Earworms 30 June 2014

Greetings to LIAB this week, who makes his Earworm debut. Meanwhile I was so engrossed in watching Glastonbury on TV this weekend (and a couple of live bands at the local beer festival), that I’ve left the worms to the last minute.  Now it’s getting on for half past one a.m. and the worms are waiting … here’s wishing you lots of good music, and don’t forget to keep sending those worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Molly Hatchet – Dreams I’ll Never See – DsD: Ali recently bemoaned a lack of noisy ‘worms, and around the same time Amy unwittingly rang a Pavlovian DsD bell with comments about the Allmans and Molly Hatchet. So let’s kill two birds with one stone. Here’s a live song from the latter, rockin’ up the former’s Dreams. It’s a warts’n’all recording from the 1979 Reading Festival.

Horsebastard – Short Controlled Bursts – panthersan: Some people have a strong cup of coffee to wake them up in the morning, others (OK – maybe just me) listen to Horsebastard. Does exactly what it says on the tin……except for the ‘controlled’ bit!

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Chartjunk – carolebristol: This is from the new Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks CD and it is pure ‘worm material. It is called Chartjunk and it has a real Steely Dan thing going on, but with Malkmus’ oddity replacing the Dan polish and refinement. Perfect summer music, though.

Band of Skulls – Hoochie Coochie – LIAB: Possibly an overlooked band round these parts, this is off their third album: Himalayan. BoS is a three piece group that come from near me on the south coast and seem to have spent the majority of their time touring. We saw them earlier this year at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and they are due back to their hometown in November. The bassist and vocalist Emma Richardson is also an artist and her work has been used for the band’s album cover shots, very Rorschach Test.

Seiko Oomori – Girl 3 ( according to Google translate) – pairubu: Current J-rock fave, typically “off the wall” ( or “her rocker”) number. I love her voice and her attitude. She’s kind of “punky but pinky”.

Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me by Nina Simone – goneforeign: Nina recorded this in 1958 for her debut album ‘Little Girl Blue’ on the Bethlehem label – She was 20 at the time and aspiring to be a classical pianist. This is the original recorded version, Bethlehem edited out Nina’s piano solo and released it as a 31/2 minute cut on the album. In 1985 the French label Charly acquired the rights to it and released the entire original version as a 10″ single, it runs 5min. 17 seconds, that’s what I’ve got. It has two great piano sequences by Nina: here it is.

14 thoughts on “Earworms 30 June 2014

  1. Excellent set. Loved it. Wouldn’t have wanted the Horsebastard to have been any longer, to be honest, and Seiko Oomori’s voice grated a little, but otherwise, all-round ace. Nina was like a palate-soothing sorbet at the end of a fiery-spice meal. Brill.

  2. Ok, DsD, i liked the Hatchet. Axework very pleasant to mine ear. Never realized they did the jam band thing.

    I liked the Horsebastard! I could have gone another minute or 2 or 3 on that one too.

    The Jicks is the one i was looking forward to. Not so sure i like the horns in a Jicks tune. But i love the harmonies, and blessedly the fuzzy reverby axework kicked in, and all was right with the world.

    Liked the Band of Skulls music part a lot! Not entirely sure about the vocals though.

    Seiko Oomori was good! Yep, the voice could grate after awhile, but i hadn’t hit that point by the end of the song. It got almost Neil Youngish at the end.

    Nina wandered in from a different party, i think!

    Thanks Ali and all.

  3. Thanks Ali for the welcome as a first time worm provider, also pleased that BoS has been well received. Amy, maybe a few more listens or explore some of their earlier stuff will help with the vocals especially on songs where Russell takes the lead.

    To the music, great opening, I’ve forgotten quite how good Molly Hatchet is, cheers DsD, that’s my cup of coffee!

    Horsebastard, yep that’s a double espresso of a hit! Quite long enough 😉

    Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, completely unknown to me. This is more of a latte, nice if a bit milky.

    Can’t get Seiko to play ! ! ! 😦

    Nina, well that’s a very nice cup of Costa Rican to finish off: smooth, sweet, delicate and a little bit smoky.

  4. having a rare quiet period in the office to listen to these.

    Enjoyed them all! Had never heard of Molly Hatchet, but dug the geetar. BoS were cool too and Seiko Omori was great.

    Don’t usually take to Nina too well, but it felt right for my afternoon mood today. Cheers all!


  5. Molly Hatchet: A bit noodly for my liking. I know that’s the point of it; I’m just not really the target audience for this sort of guitar-based showmanship.

    Horsebastard: Teehee.

    The Jicks: Oh this is jolly. Definite earworm. Like it a lot.

    Band of Skulls: Nice vocal. Like it. Like a rock take on Goldfrapp’s Strict Machine-era synth take on glam rock. So glam rock then.

    Seiko Oomori: Nice. Reminds me a little of Drugstore. Or at least El Presidente by Drugstore. Despite not really sounding anything like it. Something in the vocal. Like it anyway.

    Nina Simone: Well, it’s a classic of course. My iTunes tells me we had it as an earworm during my tenure as it happens. Which isn’t surprising really as it’s an irresistible tune.

    Cheers all – enjoyed that lot!

      • Oh I don’t think it matters! I shouldn’t have mentioned really. It was just niggling at me so I checked. And then couldn’t keep my findings to myself!

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