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OK, people. We haven’t had an end of the week quiz for ages and Leavey has done his bit, as have many of you. I feel the ‘Spill is kind of going into a snooze; we are drifting into a “Uhhh… there’s nothing on the ‘Spill and the tumbleweed is drifting across and as much as we love Blimpy and Etc Etc “… maybe it’s the summer. Maybe I’ve had too much wine with my neighbour who is (ahem) very attractive and 20 years younger than me but … hey … sigh … it’s the World Cup and even that is Nil,Nil so he we go …

1) You are allowed one (ONE!) piece of music to take with you to a desert island where you have to stay for six months. What piece of music would you take?

2) What is your best moment, ever, ever, ever? You can include sex but please don’t be graphic. Some of us may be jealous.

3) Give us a song that lifts you up, up, UP!

4) What is you favourite season, and why? I am looking out at an indifferent sunset: personally I like October / Autumn because it’s warm but not too hot/cold; the Autumn colours are to die for and it’s a season of reflection / Mr Kipling cakes.

5) Give us a recipe. Nothing complicated, just something you throw together after the pub and without thinking about it. Anything from bacon and eggs / curry / comfort food / beans on toast. We’re not proud, just hungry.

6) What would you say if you had an invitation to stay in Yorkshire in a small house with a very strange woman and her son: with a good possibility of alcohol and sleeping on the floor (NB this does not commit you to anything).

Cheers and have a good (remains of) the weekend.

I love you all!

94 thoughts on “End of the Week Quiz

  1. We love you too!

    Very good questions, which I will attempt to answer without thinking about it too much.

    1) Very difficult for those of us who are cripplingly indecisive. I guess I’d take something classical because it’s longer than a pop song and has movements. Maybe Mozart’s clarinet quintet, but a very good performance on original instruments and all of that.

    2) Also difficult for the indecisive. I might have to get back to you on this.

    3) Ooh Child by Nina Simone. It’s buoyant but substantial. Flying but grounded.

    4) I like spring best I think, late spring. I like when the boys are in school but it’s almost out. I like the hopefulness of it. I like leaves on the trees. I like autumn too, but it gets me down sometimes, and I’ve come to dread winter a very tiny bit. But I dread summer a tiny bit, too, so it’s all even in the end.

    5) Saltine crackers with black pepper and anything…goat cheese, butter, peanut butter, nutella, It’s all good.

    6) We’re on our way!

    • 1) I think I would take Vivaldi and The Four Seasons, played by someone enthusiatic ( Nigel Kennedy?) because it would remind me of home. And … every season has its merits.
      2) To follow
      3) Here is Nina Simone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6odkM5o038A&feature=kp
      4) Yes, Spring is amazing. All those vibrant greens when the leaves emerge. And the garden is full of yellow and blue. ,”The winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.”
      —Song of Solomon 2:11,12
      5) Your ‘recipe’ sounds good, houmous would fit in well, I think, and a big jar of olives with sun-dried tomato … you are definitely the recipe guru round here, with your fantastic bog.
      6) You are very welcome.

      • I’ve never had a saltine, is it like a water biscuit? I can eat a whole box of those, especially if I had ant of those toppings either of you mentioned, yum!

  2. You star Ali.

    1. only one piece of music, then it would have to be Supper’s Ready by Genesis.

    2. Probably the birth of my first born.

    3. The song that always lifts me up without fail is …..

    Barclay James Harvest – Hymn

    4. Early spring, still a chill in the air in the early morning, but with the promise of warmth later on, possibly with blue skies and the fresh greens of leaves starting to bud and my favourite tree Magnolia, blooming with light-bulb like new flowers.

    5. Can’t beat scrambled eggs on toast after a trip to the pub, mix three eggs, bit of salt and pepper, no milk. Butter in a shallow frying pan. Thickish sliced (white) bread in the toaster. Scramble eggs in pan until just setting and then take off the heat to finish cooking through in the residual heat. Slather butter on toast and scoff.

    6. How about a walk in the dales or on the moors in spring, a pub lunch (that lasts all afternoon) I’ll do my rendition of Hymn and then we can come back and listen to Supper’s Ready and I’ll cook scrambled eggs.

    • Hi Leavey

      1) Yes, Supper’s ready is pretty good. Not what I expected as your choice, but nothing wrong with that. Takes me back.
      2) Awww. Can’t say more, really.
      3) BJH takes me back too. Circa 1972 at Bristol Colston Hall (“Cole S’naw”) with full orchestra. I was 13 or 14. And the one that blew me away was “Mockingbird”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urFcnTdnDd0 . Still sounds pretty good.
      4) Yes, Spring in amazing, acid greens, yellows and blues. See reply to Claire above. All that hopefulness. “Season of Spring, and season of renewal”. “Now the green balde riseth …”, etc. Hymns are not necessarily religious, to my mind, they are historical and reflect the changing seasons which were so important to our ancestors. A celebration of life.
      5) Sounds good but in the morning (for me). Can only do plain toast after the pub.
      6) That sounds brilliant but can we do West Yorkshire, which is just as beautiful in its own way. A warm welcome to you and yours.

  3. You rock, Ali.

    1) Exile on Main Street. Whoda thunk it.

    2) Whatever it is, it hasn’t happened yet.

    3) Oh i dunno. Here Comes the Sun maybe.

    4) Autumn, hands down no contest. Due to being an October baby, maybe. I hate summer, it’s a season to endure. Looking forward to autumn travel around my new neck of the woods – hopefully some excursions to the Berkshires, White Mountains, and Burlington / Stowe in Vt. Yep, i like to colors too.

    5) I told my housemate when i first moved it that i don’t cook, i make sandwiches. The reality has finally sunk in that i genuinely do hate to cook i think. It’s too nervewracking for me to get everything together and assembled at the same time, i don’t even feel like eating it when it’s done. If i had any money i’d buy a househusband. Having said that, here’s Amy’s quick and cheap 1 pot pasta –

    Fresh green or tricolor cheese tortellini
    Red Sauce (preferably fresh), or Prego Garden sauce.
    (box of baby bella shrooms)
    fresh baby spinach leaves
    broccoli florets
    smoked mozzerella cheese
    black olives (the canned kind)
    grated or shaved parm or ricotta salata or romano or some combo

    Sautee the optional shrooms and set aside. Cube the smoked mozz, ditto. Cook the fresh pasta with the broccoli for 5 minutes or so. Remove from heat and throw in spinach leaves. Drain, toss in a bowl with the shrooms and mozz and sliced black olives. Heat sauce, toss with pasta, top with grated cheese. Voila, dinner for half a week at least. (maybe breakfast sometimes too.)

