must begin with that letter.
Artists letter is determined by the letter at the beginning of their SURNAME (if they use it) – ignore the use of ‘The’ in a bands name.
up to 13 songs are allowed – fewer if you wish.
All can be the same artist if that represents you perfectly or all the same genre.
Just make them great tunes.

Make a youtube playlist (if you wish) and link to it – just link to it – don’t overload the thread.

Cut and paste the band names and tracks (in a joyous list style) in the comments.
Then we can chat about the choices – add some waffle if you wish (about how narrow or varied those choices are) … but above all, have fun.
“we are together in – synergy”
***find out what New Order wanted to call the track.


128 thoughts on “elastic bands – this week: E

  1. Was beginning to panic there; thought you’d forgotten us!

    Be back later with some “easy” listening that will include: Editors, The Enemy, The Everly Brothers, Steve Earle, Eagles, ELO, possibly Elbow and definitely Evanescence and more than likely Echo & The Bunnymen.

    • I was rushing to get it ready last night, but when I uploaded the image into the media file, I found a few pictures that hadn’t yet been used by anyone in an article. I didn’t want to blot out their piece in the avalanche of E songs so didn’t set it to go. But as it hasn’t turned up yet I couldn’t leave it any longer just in case people were itching to get going…

  2. The letter “E”, well, maybe this will be Easy, maybe not. Let’s see.

    Only one place to start, I think, with Electronic, and I am going to cheat by having Brian Eno twice, once on his own and the other time with David Byrne.

    Overall, a bit of a mixed bag, which is Eclectic with a capital “E”.

    Electronic – Getting Away With It
    Brian Eno -St Elmo’s Fire
    Echo and the Bunnymen – Going Up
    Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine
    Brian Eno & David Byrne – Mea Culpa
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Lucky Man
    Eurythmics – Who’s That Girl?
    Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On
    Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland
    Pee Wee Ellis – At Last
    The Eagles – Ol ’55
    Lorraine Ellison – Stay With Me (Baby)
    Everything But The Girl – Missing

    Carole’s on an E

    • I couldn’t resist some Echo and the Bunnymen so we are similar there, considered Explosions in the Sky, they have some interesting sounds and donds to the Eurythmics, I was going to put in Here Comes the Rain Again, but I don’t like the video. Forgot Eno and Byrne oops!

    • I never took to Eurythmics, but Who’s That Girl would probably be the one i like best. Actually forgot all about it.

    • Two of mine in there: Your Hand In Mine (did a Spill post all on that song once, I think – it was the song I had on mental AND physical repeat play when I was sat at DsMam’s hospital bedside scared shitless when she had pneumonia) and Lorraine’s Stay With Me (which I’m proud to say I got zedded).

      There’ll deffo be some Eels and some Elbow in mine, as well as some early 90s funk-metal. Just got in from work to a large list of domestic chores: back this eve, I hope.

  3. Tough letter! Very few big rtj faves here, and honestly very few that would have made any list of mine if it wasn’t such a tight letter. And some single songs i like by bands that i’m otherwise meh about. Starts out with a big clutch of faves though, later some post-rock chill, and some queso.

    Eels – Mr E’s Beautiful Blues
    Echo and the Bunnymen – Lips Like Sugar
    E Street Band – Rosalita
    Earth, Wind, and Fire – Shining Star
    Missy Elliott – Work It
    Eminem – My Name Is
    ELO – Can’t Get It Out of my Head
    ELP – Lucky Man
    Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent) (or anything from Apollo, really)
    Eluvium – Amreik
    Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine
    Sheena Easton – You Could Have Been WIth Me
    Yvonne Elliman – I Don’t Know How to Love Him (but there’s a cracking disco tune too)
    Eagles – Desperado

    List to follow.

    • You’ve taken my favouritist Echo and the Bunnymen song, that’ll teach me note to call out the tune from the off 😦

      Big donds for that and The Eagles.

      Off to rethink my list now that two of my “choices” have been nabbed between you and Carole.

