25 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. That’s a well put together list. I only posted one song for this topic, must try harder, you thought of some really good ones.

    • Thanks. I like topics like this one – not the sort that’s quickly exhausted by an iTunes search, but where ideas keep coming from different directions.

      • Glad you enjoyed the topic. I wanted topics requiring some thought partly because I still enjoy RR as a vehicle for grey cell exercise. Job now done. Of my two guru stints I enjoyed Narcissism slightly more, but for entirely mischievous reasons. You have great musical taste, pity you aren’t a soulie too.

      • Thanks Brendan – hadn’t realised who you were. My favourite guest guru! What are the other 3 tracks on the A-list? 😉

        To quote Pulp out of context, I’ve only got a little soul. I am increasingly receptive to it though.

  2. Have a free hour here to listen before i’m off to earn my crust, enjoying it very much so far, only ones i know already are the Smiths and Bill Withers.

    Haven’t looked in on the topics for ages, first thoughts for this one are the Dead’s Uncle John’s Band and the Stones’ Let It Bleed. Hoping and confident that those got nommed 🙂

    Next time i do a list, i’m going to have to try Shane and Mnemonic’s method of sorting.

      • wtf is the matter with these people. All i can surmise is that Chris, Fuel, the Llama, and Fintan were MIA this week.

      • Hello, Amy. I’ve been M.I.A. or some while now. I did post a soul tune, an indie tune and my first thought. Could’ve posted loads more but refrained. Actually, I only really posted cos I thought Brendan needed at least one more soul tune. I also posted a Canadian rap song that Marconius had once recommended for his RRSA Murder stint, but that’s all all I’ve done in recent weeks.

        Barbryn. Good list. Really nice OR choice.

    • Thanks Fuel.

      As you know, I’m a fellow OR fan, but I’ve been getting deeper into them recently, particularly the earlier albums, which had been lost on an old mp3 player. The more I listen, the more I’m in awe of Will Sheff’s writing.

    • I’m not sure about the Stones, amy, but UJB got my shout. As did Box Of Rain (What do you want me to do/To do for you, to see you through?).

  3. That was lovely, barbryn. Faces were the Smiths of course, Okkervil, Trashcans, and the Joanna Newsom was lovely. Marmite voice, but i didn’t mind it here at all. Thanks!

    • Beautiful list shane. Yes, really enjoyed the first one (I think you’ve posted them before, and I’ve intended to investigate more, then got round to it), and Joseph Arthur particularly – “Don’t give up on people who want you to stay” is a wonderful line. “Geraldine” was my dond of the week.

      Haven’t listened to that Spiritualized song for ages. Hadn’t seen the video before either – how rock’n’roll ? !

      • I’d never watched that Spiritualized vid either – I forget how bloody crazily people glorified Heroin abuse back in the day – but that helicopter going up gave me the shakes (even if after that it was post production) fantastic track.

        Shiv’s ‘Geraldine’ suggestion is just perfect –
        I have a thing about jobs under appreciated – The american analogue sets – the postman is one of the most gut wrenching stories in song – really subtle – but just the thought of the postman thinking the person has the hots for them and then just turning away again – just gets to me.

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