    6) Love to. I told Bish and Blimpy that next summer i’d attempt Scotland. I’d surely love to make a pitstop in Yorkshire.

    • It just occurred to me that i make a kickass 1-(huge) pot beef vegetable barley soup, adapted from a family recipe. Now there’s an autumn meal – bowl of that with slabs of crusty bread slathered with butter and apple butter. Goes well with buttered saltines too, and freezes beautifully.

      Does it make sense to say i’m a total homebody but not a domestic?

    • I just noticed that you said an after pub meal. Ok, Carr’s cracked pepper crackers, Honeycup mustard, any cheeses and fruit (probably apples) we can find in the fridge.

    • 1) The Stones? Surely not?? That’s like tfd recommending Tom Petty … never in a million years …
      2) Well, that’s good, it means you still have something great to look forward too …
      3) Here Comes the Sun is brilliant. Always had a ‘thing’ for George Harrison if I had to choose one of the Beatles. My brother gave me the The Beatles “Love” remastered CD a few years ago, it includes a great version of “Here Comes the Sun” though I think I prefer the imperfect original. Great track.
      4) Yes, I like October, maybe ‘cos my dad once said it was his favourite month (because you get such wonderful skies). He was a September baby.
      5) You may not like cooking but you’ve supplied my sort of recipe. People ask me for recipes, but I don’t have one because I just look in the fridge and chuck in whatever needs using up, with herbs or spices, and carry on cooking it till it smells all right. I think you’re probably my kind of cook, I’ve always felt I needed a wife rather than a househusband.
      6) You are more than welcome for a pitstop.

  4. 1. One of Bach’s cello suites, played by Yo-Yo Ma, in his early recording, not the later one

    2.i can’t answer this.

    3. Persian Love by Holger Czukay

    4. High summer, when it’s warm enough to sit out in the evening with friends and drink wine and chat (did this last night at friends’ wedding anniversary party combined with both their 65th birthdays),

    5. Anything on toast. Cheese or poached eggs or soft herring roes or sardines mashed up with vinegar and black pepper.

    6. Still haven’t unpacked Thermarest mattress and sleeping bag from last night’s sleepover. Just let me know the address!

    • 1) Suite No 1 in G major would be a good start, I think. I’m very partial to Bach, though not very knowledgable.
      2) As I said above, that’s good … the best is yet to come.
      3) Absolutely unknown to me until just now, courtesy of Youtube. Shades of Yes and Mike Oldfield. Wonderful.
      4) High summer evenings are lovely when it’s light and cool, though I hate the thundery oppresiveness that comes with July. But tonight was beautiful, and being ‘uup north’ we get lighter evenings. I can see the badger in the garden at twilight.
      5) Not sure I could do cheese or fish after the pub, but toast is good, my latest ‘thing’ is houmous and marmite on toast. Mmmm. Sardines I like for lunch, or mackerel.
      6) Message me on Facebook! It ain’t posh but it’s welcoming and free and you can do your own thing.

  5. Hallo friends. Yep, this is it. It’s all over. Nearly.

    And why? Because facebook has killed blogging.

    Before The ‘Spill first started, we had one online outlet for expression: the guardian comment pages, but this outlet got shut for most of the week. And thus The ‘Spill began, to fill those gaps. And more.

    When the GU comms pages became so toxic as to be unbearable, The ‘Spill became a super go-to and everything was gravy. Sometimes it was a bit tricky with everyone learning how to blog & post and be a blogger (and then wordpress) user, but for a lot of folk it worked out ok

    Then bit by bit, everyone got facebook, which gave an easy online expression of thought and a nice simple social interaction. And facebook enabled, bit by bit, all the stuff we did on the blog. Made it easier. easier to post music, easier to reach interested & passionate parties. Everyone became a blogger because of Facebook, mostly without realising it, and now that is threatening to be all there is.

    And I’m as guilty as anyone, because I think all I wanted, deep down, was to make a connection – to feel like I wasn’t just sat on my sofa at home shouting into the wind about the silly small inflections of guitar distortion that mean a lot to me- and now the obscure band that no one would ever hear can, through one click of a spotify share button, be seen by my wife, mum, brother, colleagues, childhood friends, adult friends, neighbour, future alien overlords, randoms, god herself, minions, austin powers, albert camus, ad nausea…We’ve all shared everything, and there’s nothing left. And nowhere to go from here.

    And, come to think of it, it’s not just Facebook’s fault – recently my 16 yr old niece put up a playlist that had Nico, Can, Velvet Underground, obscure Hendrix etc – the kind of thing that would have taken us oldies YEARS OF OBSESSION to get together, and so what’s the point anymore…

    I am rambling (and guilty, guilty and rambling), but 118 minutes of football in a tiny bar in the Auvergne can do that to you. I forgot to take a selfie; sorry. I tried recently to phone my friends on their birthdays instead of writing the message that Facebook suggested; but I didn’t have everyones’ numbers any more…

    And I’m about to slump into Bordeaux apathy and restless sleep as the tumbleweed creeps in and I’m wondering what we do now and I don’t think the answer exists online anymo

    • Hello Blimpy

      Don’t give up! FB is not all. It is getting more and more commercial and is (therefore) used less and less.

      The ‘Spill – at least to me – is still an outlet for musical expressiveness and thanks to you it has generated a corterie for those of us that like music, art, whatever … and have nowhere else to express that without a mountain of commercial interruption. You have done a wonderful thing!

      I don’t think ‘we’ have shared everything – listening to something on Spotify is a personal experience and I don’t know anyone I could share that with if it wasn’t for The ‘Spill. I have ‘met’ (online or in person) lots of people whom I would never had come across, had it not been for you. Our tastes might be different but they are certainly not exclusive. The ‘Spill has led me to listen to music I would never have given a second look, before.

      Maybe “the answer” doesn’t exist online but did it ever exist, anyway? It’s more than music, it’s cameraderie. And we have you to thank.

      • Noooo!

        Precisely the reason I don’t use FB so much is because I don’t want to share my passion for underground Polish black metal with my second cousin twice removed.

        Long live the Spill!


    • I dunno if we can totally blame FB, my love. I blame a lot of it on the slow demise of RR – a lot of the folks who used to put up playlists and stuff don’t seem to bother because there’s not a hell of a lot of interest over there anymore.

