From Amy’s house to Shoey’s place, then home for a rest

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Where are we? Oh yeah, it’s Monday so it must be Connecticut. Dang. Leavey picked the same tune I had in mind. Right then. Time to throw in a complete curveball.

Let’s set off southbound with a marching band to play us off: Charles Ives’ Putnam’s Camp, Redding, Connecticut is the second part of his Three Places In New England Suite. Why this piece? Because this is what happens when a heavy rocker’s daughter decides to play the flute rather than a Fender. My other option for Connecticut was to mention Mark Twain, who lived and died in the state, but actually, the Adventures of both Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were based around Hannibal, MO. D’OH! Think I’ve covered that one well enough already. So let’s pick up on a friendship Twain had with another fascinating character, Nikola Tesla, and head for New York to see Tesla’s Hotel Room, in the company of The Handsome Family. 

What? Another stop-off in New York, you say? Ace Frehley’s take on Russ Ballard’s New York Groove should blow the melancholy out of my system quite nicely, thank you.

I’m not the biggest Broooce fan, so for New Jersey, I’ll Drop in Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes: I have a live, saucy take on It Ain’t The Meat, It’s The Motion with a most memorable NJ intro. And in that kind of a mood, it’s only natural that our next state sees me playing George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers’ If You Don’t Start Drinkin’ (I’m Gonna Leave). You’ll notice I’m giving some good sax here, Leavey!!!

Time to bring it down. Maryland’s largest city is Baltimore, which has inspired two of the best reflective songs I have in my collection, one from Lyle Lovett and one from Counting Crows. But I’m not here to depress y’all, so as we cross into Virginia, I’ll ask if you know the state’s nickname? It’s Old Dominion, which is all the excuse I need to crank up Enon’s guitars. Probably got sod all to do with VA, but who cares!?!

I’m flagging now, so you’ll find I’m not hanging around splitting hairs between the next states’ North & South. Ryan Adams is definitely stuck in NC, sweetly but depressingly so. Shooter Jennings has Gone To Carolina, and I’m riding shotgun straight through with him! That’ll take us into Georgia, where me and my Bad Company are singing Oh Atlanta.

Right back at the beginning of our trip, I picked a Tangerine Dream tune that I admitted wasn’t a favourite of mine; it just fit. Now we leave Georgia via a piece which most definitely IS a DsD Top Pick: 3am At The Border Of The Marsh From Okefenokee.

When we arrive in our last mainland state, Florida, it’s surely time for an end-of-tour party. So I’m having Jacksonville’s Molly Hatchet as the house band, and they’ll kick off their set with Gator Country, a song which references several places we’ve been on this trip. (That link is to the studio version, but they were so much more live, and the version I’ll ‘Box will be from their 1979 Reading Festival set, which is a massive fave.)

And that’s it: we’re done. All the road crew that have helped me get from an Alaskan Summer to the steamy heat of the Everglades have left, and I sink back in my chair, exhausted. I have two choices now. Should I have a holiday to recover? Hawaii sounds good – I missed that right at the start. That would undoubtedly be soundtracked by a song I loved and B-listed in a RR Guru stint: Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole’s beautiful take on Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Or, should I just head for home? The Westleigh, decent beer, Seabrook’s crisps, the smell of curry and the sound of clogs: yeah, Bradford. In the UK. You know, the 51st State of America!!!

10 thoughts on “From Amy’s house to Shoey’s place, then home for a rest

  1. Great finish there DarceysDad, really great that you decided to join in the road trip with some brilliant write-ups and alternate selection of tunes.

    Those miles seemed to have passed by in a bit of a blur though I think it’s been five weeks or so.

    Thanks for taking a stint at the ‘wheel’, very much appreciated. Now to check out that sax.

  2. Will hopefully get here tomorrow unless life gets in the way, and it tends to do sometime. I did think of the Jukes (from Perth Amboy, i think), but honestly couldn’t think of a single tune. All that popped into mind for me for MD was Randy Newman’s Baltimore – he gets much respect from me but it ain’t love. So i’m looking forward to both of yours – i love Lyle’s pipes but not always his tunes, and i always love the Crows. Also looking forward to Bad Co as Paul can sing the phonebook, and if they’re not Free, i still have no complaints there. You’ll have to convince me on both Tangerine Dream and Hatchet – never really took to either.

    It’s a mighty long way down rock and roll to the Bradford cities.

    • If you’ve not been convinced by Tangerine Dream so far, Amy, 3am… is not going to change your mind. The first half of its 8 minutes in particular is not much more than spooky bleeps and harmonica. But once it gets going (relatively speaking), I think it’s one of TD’s more evocative pieces.

      Molly Hatchet, though, whilst Danny Joe Brown was alive and well, were the real deal on stage. Just grit your teeth through even a minute or so of the studio version again, then go to the live version I’ve Dropped. I’m aiming for a Lizzy-style revelation here …

      • I’ve dropped / boxed all the tunes I had from my playlists within the posts (and a few spares) in Leavey’s USA Trip for those that want to pick out a tune or two that they really liked.

      • It occurred to me last night that my North Carolina pick should have been White Trash’s Tobacco Road. There’s plenty of sax for you too, Leavey.

  3. halfway through the list here –

    had to bail out of the marching band, jut not my basket of cookies. I loved The Handsome Family (liked all i’ve heard of them so far.) I have a soft spot for physicists too. I think i’ve heard Ace before but didn’t know it was him. Anyway, i liked it better than 99.9% of KISS. I have my box disabled right now so haven’t gotten to the Jukes yet, but i love that song anyway so i imagine their’s would do me just fine too. I didn’t know that the Destroyers were actually the Delaware Destroyers. Daily i learn new things.

    Loved Lyle – the farther away he gets from country, the better i like him. And of course loved the Crows. Never heard of Enon, no complaints there. Really loving the Ryan Adams as we speak.

    • Can’t complain about Bad Co, although it wouldn’t be a fave. So Paul wants to get back to Georgia too? But wait, aren’t you British? And so does Lowell George, but wait, you’re from LA? I’m so confused. Iz i knew, and I have to say Hatchett sounds very Allmanish on that one. Like New Model Army just fine too.

      Thanks, DsD!

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