      • remember this is not RR – it’s NOT first come, first serve, on songs –

        If your list is exactly the same was another players – that’s just as fascinating as how diverse we are as listeners – I set this up as an interesting experiment to see whom overlapped in taste as well as how diverse we all are as a group.
        So don’t worry about re-thinking – go with favourites.

    • Bugger! There’s my first thought Eels nom, and a repeat for Your Hand In Mine.
      Eluvium! Good call. Will add that to the pencil pre-list.

      • it occurred to me much later after the fact that i could have put in some Euphoria too – semi-twee but lovely Japanese post-rock. I can bung the album (Eternal Gift From the Moment) to anyone interested – i believe i downloaded it legally. It’s otherwise tough to find – like only on iTunes or Amazon Japan or something.

      • you’ll have to give me some time – i have my box disabled. It got to be a pita, and i had karma twinges when arguing for copyright law with idiots on CiF. I’ll try to email it to you first.

      • ok, the email thing isn’t going to work, so i’m trying to get them in the box. It seems like it’s going to take hours? I think something is fubar’d. Hopefully i’ll get them in there.

        I think i got the songs when they offered them for free on their website when they (i think) packed it in with Euphoria – they started a new group called Organic Stereo, which is really lovely too. I don’t have that one tough.

        On an unrelated note, posters for this are all over – is this your team?


      • Amy,
        I’ve picked up what you Dropped, ta. Not sure when I’ll get to listen, mind!
        And yes, that’s my (and webby & Beltway’s) team. That game is a pre-season cashcow “friendly” (i.e. doesn’t count in a player’s official stats). It’s because we’re owned by John Henry & Tom Warner, the Red Sox owners. Would love to be there, but never gonna happen.

      • I did see that they were owned by Fenway Corp. Hopefully they’re not as evil as the Glazers. Dunno how the yanks would take, say, your Saints owned by some random Russian oligarchs. Or the queen.

      • I do have to laugh when i see calls for nationalization of UK utilities and natural resources. I would have been delighted to not have to pay my electric bill to Nat’l Grid, would love to get BP out of our gulf, and the queen out of our mines 🙂

        If you ever do get to beantown, i’m here for you. Still a shame i missed the family Immel last year.

      • I thought it was maybe time to switch banks from the evil B of A earlier this year, so i did some research and shopping around. Checked out (can’t remember if it was Citizen’s or People’s) only to find they were bought out by RBS, so decided to stick with the evil i knew.

  4. Eels, some individual Everleys and Eurythmics, a couple of Eno/Byrnes from Bush Of Ghosts and Eno/Cales from Wrong Way Up, and Eleventh Dream Day’s El Moodio in its entirety.

  5. Well now I’ve scared everyone else, here is my youtube listeeze
    (yes I have got the Kasabian song stuck in my head, even though I don’t like them)
    I resisted making it all Einstürzende Neuabuten, even though they are my second favourite band and I love them an absurd amount, so you get some other stuff no one will want to ever hear again too, aren’t you lucky?
    1. Eat Static – Hallucinate
    2. Einstürzende Neubauten – Let’s do it a dada (band name shortened to EN thereafter)
    3. Echo & the Bunnymen – All My Colours
    4. EN – Sand
    5. Eskimo Joe – Black Fingernails, Red Wine
    6.EN – Der Kuss
    7. Espers – Byss and Abyss
    8.EN – Seele Brennt
    9. Entwine -Lost Within
    10. EN- Ein Stuhl in der Hölle (live 1990)
    11. Empyrium – The Shepherd and the Maiden Ghost
    12. Every New Dead Ghost – Decadence
    13. Elusive – Lost in the Rain

