So , what’s new ?


I am always being asked “What is new in Japan, musically speaking ?” *
And here’s my reply. A selection of some of the new sounds from the Land of the Rising Sun.
Some Rock, some Indie, all good. I hope you enjoy them.

First up come Vamipllia with Lilac. This track features the vocal talents of legendary singer Jun Togawa and is in the “metal/goth” sphere I think. They appear to hail from Osaka ( the Liverpool of Japan) and describe themselves as a “Brutal Orchestra” mixing classical and hardcore sounds.

Akasick next with 秘密のデート ( Secret dating, according to Google Translate). A three piece featuring Rihime on vocals, they appear to hail from Yokohama and have been gigging for a year or two. This comes from their recent mini-L.P and is kind of indie with slight “jazz” feeling. I really like this band and think they could do well.

Glim Spanky are a male/female duo ( one of each, not both at the same time !), Remi and Hiroki, both play guitar and have been around for a few years now. They play a rather attractive “bluesy” modern Rock. Not unlike the White Stripes, perhaps. Some fine guitar playing. This track is “Gypsy” from a recent E.P.

BiS are an “idol” group but of a very different nature to the norm. They make “metal” or hardcore type music and are very much “alternative” of image. This is STUPiG, a noisy hardcore type of track. You can read about them on Wiki and find out who was the “creepy” member and who is the “spice of the group” !

Red Bacteria Vacuum are an all girl punk band that come from Osaka, they formed as far back as 1998 and have been touring and making records on and off since then. This track is from their most recent album “Hey Peeps” and is totally bonkers.
It’s called 続・アントニウスに捧ぐ which is something like “dedicated to Antonius”. What it’s all about I have no idea but I love it.

Finally an appropriate song to finish with Weinners and “Fuck off”. “It’s unpredictable, but expand the body reacts and continues to vertical without principled various scenes, generation, culture Armed with humor and unique music of the other catchy melodies and fantastic.” says their website ( possibly slightly dodgy translation), which I think is fair enough. “Colourful punk” , I’d call it.

So there you have it, hope you found something here to like.

* This is, of course, completely untrue. A rhetorical device, if you will.

7 thoughts on “So , what’s new ?

  1. Glim Spanky for me, I think. Not something I thought I’d ever say. The others I’m not so keen on but not because they’re Japanese, just because punk / hardcore metal aren’t really my thing. But thank you!

  2. The write-up will have me giggling for days, brilliant, the music kind of passed me by. My favourite track would be ‘Lilac’ though my ears found it a little belligerent in the last half minute or so. I’ve never altogether comfortable when I don’t know what is being said.

  3. enjoyed these immensely. All new for me and a lot of fun. Special shout outs to BiS (sounded like a more poppy Digital Hardcore track) – are they really going to self-destruct this weekend just down the road from where I am typing this??!! and “Fuck Off” was ace too. Cheers!


    • Glad you liked them,maybe your ears are more attuned to the J-sounds.
      Interesting about BiS, I wonder if Babymetal have rather stolen their thunder.

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