RIP Johnny

RIP to a Texas blues legend, sadly Johnny Winter has passed away at 70. (Reckon not many expected him to last this long). Quick grabbag of selected tunes here but it’s not a quick listen – but then some of us like ourselves some long blues jams – especially when the playing is this good.

1) Highway 61 Revisited (with Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer)
2) Rock Me Baby
3) Jumpin Jack Flash
4) Stray Cat Blues
5) Mississippi Blues
6) Earth Blues Jam (with Jimi Hendrix)
7) Mean Town Blues (Woodstock)
8) Tobacco Road (with Edgar)

19 thoughts on “RIP Johnny

  1. Sad day. My oldest brother being a huge Johnny Winter fand, Still Alive and Well, JDW III and JW and Live were played often (and loud) at home when I was growing up, to the point I don’t need to play those records anymore, I know them by heart. His would be one name in a list of maybe half a dozen musicians and bands who made me love music in the first place.

    Gracias, tío, y hasta siempre.

    • I should have let you do the playlist. I’m pretty sure the only one of those i had was Still Alive and Well. (And Edgar’s Roadwork and Shock Treatment.)

      Many years ago someone told me that Johnny played the local dive bar by the beach, which actually does get some pretty decent acts. I said, that’s so sad, Johnny is great, and he’s reduced to playing there? Seems he played another venue in the city, then went down to play an after hours show there just for fun. I hope the people who caught that understood what they were listening to.

    • Well, when it’s time for me to take my leave from this planet, i could go pretty happily with that guitar as an exit soundtrack.

      I read a nice obit that said the next thunderstorm you hear, that’s Johnny playing up in heaven.

  2. With all of these great blues guitarists going, i’m afeared there’s going to be no one left to take their places. Doesn’t seem to be much of an appetite for the music anymore among the young kids these days either. Only guitarists i can think of off the top of my head are Joe Bonamassa and Derek Trucks.

    • Oh yes that’s very good.

      Recall Mama’s Lips and Blues Pills were courtesy of one of my posts but saneshane introduced me to Blues Pills originally. A new album is due out imminently but happy to drop the two EP’s that I have for both ML and BP if you’d like?

      • Ah, apologies, couldn’t remember who had posted – yes please, if you don’t mind, I have a couple of tracks I downloaded but don’t know if they’re the same – can reciprocate, if not! And right on cue, we have thunder in the heavens, here!

    • oh, i can’t wait to check that out. Derek Trucks is a great guitarist, i reckon he knows what he’s talking about. (He plays with the Allmans a lot, his dad Butch Trucks is their longtime drummer).

    • That’s a damn good It’s All Over Now. The video with Gov’t Mule is kind of shitty quality, but Warren Haynes doesn’t suck either. He plays with Trucks and the Allmans too.

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