elastic bands – this week: i


Ring, Ring, Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

I will post a letter of the alphabet (or two)
all BANDS or ARTISTS must begin with that letter.
Artists letter is determined by the letter at the beginning of their SURNAME (if they use it) – ignore the use of ‘The’ in a bands name.
up to 13 songs are allowed – fewer if you wish.

All can be the same artist if that represents you perfectly or all the same genre.
Just make them great tunes.

Make a youtube playlist (if you like) and link to it – just link to it – don’t overload the thread.

Cut and paste the band names and tracks (in a joyous list style) in the comments.
Then we can chat about the choices – add some waffle if you want (about how narrow or varied those choices are) … but above all, have fun.

eye know it’s late, I got lost in the daisy age.


59 thoughts on “elastic bands – this week: i

  1. I is a letter that’s going to feature some famous one-offs for me, artists where it’s an unavoidable song choice:
    Indeep’s Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, for example.

    But that’s for later. Just enabling comments from my phone for now. Back to the Hammeriting …

  2. I’m absolutely stuffed this week ! Despite 2 i-Pods full of stuff there’s only about 4 “I” artists that I’d really recommend and 2 of those are obscure Japanese bands which I know aren’t featured much on Youtube.
    It will be interesting to see what other folks come up with !

    • 24 artists on my long-list, Pairubu. And that’s sticking to the rules about surnames and ignoring all those Ians.

      • All I’ve got is Indian-High (IN-HI), Inotomo, Incredible String Band, The Id and Gregory Isaacs !
        Just one of those weird freaks of nature ( not me, the lack of “I”s.)

  3. Hey, I’m not normally on here this early in the thread…

    Iron Maiden: Flight of Icarus
    Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day
    Icicle Works: Love Is A Wonderful Colour
    Janis Ian: Seventeen
    Billy Idol; Rebel Yell
    Natalie Imburglia: Torn
    Chris Isaak: Wicked Game
    Gregory Isaacs: Night Nurse


  4. I already have some repeats here –

    InDeep – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
    Indigo Girls – Blood and Fire
    Chris Isaacs – Wicked Game
    Iron Butterfly – In a Gadda Da Vida
    Isley Bros – Take Me to the Nest Phase
    Billy Idol – White Wedding
    INXS – New Sensation
    Imagined Village – Space Girl
    Natalie Imbruglia – Torn (Spotted Rich put up a fantastic earworm of hers once, but i can’t remember it)


    Don’t know any songs offhand by Interpol or Incubus.

  5. Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face.
    Isley Brothers – This Old Heart Of Mine and There’s No Love Left.
    Inticers – Since You Left.
    Invitations – What’s Wrong With Me Baby?
    Impressions – You’ve Been Cheating and Stay Close To Me.
    Ivories – Please Stay.
    Incredibles – Standing Here Crying – A Lister on RR for something that escapes me.
    Impacts – Jerkin’ In Your Seat – Not much of a favourite but couldn’t resist.
    Iggy Pop/Francoise Hardy – I’ll Be Seeing You – Perhaps a double cheat but he isn’t Mr Pop
    Intruders – I Wanna Know Your Name.
    Ikettes – It’s Been So Long.

    If Amy agrees a baker’s dozen.

    • well, i was wondering if i could get the Igster on my list. But that still wouldn’t make it a baker’s dozen. Or even a dozen.

  6. Inti Illimani – El Pueblo Unido (thanks to whoever nominated this for left wing songs)
    Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse
    Inner Circle – Sweat
    In Crowd – Dub In Love (thank god for Trojan compilations)
    Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze
    James Ingram – Yah Mo Be There
    Impressions – People Get Ready
    Janis Ian – At 17
    Eric Idle – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

    “I” seems to be quite a soul & reggae letter.

  7. elastic bands iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    The Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock ‘n Roll The Indelicates
    Bongo Rock Incredible Bongo Band
    Black & Grey Stripped Trousers In Flagranti
    Good Life Inner City
    Vive Le Swing (Gabin Brassy Rmx) In-grid
    Over My Shoulder I Am Kloot
    Sackville Inspiral Carpets
    The Beat Goes On Inga
    Happy Birthday The Innocence Mission
    Do Re Mi Isolée
    Never Do That Again Ivy
    These Are Our Children I Monster
    Paintchart Isan

  8. Isotope with Gary Boyle Spanish Sun .. top 70s jazz rock & guitar playing
    eric idle eric the half bee
    neil innes how sweet to be an idiot

    • Isotope – I forgot them. Someone I vaguely knew a long time ago briefly played drums with Isotope.