  6. At the risk of garnering even more indifference than usual here is a list-

    We start at the zoo with the Exciters- Tell him, I love the song and the video is fantastic, want to see 60s “stars” singing to advice to a bear ? You got it.
    Thence to the Everly Brothers and one of their simplest yet finest numbers When will I be loved ? they ask. Good question.
    Next up a lovely Dylanesque take by Roky Erickson of his You don’t love me yet, a confusingly romantic song that quotes Shakespeare.
    Somewhat different is Japanese electronica lady Eel with Hungry Panda, drawing on techno and crazy in an interesting way.
    Sounding lower than fi and hailing from China Dear Eloise ( I know it’s cheating but I was a bit short of e’s) with Hello Hello ( not the track I would have chosen but the others aren’t available for rent) . Scuzzy
    The mighty Prunes ( Electric variety) throb into view with Get me to the world on Time, a Bo Diddly kind of a thing with extra added wobbles.
    More electricity, this time from Electric Six and their classic Gay Bar, rude and funny, what more can one ask ?
    Eek ! A Mouse and Ganja Smuggling has long been cherished by me, mainly for it’s somewhat daft “riddly bong” lyrics.
    Electric Eels, dangerous creatures and a lively early “punk” band from Cleveland who released this on Rough Trade BITD.
    Brian Eno toddles in next with a fondly loved single Seven Deadly Finns, his first post Roxy release , unlikely to be heard in airports.
    The Ethiopians – Everything crash is an early reggae classic from a group that went on to become loved by the punks of London in 1977.
    Ebisu Muscats offer a Banana Mango High School cheese fest …what’s that you say…yes they are in their undies and they do look familiar….it’s not many groups that are entirely composed of AV “actors”, this one is.
    Last up and blowing any sense of credibility out of the water, unashamedly prog
    Emerson Lake and Palmer – Hoedown.
    Yes, even as a retired punk I still maintain a certain fondnest for the music of my early teens.

    Link here http://tinyurl.com/my3we73

  7. The Embers – I’m Crazy ‘Bout You Baby.
    Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.
    Everly Brothers – Down In The Willow Garden (A.K.A. Rose Connolly).
    Easybeats – Friday On My Mind.
    Enchanters – I Paid For The Party.
    Epitome Of Sound – You Don’t Love Me.
    Electric Flag – Killing Floor.
    Exciters – Reaching For The Best.
    Eddie And Ernie – I’m Goin’ For Myself.
    Eclection – Nevertheless.
    Betty Everett – Unlucky Girl.
    Ludovico Einaudi – I Giorni.
    Edward Elgar – Cello Concerto 1st Movement (but it is brilliant from start to finish!).

  8. In no particular order:

    The Exciters: Tell Him (I’m with ‘Ubu – pop doesn’t get much better than this)
    Missy Elliott: Pass That Dutch (best sound effects evah)
    Earl Brutus: The SAS and the Glam That Goes With It (raucous, riotous, brilliant)
    Beatrice Eli: Girls (my track of the year so far)
    Electribe 101: Talking With Myself (why wasn’t Billie Ray Martin a bigger star?)
    Eighth Wonder: I’m Not Scared (Patsy Kensit’s finest hour – maybe not such an accolade but still)
    Eurythmics: Love Is A Stranger (before Annie found charity and they blanded out)
    Erasure: Sono Luminus (one day their genius will be acknowledged)
    Everything But The Girl: We Walk The Same Line (so many to choose from but this one moves me)
    Echo & The Bunnymen: My Kingdom (I never tire of this tune)
    Electronic: Forbidden City (there’s not a hope when you’re in this kind of mood…)
    Steve Earle with Lucinda Williams: You’re Still Standing There (rollicking, life-affirming)
    Elbow: One Day Like This (it had to be really)

      • The “Sweet Dreams” album soundtracked my early to mid-adolescence, so I could easily have chosen “This City Never Sleeps” too (although I was actually swithering more between my ultimate choice and “I Could Give You (A Mirror)”, which I think still sounds breathtaking).

      • I think I picked that track up from my brother, who’s more rootsy musically than me. But it could equally have been one of youse lot!

