Le Metal!

Liberet, Egalite, Beyonce

In honour of Bastille Day (it is today isn’t it?), here is a mini-playlist of French metal. Mostly Black in nature with a bit of Death thrown in at the end.

8 thoughts on “Le Metal!

  1. sweet. I have lots of bullshit stuff to do today, but i really hope to have a listen tonight. Viva la Revolucion.

  2. I must be in a mellowish mood, because i liked the Alcest the best! From the link Suzi posted on the royals, seems that the UK could use a Bastille day soon.

    Thanks, Panth.

  3. Ironically, got married on Bastille Day; so instead of rising against the forces of tyranny, it seems I chose to embrace them, but it’s worked out ok so far.

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