      Life happens to a lot of people too. Some people have new kids, some people get busy or get new jobs or projects, some people find new partners or get accepted into PhD programs, some people move to a place they actually love where there’s an actual life available instead of being forced to live online…

    • Hey, Blimpo, let a thousand flowers bloom, I say. At least with wordpress we have some control, and so far as I know they don’t read all our posts and then send us adverts; send all our revolutionary thoughts to the man (though they probably do!); dodge taxes; try psychological experiments with us; sell our details to anyone who wants them; mess with our minds by randomly hiding posts so we never know if we’ve seen them all; take down our posts because some music biz fat cat’s lawyer asks them to; send threatening letters when our home movies have 9.8 seconds of a copyright soundtrack; steal our address book and email everyone in it; secretly turn on our webcams and watch us dad dancing to Donna Summer; etc. So, long may t’Spill survive.

      Enjoy la belle France…

      • yeah, i always have one foot out the door there. As a die-hard American civil libertarian, there will be a point when a line is crossed and i bail out of there for good. In fact, i had better start backing up my art bookmarks elsewhere.

    • re Blimpy’s thoughts, I hope we can continue here, I am a lurker in that I can’t work out how to post effectively and I believe the music I like is a bit niche so of limited appeal, but I do enjoy reading what people are passionate about.

      Facebook is useful and fun, but a bit like eating too many soft centre chocolates sometimes, you feel a bit ill and wish you hadn’t, it is un-satisfyingly superficial and non-nutritious, but there are people there I’m glad to know are alive and I wouldn’t otherwise.

      I will be brave and try to contribute more.

      • If you ever want help posting, let me know. As for niche music, everyone’s is a bit niche, isn’t it? We all like different things but it’s interesting to hear other stuff and to pick up new tastes … sorry, been to the pub (ramble ramble)

        • thanks Ali, others have tried to help me before, I think I may be a bad student! I may take you up on this though
          and I will be sending a few ear worms 🙂

  6. answers:

    1. I’m Not Comfortable Inside My MInd – John Callaghan – I could easily spend 6 months analysing the lyrics

    2. Correctly answering solo (for maximum points) the final question of the regional Scout Fire Quiz finals to ensure our team could get through to the next round…..!

    3. It’s still “Tender” – gets me every time!

    4. Spring for me too – before the mossies come out and I can enjoy the garden.

    5. Post-pub cup ramen is the best for me. Boil water in a kettle, pour over noodles and wait for 3 minutes making sure to keep sauce sachet on the top to warm it up. Stir in sauce and eat!

    6. Yes, please!


    • 1. Crikey, that’s a bit deep. Not sure I could cope with it for six months!
      2. That’s a good’un. I still remember winning a T-shirt in a pub quiz because I was the only one who’d read “Androcles and the Lion” – it wasn’t even a great T-shirt but I was so pleased to win something!
      3. Beautiful song.
      4. We get mossies here too, although they’re only little ones. They lurk under the trees and seem to get me whatever time of year it is. Drive me nuts.
      5. Sounds like Pot Noodle – my step-son lived on the chicken ones for years, he’s 6 foot 5 inches now so they don’t seem to have done him any harm – unless they were full of growth hormone?
      6. Yay! Bring some mossie spray!

  7. You guys are getting me worried with all this “doom-mongering” about the end of The Spill. 😦

    I don’t use FB so have no idea of the insidious evil you speak of, so for me The Spill is a brilliant environment to share music, photography, films, art and every other cultural medium and make some great “friendships”.

    I have learnt and enjoyed so much from all of you; thank you.

    I agree with amy tho’ I am struggling with RR, yes I still make the the occasional post but I’ve lost my enthusiasm for it but can’t quite give it up completely but I love the interactions over here and recently there has been so many good posts: saneshane’s weekly alphabet piece, Earworms of course, Hoshino Sakura’s Japanese alphabet, goneforeign’s classical piece and photos, amylee’s stoners and surfers, so, so much and apologies if I’ve missed someone out, oh yes that damned hitch-hiker, DsD – what a brilliant travelling companion.

    So many good things recently it would be a shame to let it wither on the vine.

    I shall be returning with another Sunday slot soon, just mulling over some ideas one of which was a musical / cultural quiz but haven’t quite thought out the logistics of managing it yet.

    Love you all.

    • You’re not missing anything on FB. I personally use it as a kind of bookmarking / notes to myself thing – i love music but art is my major passion. It’s just the easiest way for me to keep in touch with what’s going on in art and photo and remind myself of stuff i want to be reminded of. If anyone else wants to have a look and is interested that’s ok too, but i post for myself.

      The Spill (and FB, sort of but not really) is great for our community of music geeks. For, say, US politics discussions i go elsewhere, and for art and photo communities – for more than notes to myself, i’ll look elsewhere too. I can get updates from bands and stuff like that on FB, but you can’t really do playlists and series and stuff like that on FB like you can on here.

      • Well, if you do a nice playlist that you’ve worked on for awhile and post it on FB, chances are no one will see it anyway let alone listen to it, it would most likely get lost in the shuffle there. Or FB might find it a bit too happy and bury it. I usually only see the first post or 2 at the top of my feed, it’s too annoying to scroll down. Being a yank, i can’t even listen to Blimpy’s Spotify tunes. Believe me, i’ve tried.

  8. “Shared everything” ! You are ‘avin’ a laugh, mate ! I’ve hardly scratched the surface over the past 4 or 5 years, what do you want to talk about Rimbaud, cacti, guitars, Waterloo ( station, battle or Abba song, I can do all three), ancient history, modern mysteries, l’amour, hairy legs…..etc etc…
    I have to restrain myself from hogging the place, so many, many songs that I’d love the world to hear ( O.K they are mostly Japanese but that’s beside point). Life is a wonderful tapestry of things, people, places, smells, tastes and sensations ( not all good).
    Everything !
    Pah !