      Not on any of their recorded works, though.

  9. making up numbers a bit with doubles from interpol & icicle works. love those songs though!

    interpol – obstacle 1
    icicle works – factory in the desert
    idlewild – i don’t have the map
    Inspiral carpets – keep the circle round
    international noise conspiracy – capitalism stole my virginity
    into a circle – rise
    impossible shapes – bombs
    iron and wine – die
    i am kloot – morning rain
    idha – i’m losing more than i’ll ever have
    icicle works – nirvana
    iliketrains – terra nova
    interpol – leif erikson

    kick in the i’s

  10. Really difficult one for me – only 9 songs – haven’t repeated any artists though. Had to include Janis Ian’s At 17 as it’s an all-time favourite, apologies for the duplication!

    The Imagined Village – Tam Lin Retold
    INXS – Never Tear Us Apart
    The Incredible String Band – Way Back In The 1960s
    Janis Ian – At 17
    Billy Idol – White Wedding
    Idlewild – American English
    Isley Brothers – This Old Heart Of Mine
    Iggy Pop – The Passenger
    Ion – Silent Stars

    • Forgot Burl Ives, didn’t know Mr Rabbit! Would probably have chosen Froggy Went A-Courting. Suppose I could still add it to my list!

  11. OK, here is my list;

    It was another toughy.

    Luckily, there are things here that I really like a lot. I avoided In A Gadda Da Vida, because it is so long but I did include another Iron Butterfly track from the same album.

    Also, I get to list It’s A Beautiful Day, The Isley Brothers and The Impressions. Deep joy.

    It’s a Beautiful Day-White Bird
    Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
    The Isley Brothers – Who’s That lady
    Iron Butterfly – Are You Happy
    Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
    Billy Idol – White Wedding
    Inner City – Big Fun
    Inner Circle – Sweat
    Ini Kamoze – Here comes the hotstepper
    James Ingram & Michael McDonald – Yah Mo Be There
    Janis Ian – Stars
    The Impressions – People Get Ready
    Luther Ingram – If Loving You Is Wrong


    • dond for White Bird. And for Ini Kamoze – who i had on my list of but left off like the Igster because i didn’t think it would fly.

      I briefly considered Run For the Hills, but i was never a Maiden fan, i just can’t stand his voice.

  12. Instant Agony – No Sign Of Life
    Infa Riot – Kids Of The 80s
    The Insane – Whole World’s Going Insane
    Icons Of Filth – Dividing Line
    Inner Terrestials – Outside
    Intensive Care – Cowards
    Icon AD – Say No
    The Instigators – The Fix
    In The Shit – Screaming Beer
    Icons Of Filth – Just Won’t Go

  13. Very tough letter this week so I have brought in some obscurish soul as back up

    Idlewild – Stay The Same
    I Am Kloot – Stop
    Iliketrains – Sea of Regrets
    Gregory Isaacs – A Few Words
    Isley Brothers – Behind a Painted Smile
    Index – Give Me a Sign
    Inner City – Good Life
    Indeep – Last Night a DJ
    I Level – Give Me
    Incognito – Always There
    The Inversions – Passport
    Intruders – Warm and Tender Love
    The It – Rainforest Serenade

  14. DsD’s I Go Insane

    1. Icehouse – Crazy.
    Blimey! Get a load of Iva’s permed mullet in the vid. 😯
    2. InDeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.
    These two are both fond-memory-prodders, from my teenage years.
    As is, but from my early twenties:
    3. Isley Jasper Isley – Caravan Of Love,
    though that’s much more, um, intimately personal. * ahem * Er, moving on …
    4. Chris Isaak – Breaking Apart.
    Oof! An unfortunate coincidence of scheduling there. Anyway, I much prefer this version to the more appropriately arranged duet with Trisha Yearwood.
    5. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – No Choice In The Matter.
    Goddamn! Again, I have to claim the subject matter to be incidental. And DoubleDamn: a horn section I forgot over on the mothership this week. (Though it may be saxes only? Anyone?)
    6. I Am Kloot – Chaperoned.
    This YT vid is from the right recording sessions, but isn’t quite as tight as the final LP version.
    7. In Tua Nua – The Innocent And The Honest Ones.
    I had a hard time settling on one song here; I’ve recently rediscovered my very battered CD of The Long Acre, and am playing it quite a bit. Celtic Rock from the late 80s, for those that don’t know them.
    8. iLiKETRAiNS – A Rook House For Bobby.
    Another band I could’ve picked several songs from.
    9. Ice-T – Personal.
    “Are there guitars on there? Let’s do this!” Hell yeah!!
    10. Billy Idol – White Wedding.
    THE floor-filler at our student nightclub in the mid-80s.
    11. The Icicle Works – Shit Creek.
    Ah, I always knew that under that Liverpool faux-indie exterior beat the heart of a proper heavy rocker. Have a vague memory of seeing them for free in Sefton Park in about 1982, but have never found any record of such a show.
    12. Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills.
    I have to admit I didn’t really think much of Iron Maiden until Bruce Dickinson replaced the barbed-wire-larynxed Paul DiAnno. Then it all made sense.
    13. Iommi – I Go Insane.
    Which is what most of you will do if I make you listen to all nine minutes of this multi-riff, ostentatious, OTT indulgence from the Sabs guitarist, with The Voice Of Rock™ up front.
    Feel free to skip it, non-rockers.