  9. Unlike last week this was a real struggle

    Eddie and the Hot Rods – Get Out of Denver (live)
    Eels – Susan’s House
    Elbow – Fugitive Motel
    Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look any Further
    Eno – Baby’s On Fire
    Steve Earle – Way Down in the Hole (thanks to The Wire!)
    Earth Wind and Fire – Let’s Groove
    Echobelly – I Can’t Imagine the World Without Me
    EPMD – So Wha Cha Saying
    Everly Bros – Cathy’s Clown
    ELO – 10538 Overture
    Electric Six – Danger High Voltage

    • E & the HRs – Get out of Denver. I think I’ve got that live rendition on an EP or a B-Side or summat. Must rummage through the vinyl again when I get home. Lydon sneered at them for being “a covers band” but they were dynamite live at that point.

  10. that’s about 13 – missing out on Enigma – mea culpa – shucks!

    E-Z PossE tunes

    Wayward Song The Earlies
    Superstar in France – East River Pipe
    This City Never Sleeps Eurythmics
    Fitting In With The Misfits E!E
    Get the Message – Electronic
    Step off – ESG
    A Love Bizarre – Sheila E
    Between John & Yoko Easy

    Tasmanian Pain Coaster – El-p
    Good Morning, Hypocrite Electric President
    Rädda Hjärtat Elifantree
    Café Del Mar (Three ‘N One Mix) Energy 52
    Drop The Other – Emika
    Low – Endless Blue
    Rad Pitt Egyptian Hip hop
    Going to Marrakesh – The Extra Glenns

    • This City Never Sleeps was almost my choice from The Eurythmics. It reminds me of a long ago time when I lived in West London.

    • I think Sheila is the best of the Purple Protogees. Better than Sheena E. (although DsD ight pick Wendy and Lisa). And let’s not go there with Vanity.

      • Sheila was already a respected drummer, wasn’t she? – it was more an obsession of Princes to get her involved:
        Sheila made her recording debut with jazz bassist Alphonso Johnson on “Yesterday’s Dream” in 1976. By her early twenties she had already played with George Duke, Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, Herbie Hancock, and Diana Ross. She also plays guitar. (says wiki)…
        Prince met Sheila E. at a concert in 1978; when she was performing with her father percussionist Pete Escovedo. Prince vowed to either marry her or get her in his band. It took until she sung on the B side of Let’s go crazy, then she stayed as musical director at Paisley Park for the run of Purple rain, Black album and sign ‘o’ the times – which were the best albums from a drumming point of view. (says me – and that might be as factual as wiki)

        the other bands around Prince were The Time – who were ace and Jill Jones whose album was a huge favourite of mine – the Vanity/ Apollonia 6 was just the Purple one pasting Playboy onto record covers.

      • yeah, Sheila was definitely her own, but Prince got her the platform she would maybe have struggled harder to find, and she kicks ass on the drums. Can’t remember who her dad used to drum with, Santana? Tower of Power? Sheena had hits before the cringeworthy Sugar Walls, and you’ll notice i didn’t even mention the Bangles as protegees because they were nowhere close. And Sex Shooter was even more cringeworthy. I still say Rick James had it all over Prince with the Mary Jane Girls and Teena Marie.

        As for the Time – they are totally ace. And not protogees. When i saw Purple Rain, i was like, yeah, we already know Prince is the shit, but the Time is fucking awesome. And don’t forget that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were in the Time too.

      • I don’t know if Sheila would have had hits on her own without Prince. But she would have always been an ace drummer with work, he just got her more attention. Kinda like Kandy Dulfer, his sax player.