  9. And on to the quiz….

    1) Pere Ubu- Final Solution. Funnily enough that’s about the only song of theirs I really like ! They are one of the two bands I’ve ever walked out on after 1 song too. For some reason, though, that one strikes a chord and is the most played song on my i-Pod, which must be significant.
    2) Birth of daughter, marriage ( events didn’t come in that order !) ( Chelsea Registry Office then down the Thames on a boat ( the Marchioness, the one that sunk, tragically, a few years later) would be candidates , of course, but I’ll go for a game of Trivial Pursuit, long ago and far away. It was at my wife’s work, a Computer Software developer, our teams were me and the missus vs two know it all, ex public school sales guys, we smooshed them. Final question was about Christopher Columbus, “HA ! They’ll never get this !” said one of the guys, smugly. Well I did, the look on his face was priceless. Beaten by a scruff florist assistant in a Breton sweater ( it was the 80s !). Ha , in your face, sweetcakes !
    3. Blue Hearts , either Linda, Linda or Owarani Uta ( which is odd as it’s lyric is all about how rotten the world is !).
    4.Autumn please, thank you very much. I can’t stand heat or cold, middle will do nicely and the colours on the trees round here are fantabulosa, there’s also mushrooms, I like mushrooms, on year there was a total fairlyland of fungi in the woods, it was astonishing. Never seen anything like it since, a once in a lifetime experience.
    5.Italian bread, Pecorino Cheese ( fresh) and a bottle of Nastro Azurro, preferably served in Rome, Ostia Antica for choice, on a sunny, autumn day.
    6.Terribly sorry, I try not to venture north of Worcester if I can avoid it.I know rational but I kind of freak out in the north, despite Geordie ,Yorkshire, Lancashire and Scottish roots.Everything is just too alien and they talk funny.

    • 1. Yes, I can imagine you dancing round the palm trees to this.
      2. It’s the little things, isn’t it? The small triumphs that stick with you.
      3. … still bouncing round those palm trees …
      4. Autumn’s good for me, too. Lots of trees round here, it’s a bit oppressive when they’re just green, but when the leaves change they’re amazing.
      5. Never had pecorino cheese but just looked it up, and it looks good. Might have to add some olives, if it was me.
      6. It took me ages to adjust to the accent when I moved here. Now I don’t notice it but the West Country accent is now strange to my ear when I go “home”.

  10. I love The ‘Spill, and if I’ve not been posting much recently, that’s down to working some absurd hours and generally having rather a lot of other stuff to do. I keep planning ‘Spill posts, but never getting round to them. As for RR – I still enjoy it, though it depends on time and topic – this week’s is a good one. Anyway, thanks for resurrecting the EOTWQ Ally.

    1. Has to be something classical, otherwise I’d ruin a favourite song through over-exposure. I’ll take Elgar’s Cello Concerto.

    2. Southampton 6 – 3 Man Utd. takes some beating, though my wedding day certainly runs it close.

    3. St Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Me Now

    4. Late spring: May – bluebells and iridescent beech leaves, days warming, evenings lengthening, a long summer stretching out ahead [that will almost inevitably be quite disappointing, but at this point you still have hope]

    5. Baked feta:
    Put packet of feta in one of those aluminium containers your takeaway rice comes in.
    Drench with olive oil
    Add a shallot (if you want), oregano, or chillies, or paprika
    Bake until lush and melty
    Serve with crusty bread

    6. Thanks, and I would, if I weren’t going to be in the Caribbean…

    • 1. Oh, good choice. Beautiful music. But I’d need a few boxes of tissues, too, or maybe a palm leaf.
      2. Well, I hope Mrs barbryn isn’t reading …
      3. Very laid back, snoozing under the palms, a balmy breeze wafting across the azure sea …
      4. Another vote for Spring – yes, it is beautiful. No votes for Summer or Winter, yet.
      5. That has given me an idea for lunch!
      6. Caribbean v Yorkshire – no contest, really. “In idle August, while the sea soft, and leaves of brown islands stick to the rim of this Caribbean …”

  11. Thanks for your never waning enthusiasm, Ali.

    1. Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherezade – for the 1001 nights on a desert island
    2. I am lucky enough to have a good few to choose from. One moment of pure joy sticks in my memory – I’m seven, and running home down Mango Avenue in the tropical afternoon heat, when I am suffused with a feeling of superhuman power, as though I can run forever, and jump as high as I like. My huge effortless strides carry me fast. It was a chemical high, unaided by anything ingested. I often recall that moment of otherworldly exhilaration. Maybe it’s what meditation gurus and top athletes experience regularly?
    3. I feel love – Donna Summers (from a playlist of about 50 pick me ups!)
    4. Spring, deffo, for all the reasons given. And this spring has been more magical than most.
    5. Try my ‘breakfast salad’ – get a bowl of dressed salad leaves, then toss in chopped up fried sausage, fried eggs with the yolk broken (so not runny) & chopped into pieces, American style crispy bacon broken into shards, bits of bottled sun dried tomato, button mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter. Add all these while still warm, and toss the salad. Yum.
    6. Send the address to my hotmail, ok?

  12. “Never waning enthusiasm”? It’s being so cheerful as keeps me going … (Mona Lott) -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It’s_That_Man_Again

    1. Scheherezade I can imagine playing under the starry skies …
    2. Chemical or spiritual? Sounds amazing.
    3. Good choice …
    4. Another vote for Spring.
    5. Anything with sun dried tomato sounds wonderful. Umami. Or something.
    6. Will do!

  13. 1.) Pachelbel’s Canon in D – The way I see it, Ol’ Pack’s one big hit has shown up in so many songs, it’s like having a whole music collection in that one tune.
    2.) Kissing my wife for the first time. It was a total surprise. I was walking her back to her front door from the car.
    3.) You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon. Just the most fun, catchy, and danceable song about having a mid-life crisis, that’s all.
    4.) Autumn definitely. Summers here can be brutally hot – and we had no A/C growing up. I always loved that first chilly evening when you can see your breath in the air. It also meant that gridiron football season is back.
    5.) I’m not too good at any recipes, but here’s an easy one for iced tea. The only thing my wife allows me to make. Let the water boil for at least 15 minutes to kill all the uglies in it and keeps it from getting rancid. Let the tea steep for 10 minutes and use two tea bags for each litre of water. I add about 60 mL of sugar per litre to lightly sweeten it. Let it chill in the fridge for a few hours and it’s good to go and will last for about a week. Sweet Southern Tea as served in restaurants is often TOO sweet for my tastes, and I never could develop a liking for unsweetened tea.
    6.) My bags are packed!

    (sorry if this post appears multiple times, I’m having a bear of a time logging into WordPress for some reason.)

