New Sinead!

I know I’m a diehard fan, but good God this is good. After an opening, rather urgent declaration of intent, it just EXPLODES into, ooh, probably one of the choruses of her career.

I particularly like what NPR had to say about it:

O’Connor may conclude that “I’m the only one I should adore,” but “Take Me to Church” isn’t a mere celebration of self. It’s a celebration of self-actualization; of making yourself happier by striving to make yourself better.

Love it. Love her (even if she does seem to have decided recently to model her look on Jessie J).

10 thoughts on “New Sinead!

    • Definitely a grower, leavey. If I’m being harsh, it’s somewhat of a piece sonically with her last album’s opening single, The Wolf Is Getting Married, but seeing as I loved that one too…

  1. Hmmm. Not convinced by my first two listens. My initial thought is that there’s nothing wrong with the song, but it’s been let down by production that completely fails the brief to make it euphoric: it just jogs along, rather than bounding at a joyous pace. Will give it more chances – it IS Sinead, after all – but it’s certainly not an instant hit on me.

    • I know what you mean, DsD – I think the production on her last album suffered in much the same way. It’s a bit muddy/’trad rock’ stodgy or something. “Old Lady” particularly was marred by some clunking production/guitar work. It’s a shame she doesn’t seem to have the cachet these days to snag a state-of-the-art producer (or the interest in producing something clearer/more crystalline, which would suit/showcase her voice). I’m not too keen on the vocal multi-tracking either…

      That said, several listens in, I’m hooked regardless. Plus, I’m always a fan of her more overtly personal songs – especially when they’re righteously angry ones – and this one sounds like it comes straight from the heart. It could do with being a little longer perhaps – seems to fade out with more left to say.

      • …something clearer/more crystalline, which would suit/showcase her voice…

        Spot on. Two thoughts spring immediately to mind:

        1. What William Orbit did for Madonna on Ray Of Light; and
        2. Listen again to F7tM’s You Got The Love. That hits the euphoria turbo-boost button brilliantly.

      • Ah, now I tend to find Florence a bit strident, vocally speaking – but I know what you mean! William Orbit would have been good. Or someone Massive Attack-y. She should give Nellee Hooper a call and see if he fancies a rematch…

  2. It’s poppy, it’s catchy – not blown away but it’s OK. She looks great but then she has such a beautiful face, it shines out whether she’s dressed up or no.

  3. I really liked it Bish ! ! !

    I am not really a fan of her but this track is much more like my taste than her pervious work.

    Thanks for posting ! ! !

  4. I slunk on here expecting to be the only curmudgeon, but it seems i’m not. dunno, Bish, it’s probably going to take some time for me too. Now it’s certainly poppy and catchy enough, (my eye just caught a peek up up and it seems that those were the exact words Ali used too), so i’ll parrot the rest of it – not blown away but it’s ok. sorry 😦

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