  11. Hmm… Not sure I have so many under ‘E’.

    Eminem: Stan
    Bill Evans: Waltz for Debby
    Eurythmics: Love is a Stranger
    Missy Elliott/Joy Division mash-up: Love Will Freak Us
    Electronic: Idiot Country
    Duane Eddy: Peter Gunn
    Everything But The Girl: Missing (again)
    Missy Elliott: The Rain
    Duke Ellington: Blood Count
    Duke Ellington: Mood Indigo
    Elastica: Waking Up
    Earth Wind and Fire: Boogie Wonderland
    Duke Ellington: Chelsea Bridge

  12. The Eagles – Bitter Creek – http://youtu.be/eLsHVMWWCt4 – not a huge Eagles fan but I love this;

    Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein
    Efterklang – Between the Walls (thanks ghe)
    Elbow – New York Morning (thanks tinny)
    Eleventh Dream Day – Orange Moon (thanks Chris)
    Emmy the Great – Dinosaur Sex (thanks Shoey – are you OK? Conspicuous by your absence?)
    Ethiopians – The Word is Love (thanks GF)
    Evanescence – Bring me To Life (thanks young Munday)
    Explosions in the Sky – Catastrophe and the Cure (thanks Mnemonic)
    Hanni El Khatib – Heartbreak Hotel (thanks tinny)

    Eurythmics – Thorn In My Side – http://youtu.be/y9omIsBFZUc
    ELO – Mr Blue Sky – http://youtu.be/98P-gu_vMRc

  13. So anyway…………

    Earthling – First Transmission
    Eater – Outside View
    Ethiopians – Train to Skaville
    Echo and the Bunnymen – Bring On the Dancing Horses
    Yvonne Elliman – I Don’t Know How to Love Him
    Equals – Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys
    Einsturzende Neubauten – Zebulon
    Elbow – Audience With the Pope
    Everly Brothers – Bye Bye Love
    808 State – Pacific 707
    Adrian Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds – Ramones Medley
    Erasure – It Doesn’t have to Be
    Eno – By This River

    I only own one Einsturz… album and it was given to me so there are probably many other tracks I might have chosen if I had made the effort to check them out. I did rack my brains as to what I heard them performing at The Fridge many years ago with Sarah jane Morris. Eventually realised that was Test Department. Oops.
    Could easily have picked nothing but Eno, Earthling and Erasure and been quite pleased with the result. Still have a nagging feeling I’ve missed something obvious. I don’t like EBTG, ELP or Eminem. Can take or leave ELO and Eurhythmics. Betty Everett’s You’re No Good was the runner up.

  14. Forgot:

    Ludovicio Einaudi – Nightbook (thanks ghe)
    Duke Ellington & his Orchestra – Jingle Bells (thanks GF)

    Have added them to the box.

  15. So why won’t WordPress let me post anything when I’m logged in? Been happening for a while now.

    Surprisingly hard letter. Tempted to pick 13 Eels songs, but let’s try to be a little less exclusive and more eclectic:

    Elastica – Stutter (listened to the album just the other day – it stands up well)

    Echobelly – I Can’t Imagine The World Without Me (haven’t listened to this album for ages, and it probably doesn’t stand up so well, but I loved them for a while)

    Eat – Shame (staying with mid-90s indie)

    Even As We Speak – Falling Down The Stairs (jangle-tastic!)

    Electronic – Get The Message (I think the number of mentions of Electronic says more about the dearth of bands beginning with E than their excellence, but this is a good ‘un)

    Erasure – Love To Hate You (“I like to read a murder mystery / I like to know the killer isn’t me” indeed)

    Eminem – Lose Yourself (can’t stand too much of him, but no arguing with this one)

    Emmy the Great – Gabriel (a great Great song)

    The Everley Brothers – Cathy’s Clown (no explanation necessary)

    Edson – One Last Song About You Know What (piano-led Swedish indie pop)

    Epic45 – Weathering (English pastoral post-rock)

    Elbow – Grace Under Pressure (“We still believe in love, so fuck you”)

    Eels – PS You Rock My World (“A careful man tries to dodge the bullets / While a happy man takes a walk”)

    • oops, ‘snap’ with Cathy’s Clown….you posted while I was still sorting out my own posting! Alternatively, Love Hurts… I shall have to look more into Eels, liked the one I included on one of my guruing lists…and now I see I’ve also duplicated Ali Munday’s ELO suggestion..