    • 1. Lovely choice of music, goneforeign included it on Earworms a few weeks ago.
      2. Awww.
      3. Yes, good bouncy song, you’ll be bopping round the palm trees with pairubu and his hairy legs.
      4. Yes, I like the cooler evenings when the air smells different, somehow. (That’ll be Autumnal, Ali).
      5. I love iced tea, might add a slice of lemon – very refreshing.
      6. The floor awaits!

  14. Well, what a good idea.
    Re. the one piece of music, as I recently mentioned I’ve been listening to Mahler for about 50 years and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it so I’d see no reason to stop. I’d close my eyes and pull 1 CD from my Mahler collection [and hope that I’d pulled the 2nd symphony] but whichever it would be fine. The 2nd would be handy because I’ve requested that the last movement be played when they strike the match.
    2. I’m at a loss, if I struggle with it one image is me arriving at San Francisco immigration in 1958 but there’s hundreds of other memorable moments.
    3. I’ll take anything from Graceland.
    4. Spring for the burst of new life and fall for the transition from heat and sun to cool and damp.
    5.This isn’t a recipe, Take a fresh baguette and some butter, split it and spread with a soft strong cheese, my favorite is Cambozola [Blue Brie] made in, of all places, Germany! Who’d think that they’d know how to make cheese? Eat it all and have a glass of brandy as a nightcap. If I knew we’d need a late supper I think I’d throw a chicken in a slow cooker with some potatoes, carrots, garlic, tomatoes and spices and some chicken broth; let it simmer for several hours. Eat that with some fresh French bread!
    6. I’d say ‘Do you do the Tango?’ Then I’d be on the next plane to see if contemporary Yorkshire bears any resemblance to what I remember.
    Love the dialogue and the casting.

    Re. the Spill. I’ve long wanted to initiate this conversation but apathy usually strikes and I say ‘What the hell’. I’m not at all sure about the FB link since I took an oath when they burst on the scene to avoid them like the plague, ditto the other one, the 140 letters item. Plus I’m the last man on earth without a cell phone, a total luddite, but life goes on without all those things and I enjoy it as much as I ever did.
    I gave up on RR years ago, when the weekly comments list started taking all morning to read through, but I still pop in to read the guest guru’s playlist comments. Not sure if we’re related to RR anymore, I think of us as a separate unit, a group of friends who come to this place regularly to chat and share ideas and music, we don’t need no stinkin’ RR, we’re OK.
    But what we do need is a bit less apathy and I’m as guilty as anyone here. If this is worth saving, worth reactivating to it’s former ‘glory’, then we need a commitment from each Spiller to contribute fairly regularly. Say once a month? We all have ideas for what we’d like to share, so we should commit to acting on those ideas plus we should commit to responding to those ideas, nothing’s more frustrating than spending the time and effort to produce a post and then to get 2-3 comments from an audience of this size. I know there are no rules about what gets posted here but there’s a mindset that we’re a ‘Music’ blog, doesn’t have to be that way, we should expand to include all the arts and sciences.

    • “I know there are no rules about what gets posted here but there’s a mindset that we’re a ‘Music’ blog, doesn’t have to be that way, we should expand to include all the arts and sciences.”

      I’ve kind of found that this sounds good in theory but doesn’t really work out too well in reality. I used to contribute on a US politics blog, once in awhile someone would try an art post or a music post – it didn’t really work. We were all there to argue about politics. Same kind of thing tends to happen on here – we all love music and celebrate our different tastes, but have very different interests otherwise, which sometimes overlap or not. Want to talk about art, or politics, or football, or books, or whatever, there are better blogs and websites for those.

      • I have to disagree, eg. “I’ve kind of found that this sounds good in theory but doesn’t really work out too well in reality.” You’re a photographer right? How about a post of some of your work that you’re proud of or that you willingly share with others? And there must be many other areas that you’re interested in. I know that there are blogs that deal specifically with all those topics but we’re a group of friends TALKING to each other about the things that interest US.

      • ha ha, my work, i’m starting all over again from square one and forgetting everything i learned. I won’t have any work worth a crap for many months. Hoping to take a project critique course at Mass Art extension in the fall, then possibly i’ll have something to post.

        GHE posts some great shots on FB, Beth posts photos from cool places she visits that i love to look at, but these are iPhone shots from small files that aren’t laborously photoshopped. Zala posts her paintings there, but she also uses the site for self promotion too.

        Sure we’re a group of friends talking together about what interests us, but one thing that every one of us is interested in is music. People used to post some recipes, dunno what happened to that. But for other of my interests that go deep, this isn’t really the place for Amy’s theory of economics or investigations into gum bichromate printing or my best of Scandicrime list or whatever.

    • 1. Hmmm … well let’s hope there won’t be any need for match striking, apart from the fact that we don’t want to lose you, you might have to train an obliging monkey.
      2. Sounds like a good start!
      3. Yes, great album, I re-listened to it recently and had forgotten how good it is.
      4. Spring and Autumn … covering both bases …
      5. More cheese! Sounds pretty good.
      6. Never tried to tango, I’ve heard it takes two? I have two left feet.

      Posting … well, I do Earworms but that’s cheating because it writes itself, or rather everyoine else writes it for me. I don’t know what else I do that others would be interested in. I’ve forgotten Blimpy’s original remit, will go away and try to find it.

  15. 1. Can I cheat and take a guitar instead? If not, I should probably take something big like a Beethoven symphony, to make myself listen properly. (Most Deadmusic is on a continuous headloop anyway.)
    2. Birth of son, then Dead at Bickershaw.
    3. Veneta’s Bird Song. It lifts me up and keeps me gliding for 13 minutes.
    4. If it wasn’t so often a cold, wet affair in these parts, I’d say Spring. I’m tempted to say Autumn, for the colours and the occasional Indian Summer. I suppose Not-Winter is my fave.
    5. I’m not a foodie and only have recipes for making the meals I make. In fact I’m getting really pissed off with all the posh food stuff around, from Masterchef to Guardian supplements. What is wrong with a society that already eats too much looking for lots of new things to eat, particularly when most of them have to be flown in from elsewhere? Why do we keep finding more elaborate ways to bugger up our personal ecosystems and those that surround us?
    But, if you insist, cheese on toast with some M&S red onion relish.
    6. My days of alcohol and floor-sleeping are behind me. But thanks for the offer!

