elastic bands – this week: x Q and z

Sorry DsD – gotta make it a triple.

Speak like a queen to your eX zombie*
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

I will post a letter of the alphabet (or three)
all BANDS or ARTISTS must begin with that letter.
Artists letter is determined by the letter at the beginning of their SURNAME (if they use it) – ignore the use of ‘The’ in a bands name.
up to 13 songs are allowed – FOR EACH LETTER if you can – fewer if you wish.

All can be the same artist if that represents you perfectly or all the same genre.
Just make them great tunes.

Make a youtube playlist (if you like) and link to it – just link to it – don’t overload the thread.

Cut and paste the band names and tracks (in a joyous list style) in the comments.
Then we can chat about the choices – add some waffle if you want (about how narrow or varied those choices are) … but above all, have fun.

xylophonequornzombie eaters on the rampage.

there’s NO cryptic song/band this week – so don’t frazzle your brain(s) trying to decipher one.

82 thoughts on “elastic bands – this week: x Q and z

  1. XTC – Science Friction
    X ray Spex – Identity
    Young Rascals – Groovin’
    Young Disciples – Get Yourself Together
    Neil Young – Cortez The Killer
    Yarborough and Peoples – Don’t Stop the Music
    Young MC – I Come Off
    Yo La Tengo – Blue Line Swinger
    Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater
    Yo La Tengo – Moby Octopad
    Yo La Tengo – Little Eyes
    Yo La Tengo – The Story of Yo La Tengo
    The Zombies – She’s Not There

    • yep – sticking with random arrangements of letters the Q in the middle is a bit devious – as a dyslexic that would have confused me. I’ll change it to a capital in the heading.

    • Managed another 4 of which one was half inched from another poster !

      Tapper Zukie – Black Cinderella
      Zager and Evans – In The Year 2525
      Zapp – Computer Love
      Xpansions – Elevation

  2. Queen Tiney & the Aggrovators – Natty Dread Time Dub
    X-Ray Spex – I Live Off You
    Zombies – Time of the Season
    Suzi Quatro – 48 Crash
    Gheorghe Zamfir – Doina de Jale
    Queen Latifah – Fly Girl

    Hmmm – to be continued – may start again from scratch.

  3. Thanks Shane. What are we going to do now??

    Quantic & Anita Tijoux – Doo Wap (That Thing): thanks Albahooky;
    Queen Adreena – Pretty Polly: thanks to my mate Dougal;
    QotSA – No One Knows: one of my favourite bass riffs ever;
    Quiet Riot – Metal Health: (sad, but true);
    Rachel Zeffira – Star: thanks Shoey;
    Zaz – Le Long de la Route – thanks Fintan
    ZZ Top – Legs: (no one else to blame).

    Also rans:

    Sutherland Brothers and Quiver: Arms of Mary – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOFdfE8dHFo
    Quintessence: Dance for the One – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ify7Mde1MY4
    Finley Quayle: Sunday Shining – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-ORJddr0QY
    Queen: I Want to Break Free – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEKVLjXO2Fk&feature=kp
    XTC: Making Plans for Nigel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXNhL4J_S00
    The Zombies: She’s Not There – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5IRI4oHKNU

  4. I’m bagzeeing – or – I mean – I want to mention first:

    How Do I Love Thee – Queen Latifah
    Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation (yes Zombie Nation is the band name – not the song name)

  5. So far, a very short list….iPod strangely devoid of these letters and the other remaining ones. Maybe some more will come back to me, meanwhile here’s the XQZ half-dozen…

    XTC – Senses Working Overtime
    Zombies – She’s Not There
    Queen – Killer Queen
    X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage! Up Yours!
    Zoot Woman – It’s Automatic
    ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man

  6. That’s OK, Shane, I think I’ll forgive you the tripling up this week. I might manage a Z on its own –

    ZZ Top, The Zutons, Zero 7, Zager & Evans, The Zephyrs, Zoe, Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer, Frank Zappa, Zap Mama, Zola Jesus, Warren Zevon, Tapper Zukie, Rachel Zeffira … how many’s that?

