elastic bands – this week: L


Take the Chevy to the Leavey***…
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

I will post a letter of the alphabet
all BANDS or ARTISTS must begin with that letter.
Artists letter is determined by the letter at the beginning of their SURNAME (if they use it) – ignore the use of ‘The’ in a bands name.
up to 13 songs are allowed – fewer if you wish.

All can be the same artist if that represents you perfectly or all the same genre.
Just make them great tunes.

Make a youtube playlist (if you like) and link to it – just link to it – don’t overload the thread.

Cut and paste the band names and tracks (in a joyous list style) in the comments.
Then we can chat about the choices – add some waffle if you want (about how narrow or varied those choices are) … but above all, have fun.

nearly ready to leave it all behind for this game

there’s NO cryptic song/band this week – so don’t frazzle your brain(s) trying to decipher one…
but there is a thank you to ***leaveitallbehind whose Hermit Gravatar has inspired this week robot.

84 thoughts on “elastic bands – this week: L

  1. ok then.

    Left Banke – Pretty Ballerina (i used the other one for the Four Tops)
    La’s – There She Goes
    Lemonheads – Confetti
    Lightning Seeds – Pure
    Love – The Red Telephone
    John Lennon – Instant Karma
    Luscious Jackson – Water Your Garden
    Lisa Loeb – Stay (I Missed You)
    L7 – Pretend We’re Dead
    Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into the Sun
    Mark Lanegan – Resurrection Song
    Led Zep – Immigrant Song

    ok, that’s 12. Tossup for the baker’s dozen –

    LL Cool J – Doin It
    Los Lobos – Will the Wolf Survive? (And i think they do a great Bertha, and La Bamba too)
    LA Guns – Electric Gypsies (I hate hair metal. But no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.)

    ok, Los Lobos it is.

  2. I suppose I really should include something by Love but I never got round to buying the album that Pairubu rates as the best ever. Should remedy that but for now my selection is……….

    Lene Lovich – Bird Song
    Nick Lowe – Cracking Up
    John Lennon – Mother
    Peggy Lee – Is That All There Is?
    Julie London – Cry me a River
    Leftfield – Open Up
    Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot
    Len Bright Combo – Someone Must’ve Nailed Us Together
    Barrington Levy – Here I Come
    Lipps Inc – Funkytown
    Pjotr Leschenko – Miranda
    Lotte Lenya – Alabama Song
    Laurel and Hardy – Trail of the Lonesome Pine

      • I see from reading through the thread that I forgot Lindisfarne, Nils Lofgren and Little Feat too. For what it’s worth I think I would have picked Lady Eleanor, I Came to Dance and Long Distance Love.

  3. La La La:

    Low (14)
    Jeffrey Lewis (9)
    Little Axe (8)
    Lambchop (8)
    Leftfield (7)
    Keith LeBlanc (6)
    Black Joe Lewis (5)
    Lykke Li (5)
    LCD Sounsystem (4)
    Dan Le Sac (4)
    Lower Dens (4)
    Ladytron (3)
    Lemon Jelly (3)
    Liars (3)
    Liebe Ist Cool (3)
    Little Annie (3)
    Little Jackie (3)

  4. on hols so you tube will have to follow later. may change it if I missed something!

    Lower dens – brains
    Lords of the new church – dance with me
    Lush – the childcatcher
    Liars – clear island
    Luna – that’s what you always say (cover)
    Les savy fav – yawn yawn yawn
    Mark Lanegan – 100 days
    Love – the red telephone
    The Legends – he knows the sun
    The Loft – up the hill and down the slope
    Lift to experience – these are the days
    Lemonheads – postcard/ever
    Leftfield – storm 3000
    Lungfish – friend to friend in endtime

    • donds to Lush, Lanegan and Leftfield, I’ve only heard a couple of Liars tracks but I’ve liked them, any suggestions as which album to start with?

      • Hi Beth, I have 4 of their albums though oddly not yet got drum’s not dead which I read good things about and sounds like I’d like. I like all the stuff I have but as that one gets good reviews, I’d start with that (ridiculous I know, an album I haven’t heard). The song above is off the album Liars, which is great.

  5. Lovin Spoonful – Do You Believe In Magic.
    Left Banke – Walk Away Renee
    Tamala Lewis – You Won’t Say Nothing.
    Barbara Lewis – Someday We’re Going To Love Again.
    Bettye LaVette – Let Me Down Easy.
    Jackie Lee – Oh My Darling.
    Peggy Lee – So In Love.
    Major Lance – You Don’t Want Me No More.
    Kd Lang – Crying.
    Little Ann – Deep Shadows.
    Little Anthony – Hurts So Bad.
    Brenda Lee – Love Letters.
    Lightning Seeds – Lucky You.

      • Only because I don’t get it as a song about kindness (you would probably have explained) and don’t like it anyway (which I admit would have proved an obstacle)!!! Anyway, you would have come up with other, better, stuff , and I would never break YOUR heart.

      • We’re all probably glad i didn’t have to explain all of the acts of kindness in that song….