    As to t’internet, I keep to a few trusted sites, the Spill being one of them. FB, Google, Apple, Amazon are all untrustworthy, as they are commercial organisations looking to make money from you and they’re all arrogant enough to actually believe they’re in some way consumer-friendly and/or public-spirited. The Spill may have reached a point after all these years where there aren’t too many new things to say – unless we get into a few more non-musical areas – but fresh-faced newbies like liab keep it chugging along (hooray!). It ain’t broke, it just needs a push. And the whole world needs to stop consuming itself electronically and spend a little more time in quiet contemplation.

    • 1. Yes, you can have a guitar, then you can play anything you like.
      2. Good prioritisation!
      3. Beautiful music. I can’t imagine the Dead at Wigan.
      4. Still no direct votes for summer (or winter).
      5. Yes, this w/e’s Guardian was particularly full of foodie stuff, I think they just do it to pad out the paper.
      6. You’re welcome.

      Yes, I think you’re right about new blood, and the push. And you’re definitely right about quietude, that’s why I love walking.

  16. Will reply to the Q’s – one way or another – when I’m back in front of a PC. Regarding the Spill. Some of us rarely start a new post due to technical ineptitude. Or maybe that’s just me. When it comes to the number of comments attracted by each post – I feel quite bad about that because I read and enjoy many posts that I don’t comment on. Can’t always think of anything to add. The various Asian music ones for example. I dip into them now and then but by the time I’ve heard all the music the caravan has moved on.

    • If you ever want something posted, I don’t mind helping. But you’re right about commenting, it can be difficult to think of something worth saying.

  17. Great idea to revive this quiz again.
    1.Predictably ‘Echoes’ by Pink Floyd, it’s long, has many moods and I’d be able to concentrate on it properly without distractions.

    2. Wedding day, many friends and family in Cornwall, sun shone and everything went right.

    3. ‘Indian Summer’ by the Doors always relaxes me and makes me happy.

    4. It’s difficult with the seasons, I agree with your love of Autumn, Ali, also it includes Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and the best half term of the year, but then in Spring there are plants and hope and holy well visits and winter is perfect for goth music, warm blankets and really good long coats, then in our family May and June are birthday months…I’m indecisive.

    5. I love a nice veggie stew, just onion, swede, parsnips, potatoes, carrot, parsley and possibly pearl barley and a few lentils cooked up and some nice bread.

    6. That sounds lovely, thank you. Love you too.

    • Beth, that all sounds so positive, I think your 6 months would pass quickly. I can imagine you done up like Captain Jack Sparrow and escaping on the back of a turtle when the time was right – no sweat! Just give us a shout if you’re ever up this way.

      • Well thank you, I wouldn’t mind sharing my island with Jack Sparrow and my hair has a tendency to go into dreadlocks if I don’t attend to it. I’d love to be up your way and will definitely give you a shout when I eventually get there!

  18. 1 Six months is a long time to find comfort or pleasure in a single piece of music. But if pressed it would be the Bach double violin concerto.

    2 At lunch yesterday, my 11 month old first granddaughter threw whatever it was that she was eating on the carpet. When I wagged a pseudo stern finger at her and told her “no”, she did it again, and shook HER head at ME. Haven’t stopped laughing since.

    3 Isley Brothers – ‘This Old Heart Of Mine’.

    4 I think if we were blessed with four stereotypical seasons, instead of an unholy melange it would be spring to feel the days grow progressively warmer. I do like autumn for possible Indian summers and the colours. I abhor winter except for Christmas, like summer heat but am always cross we never get it.

    5 I don’t cook, I scarcely manage to unite two slices of bread and a slice of cheese.

    6 “The floor! Is it hard?”.

    • 1. Hmmm, Bach sounds good. Quite a few ‘Spillers have chosen classical pieces.
      2. That reminds me, my son crept up on me in the kitchen yesterday, when I was washing up. He put on his best David Attenborough voice (he’s 11) and whispered “Here we have … the wild mum … in her natural habitat …” I laughed my socks off.
      3. Another good choice, might have to compile a positive playlist …
      4. Poor old winter, I’m starting to feel sorry for it – it must have some good points. No? Oh, OK then.
      5. Very wise. Once you start, people expect you to keep on.
      6. Well, I’m sure a bed or two could be found if there aren’t too many of you. We have, at least, progressed from t’cardboard box in t’middle of the road!

      • I could write up an argument for winter. I like the coziness. I sometimes like not being able to go anywhere, and having to hole up and think of fun things at home. Most of the time my favorite day involves sleeping, writing, going for walks, cooking, drinking wine, talking, sleeping, and all of those things are easy, maybe easier, to do in winter. We had such a rough one this year, though. It felt very long.

      • I like winter too, that could possibly be my #2. I love it through December, and can take it until the end of January, but then it gets old. Just goes on too long here in the northeast, and this year it felt like it would never end.

  19. 1) Waterloo Sunset is a song I don’t think I would ever tire of and it would remind me of my favourite part of London. I’d probably only play it once a week though.
    2) Sorry, can’t answer this without going into some very personal stuff.
    3) Katzenjammer – To the Sea. This is particularly true when they play it live and you get to do the actions.
    4) It used to be summer because the weather could never be too hot for me but these days I generally like late Spring i.e. April/May because winter is really over and I get to visit a nearby Surrey village which has a lot of bluebells. I’m afraid Autumn has always depressed me.
    5) My attitude has generally been – chop up an onion and start frying it. Then you’ve got to do something else so you might as well look in the fridge and the larder to see what you can add.
    I do sometimes follow a recipe (warning – this involves tofu) that goes:
    Chop up some green beans, a stick of celery and a small carrot. Cook them in a small amount of boiling water for about 5 minutes. Fish the vegetables out of the pan but keep the water because you can call it stock now (sort of).
    Chop up an onion and fry it in a tablespoon of oil for 3 minutes. Chop up 4 oz of tofu and add that too. After another 3 mins sprinkle in a tablespoon of flour. Stir it all up and pour in the water/stock and stir it until it thickens. Add a tablespoon of soya sauce and the veg and some dried herbs if you’ve got any. Simmer the lot for a couple of mins and eat with some bread or toast.
    This is enough for one person. I’m told you can also use it as a filling for a pie but my pastry rolling is always a disaster.
    6) I’d pass on the alcohol. I finished my share early. I do like a lot of tea though. Don’t mind sleeping on a floor. I assume other people hoover a lot more often than I do.