    But Q and X? Sheesh! Queen, QOTSA, XTC, X-Ray Spex, er …. Quintessence, … Quiet Riot … oh, there’s the simply named X, of course.

    Hmmm, I think I’d better sleep on this one.


    • and to confuse your already extended Z list – am I’m correct in thinking your are a big fan of one os Hector Zazou’s albums?
      Corps Electriques with Katie Jane Garside would be my choice; was your special one: Songs from the Cold Seas – or am I mistaken? RR is so old now 2am conversations that we had 8 years ago fade a little in the brain boggling momentum of time.

      • D’oh!

        You’re right on the money there, Shane.

        The only question now is:
        Do I pick Yakut Song yet AGAIN, or spread it around a bit?

        About to start work; back later.

      • ha ha – I was just making toast listening to Yakut Song and then I come back to this comment.
        Ace: the brain cell* is still alive and well.
        *must look after it – it’s the final one.

  7. Xqz me:

    X-Ray Spex (4)
    Rob Zombie (4)
    X-Press 2 (3)
    XTC (3)
    Rachel Zeffira (3)
    Q-Tip (2)
    Quantic (2)
    Gina X Performance (2)
    Zammuto (2)
    Benjamin Zephaniah (2)
    Zephyrs (2)
    zZz (2)

  8. ok, i just might cobble a baker’s doz out of these 3 letters.

    Queen / Bowie – Under Pressure
    Queers – Girs About Town
    QOTSA – Song For the Dead
    Quicksilver Messenger Service – Fresh Air
    X- Burning House of Love
    X- We’re Desperate
    XTC – Chalkhills and Children
    Zombies – Time of the Season
    Jay Z – Can I Get a Fuck You
    Rob Zombie – Demonoid Phenomonon (bit pleased and surprised to see a few on Shoey’s iPod)
    Zapp and Rogers – More Bounce to the Ounce
    Frank Zappa – Willie the Pimp
    ZZ Top – La Grange

    list to come, different order no doubt.

    • Not the biggest Queen fan. I like Mr. Mercury’s pipes but not a lot of his tunes, i like Mr. May but not his guitar. Having said that, i could have put up We Will Rock You too, that’s still a righteous stadium rock anthem. Long time ago DsD put up a great Queen tune for a worm, no idea what it was though.

      Could have put up a lot from Mr. Zed, he used to be really good before he fell in love and got married and boring.

      I changed my Queers tune to Teenage Gluesniffer because the video for Girls About Town was crap. Nearly any Queers tune would do though. (thanks, Ubu.)

      (i can’t think of a catchy name for this list).

  9. I tried not to be ZZZ-inducing or too Qutsie. X marks the spot of this week’s playlist: http://goo.gl/5Yy0aU

    Mike ZitoThe Dead Of Night: One of the top modern bluesmen
    Natalia ZukermanLittle Bird: Supremely talented jazz-roots-classical guitarist with an angelic, Raittish voice
    Quaker City Night HawksFox in the Hen House: For Gordo & DsD; someone’s still making 70s southern rock
    QueenKeep Yourself Alive: My first stereo record! The guitar going between speakers delaying me learning there were not miniature people inside
    Quiet LonerThe First To Fall: aka UK’s Matt Hill, from his 2010 five-star impassioned, thoughtful folk album Spectrology. This is the funeral of a friend who committed suicide
    Sam QuinnSuite Motown: Everybodyfields still going strong solo
    Warren ZevonExcitable Boy: His bad guys had such vocabularies. No one sounded more like a novelty act and was less so.
    XYour Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re Not: What a debut by a great overall band. And gotta have some punk the week the last Ramone dies
    XX: Whatever their sound is, it’s captivating and rousing from the first note
    ZazDans Ma Rue: What’s she saying? Je suis un personne ne pas savoir; it sounds a bit naughty and so, so Parisian. *rouges*
    ZombiesTobacco Road: Classic British Invasion cover of John Loudermilk classic. Nostalgia
    ZZ Top & John Lee HookerBoom Boom: A perfect blues rock pairing

