Sakura’s J-pop Corner – And the winner is . . . . Watanabe Mayu ! ! !

[Yui-Karaoke] Mayu Watanabe - Sayonara no Hashi [1280x720.H264.Dual.Audio.Dual.Subtitle][6F612981].mkv_snapshot_03.16_[2013.07.10_02.32.43]

Watanabe Mayu – The Winner ! ! !

I am surprised that there has not been more news articles about this on the Guardian and other western newspapers , but the biggest news inAsia recently has been about Watanabe Mayu winning the elections the most popular girl in AKB48.

Each year Senbatsu or general election for the most popular AKB48 girl is a major event in Japan and this year was not different from any other year

Watanabe Mayu is a charming and talented 20 year girl who has worked hard since joining the group in 2007, and I am really happy that she has won this fans award.

In addition to her work with the worlds most successful pop group, she has appeared in a number of TV dramas as supporting actress and as a voice actress in anime and this year she has been the lead actor in a movie and a drama series.  I am sure that she will continue to shine in her career, and in the future will continue to develop as an actress and singer.

She really came to to challenge the established order in AKB48 following her role  as number three in the mega hit Koi Suru Fortune Cookie.  The video featured 3,800 extras which is definitely a record for Japan and maybe the world ! ! !

It is a great pop song, cheerful, positive and just a lot of fun ! ! !

So relax your smiling muscles – as it says in the song:

tsuki wo yobu ni wa

egao wo miseru koto

or in English

To get some luck,

you gotta smile

I hope you like it ! ! !

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (fortune Cookie of Love) AKB48 featuring Watanabe Mayu





8 thoughts on “Sakura’s J-pop Corner – And the winner is . . . . Watanabe Mayu ! ! !

  1. I love their outfits, especially the cream, blue and white ones, it’s a happy song, thanks for letting us know what’s going on in the world of J-pop!

  2. I can’t understand why this important news wasn’t all over the front pages of our newspapers.
    Of course I disagree with the final vote, clearly fixed. Matsui Jurina should have won by a mile !

    • Hi Mr P ! ! !

      I think there was some type of sporting event happening in Brazil which may have distracted from the really important things ! ! !

      It would be nice if Matsui Jurina will win it one day. She is only 17 still so she has plenty of time ! ! !

      I started to like her after she was hospitalized in 2012 with anemia caused by overwork. You start to realize how hard these girls actually work in these groups with all the public appearances and concerts and TV and the stress of always being on display.

      J-pop idols are tough ! ! !

    • The original is completely different but still a great pop song.

      The elections are fun but also there are rock, paper, scissor competitions also to decide who will be on a record or in a video, or on a tour etc, also and they are interesting also ! ! ! When you have maybe 139 members including trainees to choose from you need to find some way to choose ! ! !

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