Summer Psych, Surf, and Stoner Rock

And some groovy garage and punk too. Some older stuff, some newer stuff, and more females than usual for me.

Veruca Salt – Museum of Broken Relationships Aging nicely.

Sleepy Sun – 11:32 – California psych rockers. Older stuff can be a bit tedious, this is better.

Black Angels – Sunday Evening – First heard this one via Blimpy. Not bad, but unfortunately for me it’s the best one on the EP, maybe they’re trying a bit too hard. Or maybe i just need another listen.

Tame Impala – Flow – A few years old, these Aussies still pretty consistently rock.

Fuzz – Flow – Ty Segall and his mates do an acid metal project. Not bad if you like this sort of thing (which i do), most of the album sounds pretty much the same though.

Black Lips – Dandelion Dust – I think i may be alone in loving these guys? I think they keep getting better and better. Heard the first tune Boys in the Wood last fall, thought it was a bit crap. Turns out it was the worst song on the album for me.

Parquet Courts – Raw Milk – Uneven follow up album, not bad. I still think they need another album or 2 to hit their stride.

Thee Oh Sees – The Lens – they can be uneven too, but this is a pretty good album.

Thee Oh Sees – Drop

Black Lips – Drive By Buddy – channeling the Monkees here.

Coathanger – Merry Go Round – Snotnose female garage punks after my own heart, also from Atlanta and open for the Black Lips.

Holy Wave – Psychological Thriller – Austin psych rockers channelling Mamas and Papas.

Pretty Girls – Waiting On You, We’re Baats (Live) – South Florida surf rockers. Some lovely stuff they do. This video is pretty crap, i have a better file for any interested.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Uneven stuff, older stuff i’ve heard is twee as fuck, lotta wank. This one is pretty good.

What i passed on –

Black Keys (Turn Blue) – I think i’m done with them. I’ll stick to the old guitar and drum stuff.

Arctic Monkeys (AM) – I dunno. It’s still good stuff i guess. A lot more polished. And a lot more boring. Doesn’t hit the spot like the old stuff.

Jack White (Lazaretto) – The bluesy garagey rockish stuff didn’t do it for me. Better – the Raconteursish Americanaish tunes on the album.

(ps Shane – sorry to come so close on your heel, but if i didn’t get it up tonight it probably wasn’t going to get up.)

20 thoughts on “Summer Psych, Surf, and Stoner Rock

  1. Most ace!

    Here’s some stuff from scuzzy and twee Finnnish groovers.

    What do fear, Vladimir? Take it easy, Vladimir. Do those big girls give you butterflies?

    Love the lyrics in the Astrid Swan: “Here comes the me who wants to ride you on a first date.” Horny!

  2. Really enjoyable play list amylee: stand out fave (big surprise) was Fuzz, brilliant.

    Liked the Black Lips too plus the Allah Las, have their debut album, wasn’t aware there was a second, cheers for that.

    • I like the Fuzz more and more too – it sounds better here as opposed to at the end of the full album.

      If we were playing the toss one game, i’d toss the Sleepy Sun. I just got seduced by the squealy guitars.

      I think the Allah Las album might not be out yet.

    • awesome. I just got home from sweltering all day – shower, glass of vino, and i’m looking forward to some grooviness.

    • something i didn’t really realize or think about when doing my list is that most if not all of the bands are American. So it’s good to get a list with a lot of Europeans too. I’ve heard of only one or 2 of them – these seem to go the droney shoegaze route, the Americans seem to go the snotnose or hippy dippy stoner route. Something else i noticed about a lot of the American bands (also many not on this list) is that they seem to be reworking a lot of 60s/70s/80s music. Even a lot of the bigger bands.

    • Thanks Panth!

      I like the Coathangers too, sounds a bit like another Georgia band? I love the video.


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