  10. A Q Thang

    Quasimode / Soul Cookin’
    Q-continuum: The Spasm
    Quazar – Funk N Roll ( Dancin’ In The Funkshine )
    Quintessence – Delirious
    Quasimoto – Catchin’ The Vibe
    Quasamodo & The Q Orchestra – Nursery Rhyme feat. Thaliah
    Quasi – You Can Stay But You Gotta Go
    Quantic Soul Orchestra – Pushin’ On
    Quadron – Favorite Star
    Quantic- Not So Blue
    Queens Of The Stone Age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
    I’m Pissed – The Queers
    Quincy and Xen Cuts Allstars – I hear the drummer (Tunng edit)
    Q-Tip – Life Is Better ft. Norah Jones
    Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y.
    QUEEN IFRICA / Lioness on the Rise
    Quintron & Miss Pussycat – Swamp Buggy Badass
    Quakers – Fitta Happier
    Quilt – Arctic Shark
    Quiet Company – Its Better To Spend Money Like There’s No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There’s No Money
    Queen Pen – My Melody
    The Qemists – Stompbox
    Querox – How Life Goes On
    Q-Continuum – Nuthin but a Q-Thang (feat. Father Metro, Paleface & Puppa J)
    Quintessence :: Sticks & Stones

  11. I was just going to take Queen’s Greatest Hits and a large dent to my credibility, or cheat and choose 13 tracks by Robert Zimmerman, but reading other suggestions has jogged my memory. I should mention:

    Benjamin Zephania – Rong Radio
    Zaz- La Longue de la Route
    X-Press 2 ft. Kurt Wagner – Give It
    The Zutons – Valerie
    XTC – River of Orchids

    But I think I’ll just go for The Zombies’ Oddessy and Oracle album in its entirety.

    • when we did the Radio theme – near the start – with Dorian in control .. I nominated Benjamin Zephania – Rong Radio .. and it got such a response it basically cemented my obsession with the thread. Until then I just looked at the theme and played in the pub with my mates, burning the results onto a CD, couldn’t really use the computer very well.

      Well, it didn’t make the A list, but when I met Dorian he told me it was perfect, but it wasn’t being listed because he had interviewed Zeph and they’d clashed, so whatever response I got it wasn’t going in. heehee.
      I liked his honesty and because of the people playing and their reaction – I then vowed to become semi competent on the computer, because the participants were more important and the songs worth shouting EVEN WITHOUT an A listing.

  12. Once again Youtube seems to be making it impossible for me to do a list, either the vids are unavailable or it insists that I really mean “Streaking at the world cup” whatever I put in !
    Oh Well ! Here’s what I would have chose anyway, they should be on Youtube if anyone’s interested.

    Queen Sea Big Shark – Bling, bling, bling . Defunct now ( I think), Chinese “glam rock” type of thing, I really liked them, they were sharp and snazzy.
    The Queers – Ursula finally has tits. A tender love song to teenage growth.
    X- Los Angeles. True 77 style American punk, snotty
    X-Ray Spex- Let’s Sumbmerge. First punk band I saw when I moved to London, not a bad way to start 2 years of constant gig going, mooching and general idling.
    Xarts- Punkish Beggar’s smell. Great title, unsurprisingly , perhaps, both Japanese and punkish ( and , possibly, smelly).
    XX-ish- Bastard. See above.
    Zelda- Tokyo Tower. Legendary Japanese girl band, not quite sure how you’d classify them, should you need to.
    Zhang Lou – Jambalaya. Hank Williams translated into Chinese ? Why not. Stark raving bonkers.
    Zhou Xuan – One’s young life like a flower. China’s “Piaff”, tragic singer/actress, beautiful voice, tune reminiscent of “Happy Birthday to you” !
    Zoobombs- Black Ink Jive. Coruscating Japanese sounds. Punkish in demeanour.
    Zager and Evans – In the year 2525. Fondly loved since it first came out. Bit of a daft song really.
    Vera Queen – Waiting for a good day. Taiwan’s finest, former singer of Bad Daughter, loved by me and Sakura ( and her mum) for her delicate voice and songs. Loverly.
    Tappa Zukie – New Star. A staple from the punk clubs of BITD. Reggae was played a lot as there simply weren’t enough punk records until mid-late 77.

