Connecticut to Florida


Not that I’m impatient but I can’t wait to get to the sunshine state, however before we arrive we need to travel down the eastern seaboard.

Our journey starts in Connecticut with Into It Over It. I didn’t know the following about the third smallest state: Connecticut is home to the first hamburger (1895), Polaroid camera (1934), helicopter (1939), and color television (1948), well there you go!

Crossing through NYC (have you forgotten my Snow Patrol tune last week?) but I’ll give you a freebie this week.

Next we arrive in New Jersey this is the home state (as I found out a few weeks ago) of our very own amylee; it is also the home state and home of The Boss. Well there’s only one song we can play, isn’t there: Jersey Girl.

Similarly there’s only one song that immediately springs to mind for the next state and Perry Como asks the question What did Della Wear?

Maryland has been another difficult state to find a tune for but fortunately The Mountain Goats have come to my rescue with none other than Going to Maryland. Not sure what the lack of songs says about this state but Babe Ruth upped and left to go to Boston and then on to New York.

I’m ignoring D C as it’s not technically a state but you may recall from the first week I used a song about DC for Washington State.

We’ve had West Virginia and now ‘plain’ Virginia, though I know that this was named after Queen Elizabeth I and is a major producer of tobacco. The obvious song would be Blue Ridge Mountains but no let’s have Whiskey Myers.

Homegrown boy from Granite Falls, North Carolina and from his second album Carolina it’s the self-titled track from Eric Church.

For South Carolina we’ll have a drama courtesy of Jack White and Brendan Benson performing as The Raconteurs.

For the next state it ‘s either a midnight train or this one from Ray Charles and Georgia on my Mind.

Way down south now, Deep Down in Florida. This is a favourite holiday destination for Mrs. L and I even now the kids are grown up. Many happy memories mostly around theme parks but I do have a tale or two to tell of our trip down to Key West and one two many margaritas but perhaps another time.

Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey, which to my surprise but with a bit of searching did deliver up a song title for each of the 50 US states.

Where to next?

15 thoughts on “Connecticut to Florida

  1. Looking forward to listening to yours, Leavey, but a bit apprehensive about putting one together myself. I had both prior knowledge of, and time to prepare, last week’s route. Got neither this week.

    * ulp! *

    Back [much] later …

    • DsD no pressure to put up an alternate route; happy to say that you decided to hitch a ride till RI 🙂

      Really enjoyed the tunes that you’ve suggested, you’ve been a great travelling companion.

      • At the moment, I’m mired in paperwork from Huddersfield!!!
        But I’ve done a lot of catching up today (at the expense of turning down an offer to go to the Test Match with a friend 😦 ), so I’m hoping I can go for a musical drive down south later this eve.

    • A classic that is due to figure in next week’s list.

      Thanks for joining ‘our’ journey across the USA, it’s been fun.

  2. Wow, we’ve blown through all 50 already? Hope to get a listen to all of this today, as it stands it seems i’m off work.

    I think it was Exiled Man who put up a song called Conneticut is For Fucking on the mothership, i admit it cracked me up. I like Fintan’s choice from that week – Van Morrisson’s Into the Mystic.

    You’re absolutely correct, it had to be Jersey Girl 🙂 Your Gaslight Anthem is from NJ too.

    Stones’ Sweet Virginia, of course.

    James Taylor’s Carolina in My Mind, and again you got the correct one with Ray. But you could also chuck in Gladys Knight, obviously, and also Loggins and Messina’s Back to Gerogia (maybe my fave by them), and the Osborne Brothers’ Georgia Pineywoods – a bluegrass classic. Georgia punches well above weight, REM, B-52’s and my Black Lips are from Georgia too.

    Oddly enough i can’t think of one for Florida offhand. Gotta be more, Tom Petty is a Florida boy, John Vanderslice, Molly Hatchet, the mighty Allmans, and Marilyn Manson (the band, not the man.) (For some reason, i thought Little Feat was out of Florida, but it seems they’re from LA.)

  3. ok. I really liked Into It.Over It, never heard of them before. Sounded like an AIP type tune. I already knew The Boy From NYC, quite honestly not a fave. Obviously knew and loved Jersey Girl, what i didn’t know is that Tom Waits wrote it. Mountain Goats was lovely (as usual), don’t believe i’ve heard that one before, but then maybe i have.

    No complaints about Whiskey Myers, never heard of him (them?) before. Ditto Eric Church.

    The Raconteurs was the one i was looking forward to most, i couldn’t remember if i’d heard it before or not. It’s just flat out great. Pick of the whole set, i reckon.

    Georgia must be kind of a great state, everyone from there seems to want to go back there. I’ve only ever just driven through it, but someday i’ll go to Savannah. Lotta exodus from the northeast / mid- Atlantics to North Carolina too, cheaper than peanuts to live there compared to this neck of the woods. Slowly growing bluer too.

    Can’t seem to play the Florida tune, it says “download file”.

    “Where next?”

    The home turf, why not. You may not have states, but you still have geography. I can think of a shedload off of the top of my head. Or you can do a UK tour going by bands / artists from different areas without worrying about titles or subject. In fact, i’m tempted to do that for the US if i ever get any downtime.

    Thanks, Leavey!

    • amylee thanks for that contribution, Into It. Over It were new to me too, think it must have been nominated on RRSA New England a while back.

      Didn’t realise Tom wrote the Springsteen tune, well there you go. There are quite a few Mountain Goats tunes about “Going to” particular states so it might be familiar.

      Really pleased that you liked Whiskey Myers (them) and Eric Church, both recent self finds and think they’re very good. DsD’s type of music too.

      I think the combination of Jack and Brendan is brilliant, interesting that this was your stand out track this week.

      Not sure why the Florida track isn’t working. It was this from Muddy Waters and after you’re suggested track above I expect you’ll enjoy it 🙂

      Thanks for your suggested next trips, there might be some mileage in those ideas, apologies for the pun.

      Next week’s offering is planned and scheduled and then I’m away for a week so might not post anything that week.

      See you around.

      • Shouldn’t be that interesting that the Raconturs were my faves, i am big Stripes fan, and what i’ve heard of the Raconteurs is kind of uneven, Old Enough is a huge fave.

        You’re off to Shoeland then, or is this a different trip?

    • Trip to Shoeland is next year, this is just a short break away having some down time and not sure whether I’ll post anything as I won’t have access to my music library that’s all.

      DsD has sent me Shoey’s contact details for our trip next year so I’ll be in contact with him in due course, tho’ I did already have his e-mail from the Festive Spill submissions but I think DsD has cleared it with him for me to get in contact.

      You’re up late!!!

      • nah, i fell asleep very early for a few hours and so woke up middle of the night for a few hours. You know how Webby sometimes posts when he has a cup of tea in the middle of the night? That happens to me too, but with coffee.

        Shoey’s been trying to get me down there for the Wahnee festival in the spring (usually Allmans and assorted other southern rockers), maybe next year will be the year i make it. Would be even more fun to make it a gatorland social. That’s the time of year to go, hot weather and i generally don’t get along too well. Only time i went to Fla was spring break in March when i was a college kid.

  4. Mmm. Excellent stuff. Whiskey Myers and Muddy Waters the highlights for me this week.

    Cheers, Leavey, this has been a most enjoyable month’s trip.

    Caffeine time …

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