    • 1-4) That all sounds good, especially the Katzenjammer.
      5) I’m not mad on tofu but your veggie stew sounds very similar to mine, except that I use Puy lentils instead. They’re cheap and easy to cook, basically just chuck them in the stock for 25 mins with everything else, and they thicken it up. I caramelise the onions and then just chuck in whatever’s lurking in the fridge. It (usually) works. I’ve learned to go easy on the mustard seeds.
      6) We have lots of tea, so you’d be quite at home. We do have beds, but I don’t hoover them so the floor might be safer?

  20. 1) One piece of desert island music: I don’t lsten to any long pieces, so would ask for ‘Spill help.

    2) Best moment ever: My boys visited from Canada and we spent 2 days exploring London

    3) Uplifting song: It’s Raining Men. I HAVE TO sing along

    4) Favourite season: Autumn. An afternoon outing in the crisp air and coming home to hot chocalate and a blankie.

    5) Recipe: Not post pub, but a heat beater. Get a small (.5kg) eye of round beef roast. Preheat oven to 500F. Place roast uncovered in a baking pan. Cook for 7mins/lb. Turn over off. Do not open door. Leave roast to sit 2 1/2 hours, then refrigerate. You’ve got sumptions cold roast beef and you are only heating up your house for a short time and during a cool part of the day. (I put a spice mix rub all over it and refigerated it wrapped overnight first.)

    6) Invitation: Still hoping/planning to visit!. Maybe for DsD’s 50th?

    • 1 – 4) That must have been a great two days. And it is compulsory to sing along to “It’s Raining Men”. Hallelujah!
      5) 500F? Crikey. It’s all Celsius here – I think that would be about 260C (my oven only goes up to 240C). I suppose I’d just have to let it cook a little bit longer. Sounds like a clever idea.
      6) You mean DsD isn’t 50 yet?? (Just kidding DsD, sorry …) Well, let me know, whenever.

    • I would love to get something sizable going for my 50th at the end of November. Watch this space … or email me with suggestions / itineraries.

  21. So I was actually going to try to do a YouTube playlist, which used to be an easy thing, and now I can’t do it any more. the “Add video from URL” option seems to have disappeared. Instead, I just get the option to “Add video” – at which point it wants me to sign into my Google account and select a video from my online storage. Then it tells me there’s an error and to try again later.

    Anyone else experienced this? I think I must be missing a very obvious solution, but I’ve spent a good while looking and not come up with anything.

    • The way i usually make a youtube playlist –

      yeah, you have to sign into your account. Then search for a video, click “add to playlist”. At the bottom it will say “create a new playlist?” or something, and click that and name it. Then for subsequent videos just click “add to playlist”, and your new playlist should be at the top of the list they show you to check. Very helpful hint – determine your playlist order ahead of time and add videos in order. Editing is a pain in the butt. Let me know if you need to rearrrange the order, that takes some doing.

      • is it just me that has an easy option to change list order then?

        After doing: “create a new playlist?” click that and name it. Then for subsequent videos just click “add to playlist”.. I click and see it as 1 to 13 (or more) track list with thumbnails, hover over the picture and move mouse to the far left, past the number, and a cross with points on shows up.

        I hold down the mouse and move that up or down to where I want it.

      • that sounds kind of easier than the way i’ve been using. Once you had the whole list done, in order vertically, the best i could find when mousing over was “move to top” or “move to bottom”. Which usually entails a lot of annoying other shuffling.

      • I’ve found it quite easy to move stuff round in the playlist as well. When I’m guruing I actually create the list using YouTube, adding all the links from the blog that I liked, listening to them all, making a first round selection into what eventually becomes the A and B list. The A list gets put into the order I like. I’m afraid the B-list is just a hodge-podge.

  22. 1) the cure the kiss
    the reason I listen to so many lyrics and so much music (or noise) is to stop the voices in my own head screaming at me – so if I only had one track I’d have to use black humour and double negative therapy to stop the madness:

    “Kiss me kiss me kiss me
    Your tongue is like poison
    So swollen it fills up my mouth
    Love me love me love me
    You nail me to the floor
    And push my guts all inside out

    Get it out get it out get it out
    Get your fucking voice
    Out of my head”

    2) best moment – there are too many – but you can’t really recreate seeing people climbing onto the Berlin wall on the news and deciding, that moment, to hitch there yourself the very next morning (800miles in 3 days, 7 days of partying; I left Bournemouth with 1 holdall, with only £70 in my pocket, a bottle of cheap vodka and a telephone number of my German mates friend who was a taxi driver there – that I never found.
    I stood on the wall …… and was shot at by an East German guard. Wasn’t the best at the time – but bloody hell the experience was unique.

    3) Aphrodite & Mickey Finn – Bad Ass

    4) The greatness of Britain is you can have every season in one day – that’s why I love it.. I like change… that’s why the seasons are brilliant because it doesn’t get boring – today has been Dull/ bright/ exquisite fluffy clouds/ moody/ grey/ threatening/ muggy and drizzly – every season has something good – and if it’s crap – tomorrow will be different.

    5) Sunday student stodge:

    get round deep baking dish:
    chuck in tin of beans – black pepper them till they scream.
    add fried veggie sausages in bite sized chunks.
    mash some spuds – salt/butter them to taste – dollop onto of the beans and sausage mix.
    Crumble a packet of bacon flavour frazzles* on the mash… (*still veggie friendly)
    grate cheddar over that.

    shove it in the oven until you have clean out all the left over booze after the pub – dollop into dishes when stomachs need a warming fill up with solids rather than liquids… it’s not classy, but it never failed.

    6) What would you say if you had an invitation to stay in a small house with a very strange woman with a good possibility of alcohol and sleeping ‘on the floor’.
    (editing that slightly – is exactly how I ended up ‘married’)

    • I had a boyfriend who wouldn’t let me listen to the Kiss because he claimed it made me violent! The mysterious songs on Kiss Me x3 are the reason it will always be one of my favourite Cure albums, despite my recent decision to cut down my listening, If Only Tonight, Like Cockatoos, All I Want… these are as dark as the Pornography album (my absolute fave) and yet interspersed with the happy joy joy of Catch and Just Like Heaven. I think I’m trying to say, great choice of track!

      And I love Frazzles even if they give me indigestion for hours after I eat them, yay for vegetarian crisps.

    • Thanks Shane – you’ve had an interesting time of things! “On the floor” definitely isn’t in parenthesis in my post, it’s bad enough with my son (Sam) climbing in at 4.00am and the cat on my chest / head / feet. Sam sleeps in the middle of the bed with his arms and legs stuck out; I cling on to the edge (or go and sleep in his) and the cat falls off.