  13. EKS

    X – Los Angeles
    XTC- This Is Pop
    The XX – Heart Skipped a Beat
    XO – What’s Luv? (feat. Emma Corbett-Usher)
    Xiu Xiu – Honeysuckle
    Xeno & Oaklander – Par Avion
    X-Press 2 ‘Give It’ feat Kurt Wagner
    Xmal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus
    Xtatika – Tongue
    Xavier – Work That Sucker To Death
    Xangbetos- Clicksong
    Xploding Plastix – Joy Comes In The Morning
    [x]-RX – The Update
    XL – Avanto

  14. Well I’ve ended up with a list of eleven tracks. I’ve put Gheorghe at the end because I know some people hate that kind of pan pipery. I still love hearing it especially immediately after Poly.

    Queen Tiney & the Aggrovators – Natty Dread Time Dub
    Zuco 103 – Voltando
    Queen Latifah – Fly Girl
    Zion Train – Dance of Life
    Tapper Zukie – MPLA
    Zutons – Valerie
    Zombies – Time of the Season
    XTC – Senses Working Overtime
    Suzi Quatro – 48 Crash
    X-Ray Spex – I Live Off You
    Gheorghe Zamfir – Doina de Jale


    • great work on all three playlists fella – I had more struggle with X than you did….

      especially as I can’t find: Electra Seraphim – X-ert Feat Hazel O`Connor on youtube

      I went to bed last night with Zombie Nation ringing in my ears – ace fun.

      • Having three letters together sort of fed into the playlists.

        I already had the majority of the q list in my head because of Sara’s influence. Then I knew I wanted the slutty gagging gothika of Xtatika to be followed by sleazy Xavier but the p-funk connection of Xavier made me think of Quazar, which suited the soul, rap, reggae and funk dominated-list.

        But q list is female vocal dominated because of Queen Latifah, so the Z-list started out really rockist as a reaction against that but then the obvious z male rockers got ripped out (and I might have to do some more pruning of that list).

        And because then z and q lists were like they were I made the x list electronic and new waveish but XO came into my head (cos that’s a clothing chain over here), inspiring the other indierock chillout cuts.

        Then the Z list had to have Zombie Nation, so I chucked in Zomby as an afterthought but remembered Zed Bias (Maddslinky) from a Tru Thoughts comp Sara sent me and…

        …the lists were a fuckloadoffun to put together.

      • Ahhh! Sophie Zelmani. She’s really good. One of those Swedish artists that has a good Nordic following but is not so popular elsewhere. Great songs about fishermen, the sea, travel, distance… She has a lot of albums and sits on the shelf next to Monica Zetterlund.

  15. 1. Zeitgeist Zero – Party for One
    2. Zombi – Shrunken Heads
    3. x-TG – The Falconer (Marc Almond)
    4. Queen Adreena – Pretty Like Drugs
    5. QOTSA – My God is the Sun
    6. Quest for Life – Psychic Seasons
    7. Xmal Deutschland – Qual
    8.Xymox – Jasmine and Rose
    9. Qntal -One for All
    10. Zodiac Mindwarp – White Trash
    I can only manage 10 I really like, I’m afraid X-CNN who were bits of All About Eve weren’t very good and I don’t really dig the gothabilly meanderings of Zombina and the Skeletons, so there you are, playlist will follow, I do recommend X-TG, remains of Throbbing Gristle took on covering 2 Nico albums with collaborators including Blixa Bargeld and Marc Almond with arresting results, I think (in a good way).