    • Bugger! One Day Like This AND Grace Under Pressure already picked. I’d better put my towel down over Scattered Black And Whites quick, before that’s gone too!


    • …. the Electronic tracks that were good, were very good – but they were more a band that people really wanted to be good because of the class acts involved…. I think I gathered up the singles from Woolworth’s bargain bin for 10p each – the singles were great, but I never ventured into buying anything else.

  16. Only 10 so far but leaves room for afterthoughts….bookended at the moment by the Eurhythmics, never very popular on RR but there were so many good songs, love the opening lines of the first one. The Eagles’ Lyin’ Eyes is a classic, not one to ever tire of I think.

    Eurhythmics – Love Is A Stranger
    The Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes
    The Everly Brothers – Cathy’s Clown
    ELO – Mr Blue Sky
    The Epoxies – Stop Looking At Me
    David Essex – Gonna Make You A Star
    Duane Eddy – Peter Gunn
    Steve Earle – Feel Alright
    EMF – Unbelievable
    Eurhythmics – There Must Be An Angel

  17. Fuel Snr is in town. Here are his favourite Echo and the Bunnymen tracks – his preferred versions. He didn’t care much for the albums after ’83. They’d lost a bit of those things that count.

    • elephant’s memory before my time, but the Enid were bang on time and doing the sort of prog i liked, but though they toured constantly I somehow missed them .. so never got an album and can’t name a tune .. probably excellent .. ones I forgot, Eno the arena theme, and Eddy summertime blues ( possibly england in the group stages )

  18. Take It Easy Leavey!

    Notwithstanding the slight admonishment from saneshane this week I’d rather choose different songs where possible and dond those that have selected my first choice. No slight taken and more than happy to offer up an alternative tune from a favoured artist, the more songs the better.

    To the tunes:

    I’ve always felt that this tune from The Enemy owes much to The Jam but for out and out angst this captures the best of That’s Entertainment or Start. This is We’ll Live and Die in These Towns.

    Not going to lighten up yet we’ve got the best bagpipe intro ever: Copperhead Road from Steve Earle.

    I lost my favourite Echo and The Bunnymen tune up thread but that’s OK I’ll plum for Silver as second best any day of the week.

    Don’t think Editors has been chosen by anyone yet, this is Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors, brilliant.

    I’ve mentioned this before on the Mothership but I’m not a big fan of Elbow but Mrs L is, so their albums get regularly played and I do have a soft spot for The Fix.

    Got to have a tune from The Eagles and mine (this week) is Take It To The Limit but it could easily have been any number of others, some of which have already been nominated.

    A departure for me (not really) a bit of country and first up is Jace Everett and Angel Loves The Devil Outta Me. You might know this guy from the theme tune for True Blood.

    Now for some light electronic pop from Erasure and Sometimes. Brilliant.

    The last song on one of the first double albums I ever bought: ELO Wild West Herooooo. Ride the range!

    The Everly Brothers had so many tunes to choose from but I’ve gone for one that was ‘sold’ to them by Roy Orbison: Claudette.

    I’m writing a post based on a particular country institution however ahead of this and from the series Nashville it’s Deacon Claybourne aka Charles Esten and Sideshow. Hopefully tinny will show up and endorse how good the music is from this show.

    Coming to the end and well this could have gone with the Esses but I’ll place it in the “eeeez” Sleepy John Estes and Duck Diving Blues.

    Think after all that I need take my Lithium, of course my number one tune from Evanescence has already gone but happy to put that one forward.

    • How did I forget Sleepy John Estes?
      Yeah, the music on Nashville is pretty good (except the big stage show stuff, which I’m not a fan of). I stopped watching the show once everyone it became a soap opera where they all change partners every season.

      • Ignore the storylines just enjoying the tunes, but you are right the ‘big stage’ numbers are over produced but the intimate barroom gigs in the current season are brilliant. It is interesting to see which country stars put in a cameo and how some of the actors resemble current country acts.