  23. The ‘Spill ClashShould It Stay Or Should It Go

    I see this place as a kind of communal drop-in centre, where the users make the rules as they go for the benefit of all and we are spared the usual financial worries of paying for rent, heat, supervisors and new ping pong balls once a year.

    If it takes money and/or admin time to keep it going, lets talk about that. As long as people are dropping in it’s needed in some way, and it costs naught and does no harm.

  24. Only just found this. WILL be back later, but got my painting gear on again this morning before the weather turns. Just enabling comments (if I’m not too late, and the thread hasn’t exhausted itself already – Pffft, there’s The Spill’s problem in a nutshell!)

  25. Quiz answers first, musings on the future of The ‘Spill later:

    1) One piece of music on a desert island for six months.
    Easy. Talk Talk’s Spirit Of Eden, after successfully winning the argument that the whole album is “one piece of music”, rather than four tracks.

    2) What is your best moment, ever, ever, ever?
    Most definitely NOT the birth of either daughter; I absolutely hated those for what both did, in different ways, to my wife.
    I’m going to cop out of saying my wedding too, on the technical grounds that it wasn’t a “moment”. So it’s probably one of three:
    (i) Getting a “yes” answer when asking my girlfriend to marry me; or
    (ii) Realising – on Christmas Eve 2000 – that the little blue line on the bit of plastic in DsMam’s hand meant I was going to be a dad; or
    (iii) The moment Jerzy Dudek won the Champions League final for us.

    3) Give us a song that lifts you up, up, UP!
    Alter Bridge – One Day Remains

    “… how it feels to be alive!”

    4) What is your favourite season, and why?
    Oh, Autumn, without a shadow of a doubt. Cold days are refreshing, warm days are a bonus, and there’s just something intangibly glorious about the light on an October/November afternoon.

    5) Give us a recipe. … quick … post-pub …
    Boil up some pasta, fusilli, tagliatelle, whatever. Not spaghetti or linguine, this is post-pub: you’ll make a mess! Whilst that’s on, wash some fresh spinach, and fold into kitchen roll to dry off again. Then tiny-dice some salami or chorizo, and put that and some pine nuts in a frying pan. After toasting those off briefly, tip them out, then fry an egg (or two) in the same pan. NOT for long; runny yolks are a must.
    Whilst the eggs are doing, drain the water from the pasta and stir in some pesto over the heat.
    Pour pasta/pesto into a wide, flat bowl, mix in the spinach, pine nuts, chorizo, lay the egg on top, and finish with a generous shake from the Encona bottle, and grind some pepper over the lot.
    (If I’m feeling particularly piggy, I’ll fine-grate some ultra-mature cheddar on top).

    6) What would you say if you had an invitation to stay in Yorkshire in a small house with a very strange woman and her son: with a good possibility of alcohol and sleeping on the floor?
    What time do you want me?“, probably. Though chances are it’d have to coincide with DsMam & girls being away at Granny’s for the night.

    • dond for your Desert Island Disc.

      It’s occurred to me that post pub, we’ll probably be drunk enough that cold chinese food or pizza or chips and salsa would do just fine. Making a sandwich would probably be too much work and might not work out so well, let alone our pasta recipes.

    • Donds for AB (obvs), copped out as I couldn’t single out any one track from that album as they are all awesome (and uplifting).

      Agree with amy, re-heated Chinese would work but as Mrs. L has just said, why cook grab a “nice” kebab on the way home.

    • Thanks DsD. Might have to pass on the hot pepper sauce but apart from that it all sounds good. Definitely have to do something for your 50th, I’m (perhaps rudely) assuming it’s this year – whippersnapper –

  26. 1 Only six months? Well, I’m not going to get tired of Southern Accents in such a short time as that, now am I?

    2 Here. Now. Whenever I think about how very, very lucky I am.

    3 Nineteen by Naomi Rose (though she does take it a bit too fast here imo) because I believe the woman with the grey hair is me. (But I’m scared to ask, in case I’m wrong.)

    4 Spring! My birthday! Well, no, probably end of June/beginning of July when the roses are best.

    5 Scrambled eggs with garlic. Start the garlic off slowly in the butter, don’t let it brown, and after a decent interval turn up the heat, pour in the eggs and proceed as usual. I like my scrambled eggs quite well done.

    6 I would say Yes please. Or, you come here.

    I love everybody too, and I love the ‘Spill.

    • 1. Tom who?
      2. Great answer, that’s how you stay 19.
      3. I’m sure it is you. See (2) above.
      4. That’s you and Mnemonic for Summer!
      5. Sounds good – I use mixed herbs or parsley but garlic would work … feeling peckish, actually …
      6. You know you’re welcome and yes, I will try to get out more. Sam has been having a slightly better run of health so here’s hoping it continues.

      Group hug.

  27. 1. Something I haven’t heard before. Maybe the new Siinai album.

    2. Birth of my daughter. Going against the grain of the way I do things, I announced to the world that the third child was on the way. Miscarriage befell us. We thought that that was it for children. Ms. Fuel and I went away to Gdansk to forget our sorrows and have some fun. When Ms Fuel went to the doctors to check up on why her periods hadn’t returned we were given the happy news. Several months later she gave birth to a girl, when we had been led to expect a boy. Joy and surprises

    3. Echo and the Bunnymen’s “No Dark Things”. Frank Wilson’s “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)”.

    4. Depends which country I’m in. Actually, I’ll say summer for the smiles, the lack of several layers of clothing (and the exposure of flesh), riverside and riverboat pubs, easy cycling, local fresh fruit and veg and the summer storms.

    5. I never make food after coming in from the pub. The pubs shut late over here and the fast food places even later. However, I have picked up a girl from a queue for the burger kiosk by telling her “I’ve got some veggie burgers in the fridge. Fancy coming home with me?”

    A quick easy summer recipe to accompany some afternoon white wine: Slice a red onion or two across. Chop half a water melon or so into cubes. Squeeze fresh lime juice over the red onion and water melon. Chop feta cheese into cubes. Mill some black pepper or citrus pepper over the top. Zesty and refreshing in the summer heat.

    6. Thank You.

  28. Thanks Fuel, I’m glad something positive came after the miscarriage; I had two myself so I know it’s awful.

    Raw onion and exposure of flesh are over-rated when you get to my age, one can look and dream when it comes to the latter, though. And a third vote for Summer!

    I’m still listening to the glorious music you sent through, let me know if and when you want any included as Earworms.

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