Earworms 14 July 2014

Welcome this week to a very mellow mix. Before you listen, check out Blimpy’s comments on the End of the Week Quiz, which might affect the future of The ‘Spill. Comment if you can spare a moment while you listen to this. In the meantime keep the earworms coming to earworm@tincanand.com, we need some more!

Linnea Olsson – All 4 U –  shoey:   Cello Chick series? (probably not).

Carlo Domeniconi (played by John Williams) – Koyunbaba pt 4 – ghe: This wonderful guitar piece was composed by Carlo Domeniconi. He lived in Turkey for ten years and has a Turkish wife. He now lives in Turkey’s second city, Berlin. This is the last part of a suite he composed named after a lovely seaside village near Bodrum, which has a very exotic feel to it, to my ears. Played here by the great John Williams, who turns 75 this year. Enjoy.

Civil Wars – Dust To Dust – tincanman: Such a pretty but biting song. There is a priceless juxtaposition of harmony and biting personal discord between Joy Williams and John Paul White; they’re not really wishing each other well.

Regina Carter – I’m Going Home – goneforeign: tfd’s recent Regina Spektor post coincided with my wife’s coming home from work one day all excited about something she’d been listening to on the car radio, it turned out to be RC”s latest album, Southern Comfort. ‘Do we have that?’ she asked excitedly, ‘Not that one but we have some’, That wasn’t good enough, she was promptly online and within a couple of days we had it. I’m not a huge fan of her singing but I love her instrumental work, here’s my current favorite; ‘I’m going Home’.

Jennifer Warnes – Famous Blue Raincoat – abahachi: I remember, many years ago, being told that this song was the definitive proof that Leonard Cohen was a brilliant song-writer even if he couldn’t sing, but I never got round to listening to it until now. Before I get ostracised completely, I should stress that I love Cohen’s performance – but that doesn’t stop this being wonderful as well.

Kate Rusby – Canaan’s Land – AliM: Wistful, optimistic, delicate and damn catchy. Warning: you will be singing it for days.


14 thoughts on “Earworms 14 July 2014

    • Should’ve gone to Spektorsavers (that might be lost on you – there’s an advert in the UK with the catchphrase “Should’ve gone to SpecSavers”) …

  1. Linnea has a lovely sound on the cello, the John Williams performance is excellent, I read that the piece is about an area of Turkey, but I hear the sea in the music.
    I tried with Civl Wars before, this isn’t the track to get me into them, unfortunately.
    Love the depth of the drum on the Regina Carter song.
    I must admit I prefer the Leonard Cohen original, but interesting to hear that cover.
    Kate Rusby’s song is a catchy little thing, I agree. I find her accent a bit distracting, is that Barnsley? Whilst I like artists singing in their speaking voice, it feels a little over emphasised occasionally, sorry to be picky about such a small thing, is it just me?

    A contemplative selection this week, I enjoyed something about all of them, thanks for posting them 🙂

      • It’s only noticeable on occasional words which I think is why I noticed it. I’m probably immune to noticing the Brizzle accent now, although I have colleagues at work who are amusingly west country.

  2. 1. Wonderful cello and a great backing, couldn’t understand a word. Must look for more.A+

    2. Never thought of John Williams like this, Amazing sound. Another A+

    3. Love the bass/drum backing, Nice vocal interaction.

    4.Great backing group, lovely violin. Seems a bit long, could be shorter, 5mins would be good.

    5. Beautiful, what a tender version. Lovely tenor solo.

    6. That gets the prize for ‘Danger of becoming an earworm’ this week, definitely.

    Ali, another list perfectly assembled playlist, don’t know how you keep doing it with such an assorted bunch of contributors.

  3. In the main pretty innocuous fare this week.

    Found Linnea a bit too breathy, and those oooos and iiiiiiiiiis were a little too much for me.

    Regina Carter, on the basis I hadn’t read goneforeign’s comments and didn’t realise it was an instrumental, I kept thinking this is an interminably long intro, when is she going to start singing, ooops!

    So wanted to like the Civil Wars (really enjoyed their first album) but this was nothing special.

    Similarly the John Williams piece.

    Now to the two contenders this week, liked Kate Rusby, probably won’t be singing it for days but will definitely give it another few listens.

    And the best this week: Famous Blue Raincoat – did I mention i love sax, yeah I know i did and loved it in this piece, great one abahachi.

  4. I like them all. I always say that. But I particularly like the Linnea Olsson and John Williams – I’d forgotten John Williams, have been rifling through my cassette collection for some more. Beautiful.

  5. Linnea is great. Like the voice and the cello playing. The John Williams/Domeniconi piece was hypnotic. Loved it.
    I do love Civil Wars too. They were astonishing when I saw them live. This is very low key but quite insidious. Don’t like knowing about the discord behind their music I must admit.
    Didn’t know Regina Carter at all so the name confusion really threw me. Beautiful music.
    I own a copy of Jennifer Warnes cover version and still prefer the original if pushed. Great voice and sax though.
    Can’t go wrong with Kate Rusby. I say that even though I’ve never actually bought any of her recordings! Should remedy that really. This is lovely. I only wish I could sing.

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