      • I wouldn’t recognize hardly any country stars if they sat next to me on a bus.
        a) I rarely watch YouTube
        b) I don’t like commercial country
        c) I have a car, so no bus. This isn’t Europe, dammit 🙂

  19. No YT playlist this week; there were too many of these I couldn’t find easily, and I’ve got another 0430hrs alarm call. The interesting things to me this week are:
    1.How unexpectedly prog (OK, and post-rock) my baker’s dozen is; and
    2. How many choices we (and I, in particular) are duplicating.

    If anyone’s interested, I’ll ‘Box them tomorrow.

    Lorraine Ellison – Stay With Me.
    Eels – Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues.
    EMF – Unbelievable.
    Electric Boys – All Lips’n’Hips.
    Melissa Etheridge – Like The Way I Do.
    Embrace – The Good Will Out
    . MUST be the NME In Session live version.
    Elbow – Scattered Black & Whites. (Could easily have been One Day Like This.)
    Steve Earle – Fort Worth Blues.
    Ella Guru – This Is My Rock And Roll.
    Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine.
    Earth – The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull.
    The Enid – Something Wicked This Way Comes.
    Eluvium – Indoor Swimming At The Space Station.

  20. Pissed off with this pile of shit that I was sold as a computer (probably the worst £600 odd I’ve ever spent). Pissed off with the Guardian website (why does it send me as a default to replies by Guardian staff in the comments? Why the fuck would they be the main thing I wanted to read). Generally fucked off.
    Anyway, that said enjoy the playlist, sdome good toe tapping tunes here

    • English Dogs – Max The Millionaire
      The Exploited – Alternative
      External Menace – Someday
      The Ejected – Army Song
      The Epileptics – 1970s
      The Ex – They Shall Not Pass
      Ex-Cathedra – Give Me Tomorrow
      Emergency – Points Of View
      The Expelled – Make It Alone
      Eastfield – Fare Dodging
      The Enemy – Last But Not Least
      Ellery Bop – We Deny
      Echo & The Bunnymen – Over The Wall

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  22. Take it E’s EE. Dropped or listen HERE: wp.me/p1b3rO-FI

    Duke EllingtonBlack Beauty: Ellington, Scott Joplin, Dylan, Coltrane, Hank Williams and Monk are the only non-classical Pulitzer winning composers
    Earth Wind & FireYearnin’ Learnin’: I miss the epoch when a dinosaur named funk roamed the earth
    Editors: Car. Summer. Highway. Volume
    Electric FlagKilling Floor: Someone AXE for blues rock?
    EminemWhite America: Original. Fearless. Naughty
    Everly BrothersCrying In The Rain: Dated? Not a bit
    EverybodyfieldsAeroplane: Cult-status – deservedly -early Americana. Ryan Adams meets Civil Wars
    Joe Ely & Joel GuzmanI’m A Thousand Miles From Home: Outpointed Alejandro Escoveda for my tex-mex vote
    Justin Townes EarleMovin On: I’m calling this brassabilly
    Kathleen Edwards: A fierce observer of relationships, not always her own. (This one is a lesbian couple)
    Mark EitzelNo Easy Way Down : How many of him does it take to change a lightbulb? None. He likes it dark
    Ronnie Earl & the BroadcastersAin’t Nobody’s Business: From last year’s Just for Today (he’s sober now); best live instrumental electric blues album I know
    Terry EvansCome to the River: Big soul voice backed Ry Cooder, who returns the favour

  23. away yesterday so a bit late. fortunately i wasn’t spoilt for choice.

