Parping Brass


Not sure how the player works anymore so this could be a huge failure – I’m off to Coventry on Friday for the Free Godiva festival – with a smattering of ska perking up the weekend – can’t wait – here’s some tunes for this weeks RR after the jump.

Horn For The Whole Damn World Lazarus and the Plane Crash
Doomsday Elvis Perkins In Dearland
Sljivovica Boban Marković Orkestar
Play my record Arthur Kay & The Originals
Sea Cruise Rico
Soul Makossa Cameroon Manu Dibango
Oh Bondage Up Yours! X-Ray Spex

Blatoto Kottarashky
Potion Morphine
You Make Me Wanna Us3
“Would You …?” Touch & Go
Mahalageasca (Bucovina Dub) Shantel
Holland, 1945 Neutral Milk Hotel
I Love You (Listen To This) Dexy’s Midnight Runners
Bongo Rock Incredible Bongo Band

But I feel good Groove Armada
Road to Nowhere (Live) David Byrne & St. Vincent
Vive Le Swing (Gabin Brassy Rmx) In-grid
Where Is My Mind? Frank Black
Who Dat Called Da Police New Birth Brass Band
Sankofa (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Remix) Tony Allen
Hey You!!! The Cure
Maki Maki Goran Bregović

12 thoughts on “Parping Brass

      • I did have a chat with daddy pig a while ago on Facebook about the joys of farting/parping brass in track – steenB did a playlist not that long ago on her food blog and one of the first things I tried on the ‘spill was a ‘Horny’ playlist (lost in the wilds of the podbeam (?) player). I do have a large collection of this type of thing – and not always expertly played stuff; I leave that for the connoisseur (hi jazz fans) – what I like is the bods who pick up any old thing and just blow for the hell of it – bloody ace fun.

  1. Yay! a Shane list! About time. Shame that RR is being saxist & disqualifying the mighty Morphine – it looks like a brassy thing to me. Pedants.

    • yeah, Morphine and x-ray spex and probably more don’t count*** – but I wasn’t doing the list for RR it is just a sound I really like – I’m off to Coventry Friday, where they put on a free festival each year, loads of old 2tone people attending – so along with The Selector there will be Specials bassist; Horace Panter’s Uptown Ska Collective and Roddy Radiation’s The Skabilly Rebels .. so lots of par ping brass (or sax this weekend) (I also get to see Buzzcocks, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and the Happy Mondays) and all this is free – so even if it’s crap or raining I can just still afford to get drunk with my old mates.

      ***shame Peter doesn’t realise it’s called Readers recommend – the brief should be BRIEF so people realise what they are aiming for and the article should be written AT THE END of the suggestions – not before play begins; watering down the individual players ‘lightbulb moments’ and leaving them fewer things to write about below the line (and also recommending and taking loads of interesting bits leaving nothing for the guru to play around with for their article) as it’s already in the preview piece… I mean, who wants to read a second write up on say musical murder a few days after the last article was posted? – it’s the internet age – been there seen it done it – move on .. not repeat in 7 days.

      Oh well – he’s a good writer… but it’s ruined the ‘beginning, middle and end’ of the whole RR process for me, which even the crap curators didn’t manage.

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