      • there are very few better opening lines than:

        Well I love TV and I love T. Rex
        I can see through your skirt
        I’ve got x-ray spex

        it pretty much sums up the Mindwarp – (from ‘Prime Mover’ – i’ve got it on 12″; it had to be on 12″!)

        (the lyric sites seam to believe x-ray spectacles are spelled the same as the band – and whom am I to argue)

        • I believe as a feminist I should object to Zodiac, but I like his grimy rock and admit I did post a different song on my playlist to the one listed as I couldn’t find it on youtube. It is a good lyric 🙂

      • I was close to picking a zodiac, just to make up the numbers like. Great xymox choice – classic goth! Und ich lache lache lache

  16. xmal deutschland – zu jung zu alt
    zounds – can’t cheat karma
    quiet company – fashionabel
    queens of the stone age – auto pilot
    xmal deutschland – gehemnis (couldn’t decide between the two)
    xxteens – onkawara
    xiu xiu – i love the valley OH
    xymox – craving (also had them in “C” bu they did drop the “Clan of”)
    zola jesus – night
    xtc – runaways
    x – johnny hit and run pauline
    q lazzarus – goodbye horses


  17. someone once put up a link for a young bunch of jazz rockers in a very Crimson style called Zevious. ..anything off After the Air Raid. .. ticket that exploded. perhaps
    Zappa peaches en regalia
    heads a shed .. do more letters later

  18. QXZ

    Late to the party so should I go with a simple mix of QOTSA and Queen or mix it up in an xcited fashion and zig-zag all over the place with a mix of all three letters? What a quandary!

    First up donds to Severin and barbryn for The Zutons and Valerie, to suzi, Ali and rolo tomasi for She’s Not There.

    To the list:

    From probably the best (IMHO) Queen album: NoTW – Spread Your Wings. (alternatively could have gone with My Meloncholy Blues – Freddie at his best)

    QOTSA – Little Sister (with an option on Go With The Flow)

    Suzi Quatro – Devil Gate Drive

    XTC – Senses Working Overtime

    X-Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescents

    Zac Brown Band (featuring Dave Grohl) – Day For The Dead, great bit of a cappella two thirds of the way through this, brilliant.

    ZZ Top – Legs

    The Zutons – You Will, You Won’t

    The first Frank Zappa song I ever heard: Titties and Beer

    The Zombies – She’s Not There

    Warren Zevon – My Ride’s Here.

  19. X-Press 2 – Call That Love
    X-Mal Deutschland – Sickle Moon
    X-Ray Spex – Obsessed With You
    Xena – On The Upside
    Xtc – Love On A Farm Boys Wages
    Xymox – Obsession (Club Mix)
    Xaviaro – Maya
    X-103 “The Gardens”
    XTG – Janitor Of Lunacy (vocals by Antony)
    Xrabit & DMG$ – Follow The Leader

    X marks the spot

  20. Queens Of The Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu
    Queen Latifah – How Do I Love Thee
    Queen Adreena – Ruby
    Q Project – Credit Crunch
    The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Pushin’ On
    Quantic – Spark It – feat. Shinehead
    Q-Tip – Blue Girl
    The Qemists – Don’t Lose It
    Quannum MCs – Blue Flames
    Quasimode – Oneself Likeness

    Quite easily done

  21. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400. (Original Mix).
    Zed Bias – Boss Skank
    Bojan Z – Xenos blues
    DJ Krush ft Zap Mama – Danger Of Love
    Zavala – E.R.
    Zé Manel – Nha Mame
    Zzz – Grip
    Zelwer – Le Reve de la Fiancee
    Zola – Zingu 7
    Zola Jesus – Collapse
    Zomby – “Witch Hunt”
    Zoot Woman – Information First
    Zoro – Jabulani
    Benjamin Zephaniah ~Things We Say

    time for some zzzzz

  22. Back to my usual late arrival – in my defence, was travelling back home from holiday in Germany, with Mrs Abahachi utterly terrified of flying, so not a lot of time to check internet. Not that I have much to contribute; what comes to mind, besides X-Ray Spex’ Identity and something by ZZ Top (Sharp Dressed Man, most probably), is a list of my favourite Queen songs and a list of my favourite Bojan Z songs…