    easterhouse – whistling in the dark
    echo and the bunnymen – thorn of crowns
    exitmusic – the modern age
    editors – munich
    elbow – any day now
    the ebb and flow – firefly
    embrace – out of nothing
    the ex – el tren blindado
    eyeless in gaza – veil like calm
    explosions in the sky – yasmin the light

    the big E

  24. oh – I’ve just been having a sneak peek at our old Eels ‘spillover – ‘best of’ suggestions:

    this is what I ended up picking for an 80min CD from those:
    1 Susan’s House – Beautiful Freak
    2 Hospital Food – Electro-Shock Blues
    3 Grace Kelly Blues – Daisies of the Galaxy
    4 A Line in The Dirt – End Times
    5 Mr E’s Beautiful Blues – Daisies of the Galaxy
    6 Beginner’s Luck – Hombre Lobo
    7 I Like Birds – Daisies of the Galaxy
    8 Flower – Beautiful Freak
    9 Railroad Man – Blinking Lights And Other Revelations
    10 P.S. You Rock My World – Electro-Shock Blues

    11 Love Of The Loveless – Shootenanny!
    12 It’s A Motherfucker – Daisies of the Galaxy
    13 Woman Driving, Man Sleeping – Souljacker
    14 My Timing Is Off – Hombre Lobo
    15 My Beloved Monster – Beautiful Freak
    16 Flyswatter – Daisies of the Galaxy
    17 In The Yard, Behind The Church – Blinking Lights And Other Revelations
    18 That Look You Give That Guy – Hombre Lobo
    19 Last Stop: This Town – Electro-Shock Blues
    20 Things The Grandchildren Should Know – Blinking Lights And Other Revelations

    • and this was MY choices with more of Mr.E’s offshoots:

      1 Hello Cruel World E!E A Man Called (E) 1992
      2 Baby Loves Me Eels Tomorrow Morning 2010
      3 Mr E’s Beautiful Remix (Butch ‘n’ Joey Remix) Eels 22 Miles Of Hard Road [EP] 2001
      4 Jungle Telegraph Eels Souljacker 2001
      5 Sonnet No.3 (Like A Duck) MC Honky I Am The Messiah 2002
      6 I Write The B-Sides Eels 22 Miles Of Hard Road [EP] 2001
      7 Flyswatter Eels Live with Strings 2006

      1 You’ll Be The Scarecrow E!E A Man Called (E) 1992
      2 The Object MC Honky I Am The Messiah 2002
      3 All In A Day’s Work Eels Shootenanny! 2003
      4 Baby Elephant Rock-A-Bye MC Honky I Am The Messiah 2002
      5 Checkout Blues Eels Blinking Lights And Other Revelations 2005
      6 Restraining Order Blues Eels Shootenanny! 2003
      7 My Beloved Monster Eels Beautiful Freak 1996

      1 Fitting In With The Misfits E!E A Man Called (E) 1992
      2 This Is Where It Gets Good Eels Tomorrow Morning 2010
      3 It’s A Motherfucker Eels Live with Strings 2006
      4 Oh So Lovely Eels Tomorrow Morning 2010
      5 Hung Up MC Honky I Am The Messiah 2002
      6 I’m Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart Eels Blinking Lights And Other Revelations 2005
      7 Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) Eels Blinking Lights And Other Revelations 2005

  25. Max Essa – Back To The Beach
    ESG – You’re No Good
    Eleanoora Rosenholm – Ambulanssikuskitar
    Ewert and The Two Dragons – (In The End) There’s Only Love
    Eskobar – Someone New (feat. Heather Nova)
    Everybody Was In The French Resistance… Now! – G.I.R.L.F.R.E.N. (You Know I’ve Got A)
    Electric Blanket – City Lights
    Sharon Van Etten – Magic Chords
    Bomba Estereo – Fuego
    Eight From The Egg – Black Milk
    Eugene Evans “Too Much Pain”
    E U R O C R A C K – O L E N I I N K U O L E T / feat. khid, ameeba, klommo

  26. Easy E:

    Echo & The Bunnymen (52)
    Elbow (21)
    Eels (18)
    Brian Eno (10)
    Ludivico Einaudi (5)
    Elastica (5)
    Editors (4)
    Explosions In The Sky (4)
    Fred Eaglesmith (3)
    Clint Eastwood & General Saint (3)

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