    I had to leave off the following favourites, due to the artist/song not being [easily findable] on YouTube:
    The In & Outlaws, Iko Iko, The Inspirational Choir, Isis, The Immortal Lee County Killers.

  15. Music is in the I of the Beholder

    A dozen this week:

    A couple of Aussie acts to start, first up the gorgeous Natalie Imbruglia and Smoke.

    INXS and a repeat Never Tear Us Apart.

    The Icicle Works – Understanding Jane

    Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself

    Idlewild – I Want A Warning, most surprised that this group has featured in several lists, thought they never really hit the big time, but listening to this again, they are “so of the moment” and could easily pass as a current band.

    Indigo Girls – Jonas and Ezekiel

    Another duplicate from Inner Circle and Sweat

    A recent new to me and featured for Connecticut on my recent tour across the States: Into It. Over It. Upstate Blues.

    Slim pickings this week, with another repeat: Chris Isaak and Blue Hotel.

    Isley Brothers, Summer Breeze, also already nabbed.

    Jason Isbell – Cover Me Up.

    Oh, just in case you’ve fallen asleep here’s Iron Maiden with Murders In The Rue Morgue.

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  17. Shall we have a playlist? OK, votes are in and the ‘I’s have it:

    Ali IngleSomething On My Mind: Liverpool singer-songwriter’s poetic “ramblings and inner thoughts of an attention seeking kid who never quite grew up.” He wrote this for the austic son of his buddy Stu Kershaw (OMD, Atomic Kitten).
    Gregory Alan IsakovEvelyn: Under-known (partly his own fault) American folkie
    I Am KlootMouth On Me: Still indie, still waiting for their big break.
    Ian & SylviaSomeday Soon: Written during a lull in the four strong Canadian winds
    ImpressionsIt’s All Right: Soul heaven
    Infamous StringdustersBy My Side: As good as ensemble playing gets. From their latest (banjo and fiddle alert!)
    Ink SpotsPlease Take a Letter Miss Brown: What ‘they’ mean when ‘they’ say ‘they’ don’t write songs like ‘they’ used to
    ItalsIn A Dis Ya Time: Not Jamaica’s most stable bunch, but stellar when it all came together
    Janis IanMarried In London: Still speaking for those who cannot.
    Jason IsbellSongs That She Sang In The Shower : Emerging from Drive-By Truckers expectations (and lifestyle)

  18. Impalas – Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
    Impressions – Gypsy Woman
    Imperials – Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Pop
    Ink Spots – If I Didn’t Care
    Ink Spots – My Prayer
    Irish Rovers – Orange and the Green
    Irish Tenors – Shenandoah
    In The Mood – Glenn Miller Orchestra
    Innamorata – Dean Martin
    Imagination – Ella Fitzgerald
    Julio Iglesias – Crazy
    Ike and Tina – Proud Mary

  19. Aye Eye:

    I Am Kloot (4)
    Iron & Wine (2)
    I Break Horses (1)
    I, Ludicrous (1)
    Icona Pop (1)
    Imagined Village (1)
    Interpol (1)
    Invisible (1)
    Irrationals (1)
    Islands (1)
    It’s Immaterial (1)
    Vijay Iyer Trio (1)

  20. I have a couple I haven’t noticed so far. IAMX are Chris Corner, who was the force behind Sneaker Pimps and friends who make fabulous european electro angst or something. I love them anyway, my list includes them and Inkubus Sukkubus, link in a minute as I’m so late anyway.

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