Michigan to Rhode Island


Before we get to the smallest state in the union and the site of the once, possibly still famous Newport Folk festival we’ve got a bit of travelling to do, mainly through the states of New England.

Our trail starts on the shores of Lake Michigan and a tune from RHCP:  Especially In Michigan <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrLSUNhH_5c”></a&gt;

I had penciled in Johnny Cash for the next one but discovered The Low Anthem recently so let’s go To Ohio with them. (Isn’t that gorgeous?)

It must be night time by now and as we don’t hear enough tunes from this next group either here or on The Mothership it’s Foo Fighters’ Virginia Moon.

My knowledge of the next state was fairly limited: Pennsylvania Dutch and the ‘struggles’ between England and Holland in the 17th century but did you know that the state of Pennsylvania <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v2AGH-Juco”></a&gt; produces the most mushrooms in the US and has the third highest production of  Christmas Trees.

So many choices for the next state: New York, the city has been the subject of so many songs, I’m sure each of you has a favourite but on this trip I’ve chosen Snow Patrol.

Anyone for maple syrup? It’s ten years since the last episode of Friends and I recall the trip Ross and Chandler took to Vermont when Monica couldn’t make it and the ‘sugar rush’ Ross get’s from eating all the maple candy! It’s nighttime again and we’ll go looking for some sweeties by the Moonlight In Vermont.

There was an RRSA topic, possibly last year on New England and I stumbled across this next song that had been posted by glasshalfempty some time afterwards but it is about Gene Robinson (The Bishop of New Hampshire), the first openly gay Bishop in the US, and the vilification he had to put up with. It’s stuck with me.

From an amazingly poignant song we head to the most northerly mainland state and Okkervil River’s Maine Island Lovers: <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZqSDJc_4Z0″></a&gt;

Southbound we skip back through New Hampshire to Massachusetts (Hi amylee.) Not the Bee Gees, we’ve already heard from them so to another ‘new to me’ (thanks DsD) and Willard Grant Conspiracy – Massachusetts.

And so we arrive at our final destination this week the smallest state that is Rhode Island. Came here a few years ago when Mrs L and I did a mini road trip up from NYC to Boston, stayed the night in Providence and in the morning I wandered up to Brown University. Apart from an Ivy League university what is RI famous for, well Rhode Island Is Famous For You <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO6WG96pN4E”></a&gt;

Had problems with the YouTube links, the media editor seems to have changed and posts an embedded video rather than the link. Tried pasting link in RR and adding title but that didn’t seem to work either!

22 thoughts on “Michigan to Rhode Island

  1. Oo-er. Leavey’s picking WGC tunes. Love it, but it’s now definitely time to change my Marconium biog.

    Back later …

  2. My knowledge of the next state was fairly limited: Pennsylvania

    No it isn’t Leavey, you’d just not joined the dots to see the bigger picture:

    The Roots, Stanley Clarke, Pink, Hall & Oates, Todd Rundgren, Poison, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes, Patti LaBelle, Trent Reznor, Ween, Sister Sledge, all PA artists (that aren’t on the upcoming DsD list. There’s a number of those I’m sure you’ve expressed appreciation of before now.

  3. That’s a lovely chilled playlist, BTW, Leavey. Although …
    *pssst!* – don’t tell anyone, but I really didn’t care for the FFs “softer” side on In Your Honor.

  4. Howdy, Leavey!

    Lessee – Gil-Scott Heron – Welcome to Detroit. Eminem, Madonna, Kid Rock, Bob Seeger are natives (and shhhh – don’t want to remind DsD about the Nuge.). Motown!, Motor City. I have to say i have a lot more faith in Detroit than i do in a lot of other tanking US municipalities. They allowed themselves to hit rock bottom and lick the gutter, so i think there might be a chance of rebuilding and resurgence. Unlike many others that still cling to illusions.

    Two obvious rtj faves about Ohio – Neil Young and the Pretenders. natives – The National – Bloodbath Ohio

    Rolling Stones – Sweet Virginia, and i won’t even entertain any alternatives.

    Pa – i’ll pass on Elton and TSOP, but there’s shedloads of Philly soul (DsD grabbed a few) also Stylistics, Brucie – Streets of Philadelphia. Billy Joel’s Allentown is kind of on the money. Joan Jett is from Philly.

    NY – too many to mention.

    The People’s Republic of Massachusetts (*waves*) – Two from the Dropkicks – Shipping up to Boston and The State of Massachusetts. Also Pixies – UMass.

    RI – gotta be the Cowsells – Indian Lake.

    • Joe Bonamassa is a Buffalo native i believe, but he has a song about stuck in NYC but going back to Richmond – i’m assuming that’s Virginia. Unless it’s Richmond NY.

    • I just saw DsD’s piece, of course he didn’t forget about the Nuge. How could i have possibly thought that he would have.

    • um, yeah, that was Bloodbuzz Ohio,not Bloodbath from the National. miserable bastards, Ohio really must kinda suck.

    • Hi amylee, thanks for popping in and taking the time to make a few suggestions, even if one of them is the Stones! 🙂

      Don’t tell DsD but I’ve got a copy of Scream Dream on vinyl, you know the one, he’s in his loincloth with guitars coming out of his forearms, ooh that’s let the cat out of the bag so to speak.

      • Yeah, that’s the album Ted was touring when I saw him in Manchester 30-odd years ago. Got his autograph right across the back of my denim jacket at the stage door earlier in the day.
        (Same denim has Rick Wakeman, Gary Moore and Ian Gillan’s autographs on it. Robert Plant’s turned out not to be permanent marker, and washed off some time later.)

  5. Probably not a whole lot to say about western NY – only thing that probably keeps it on the map is Ithaca – home of Cornell U, Corning Glassworks, and the Moosewood Cafe. And the Dead – who were on their game there in 1977.

  6. I’ve said many a time that the Stones are my favorite country band, so i feel compelled to post this bit of magificence. Go Brits.

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