    Flash; Under Pressure; Las Palabras de Amor; I Want to Break Free; Radio GaGa; Killer Queen; Crazy Little Thing Called Love; Boh Rap; Another One Bites the Dust; Hammer to Fall.

    Multi Don Kulti (solo); Don’t Buy Ivory Anymore; cd-rom (trio version); Un Demi-Porc et Deux Caisses de Biere; Greedy (In Goods We Trust); Multi Don Kulti (band version); Ashes to Ashes; Full Half Moon; the Joker (version on Koreni).

  23. xqz me

    Spank Rock (XXXChange) – Sweet Talk
    Bonde do Role – Melo do Tabaco (XXXchange Remix)
    Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx – I’ll Take Care Of U
    X Clan – Heed The Word Of The Brother
    Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing
    Quasimoto – Return of the Loop Digga
    Quasimode – Jeannine
    Sir Joe Quarterman – (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind
    Quasamodo – You Scratch Mine, I’ll Scratch Yours
    Quasamodo & the Q Orchestra – Turn My World Around
    The Q Orchestra – Boogie Nights feat. Jennie Kapadai
    Quantic – Sol Clap
    Quantic Soul Orchestra – Don’t Joke With A Hungry Man
    Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro – Look Around The Corner
    Quantic – Águas de Sorongo (feat. Thalma De Freitas)
    Queen Latifah – Give Me Your Love
    Queen Mother Rage – Slippin Into Darkness
    The Qualitons – Stain
    Q Project – Champion Sound (Alliance Remix)
    DJ Zinc – Go DJ ft. Roots Manuva, Blak Twang & Gamma
    Zap Pow – This Is Reggae Music
    Tappa Zukie – She Want A Phensic
    Zed Bias featuring Nicky Prince & MC Rumpus – Neighbourhood
    Zongamin – Bongo Song
    ZZT – Lower State of Consciousness (Original Munich Version)

  24. Getting later all the time. Looks like at least two have already featured on other lists which is novel for me

    X Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescence
    X Mal Deutschland – Eiland
    X – Johnny Hit And Run Pauline
    Zero Le Creche – Last Years Wife
    Zounds – Dancing
    Zero Tolerance – Never Alone

  25. OK, another belated list from me.

    X, Q and Z – should be challenging.

    That one was definitely a tricky beast!

    Queensryche – Eyes Of A Stranger
    Quatermass – Black Sheep of the Family
    Frank Zappa – It Must Be A Camel
    ZZ TOP – Blue Jean Blues
    X-Press 2 Ft. David Byrne – Lazy
    Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line
    The xx – Heart Skipped A Beat
    Tapper Zukie – MPLA
    Quicksilver Messenger Service – Mona (live)
    X-Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescents
    Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns and Money
    The Zombies- Time of the Season
    Quintessence – Notting Hill Gate

    Carole_says_ Quirky, X-tatic and Zappy

  26. Q
    Quiet Hours Barbershop Quartet – of Cornell University- UpState, NY
    2011 district winners
    Contestants – Int’l. Collegiate Contest
    Accapella – give the kids a listen, they’re good!

    Quiet Hours Barbershop Quartet ~ Workin’ On The Railroad

    ”I’ve been workin’ on the railroad
    All the live long day
    I’ve been workin’ on the railroad
    just to pass the time away.
    Can’t you hear the whistle blowing
    Rise up so early in the morn’..
    Can’t you hear the captain shouting
    Dinah Blow Your Horn…”

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