        I got away with not having to spell things out for the Innuendo topic, and Daddy Pig b-listed it anyway 🙂

  6. This is gonna be REALLY hard for me again.
    Just off the top of my head, I could do one artist lists for –
    Lyle Lovett,
    Led Zeppelin,
    Mark Lanegan,
    Little Feat,
    Lone Justice
    Lynyrd Skynyrd!

    Decorating today, and working this evening, so at least I have lots of time to think about it.

  7. Love – Alone Again Or
    Lemon Jelly – Nice Weather For Ducks
    Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance
    Lamb – Gorecki
    Lambchop – Theone
    Lemonheads – My Drug Buddy
    The La’s – There She Goes
    Louise Attaque – Lea
    The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now
    Los Campesinos! – This Is How You Spell “HAHAHA I’ve Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux-Romantics”
    Jeffrey Lewis – Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song
    Jenny Lewis – Rabbit Fur Coat
    Lanterns On The Lake – Another Tale From Another English Town

    • See that I have duplicated your Lemon Jelly nom, take that as a dond1 And big donds also for Jeffrey Lewis, Jenny Lewis, and the La’s.

      • The Lewis noms were 2 songs I remember liking a lot but didn’t remember who sang them so didn’t remember them for the list.

  8. So- First two practically pick themselves, obviously anything from Forever Changes would have done but I have a real soft spot for their cover of My Little Red Book, supposedly the origin of Pink Floyd’s Interstellar overdrive riff.
    Spoonful have been one of my favourite bands for over 40 years now, Zal being one of the world’s great, if somewhat unsung, guitar players , IMHO. Economical and always spot on.
    Love Psychedelico are Japanese and cool.
    Loveholic are Korean, also cool and as one commentator on Youtube puts it this song is “so sad”. Sniff..
    Love Affair had a couple of hits, I like this cover of soul number a lot
    Lothar- fantastic band, very innovative, use of synths etc. Long track but great ( and one of the few to try to hypnotise the listener !)
    Loretta Lynn- Stone cold country classic
    Little Richard. So primitive and yet so perfect. The ultimate rock and roll record I think
    Frankie Lymon – I relate to this one, I’m a senile delinquent
    Laughin Nose – Not the track I would have chosen, still great but not a patch on “Never trust a woman”
    Lolita No 18. One of the oddest, most original voices in Japanese punk, great little band, great little song.
    Los Punkrockers- Saving the “best” till last. What happens when you decide to release a cover of the hot sounds of the moment but lack both adequate musicianship and a singer who can actually speak English. From Spain. Awesome.

    Love – My Little Red Book
    Lovin Spoonful – You didn’t have to be so nice
    Love Psychedelico – Last Smile
    Loveholic – Sky
    Love Affair – Rainbow Valley
    Lothar and the Hand People – Space Hymn
    Loretta Lynn – Coal Miner’s Daughter
    Little Richard- You keep a knockin’
    Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers- I’m not a juvenile delinquent
    Laughin’ Nose – Broken Generation
    Lolita No.18 – Bobby Tank
    Los Punkrockers – Pretty Vacant.

    Hearable here http://tinyurl.com/o36a85z

    There’s one missing, due to Japanese vids not being available for playlists a lot of the time, it’s one of my all time faves.

  9. At first I thought both my iPod and my memory were Lacking in L songs….but no….Led Zep twice that’s all….apols for any duplications, have not checked …could not leave out the first one…

    So here’s a mix of the Lovely, the Loud, and even the Lascivious…

    Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
    Lulu and the Luvvers – Shout
    Loving Spoonful – Summer in the City
    Seth Lakeman – Kitty Jay
    The Levellers – One Way
    Lemon Jelly – Nice Weather for Ducks
    Lunasa – The Merry Sisters of Fate
    Brenda Lee – Sweet Nothings
    Tom Lehrer – The Vatican Rag
    Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
    John Lennon – Nobody Told Me
    Annie Lennox – Pavement Cracks
    Led Zeppelin – The Battle of Evermore

  10. L? Lovely!

    I know which band will get the most noms this week and I am pretty sure that I know which other bands will feature strongly.

    Anyway, my list is going to stick with the greats.

    Love – Alone Again Or
    Little Feat – Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
    Nils Lofgren – Goin’ Back
    Los Lobos – Will the Wolf Survive
    Long Ryders – Too Close to the Light
    Jonny Lang – Lie To Me
    Mark Lanegan – Bleeding Muddy Water
    Albert Lee – Country Boy
    k.d lang – Pullin’ Back The Reins
    Julie London – Cry Me A River
    The Lovin’ Spoonful – Do You Believe In Magic
    Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same
    Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free bird


  11. The Las – There She Goes
    Lemonheads – Dawn Can’t Decide
    John Lennon – Stand By Me
    The Libertines – Time For Heroes
    Jerry Lee Lewis – High School Confidential
    Little Richard – Tutti Frutti
    Nick Lowe – So It Goes
    Lovin Spoonful – Summer in the City
    Little Man Tate – Just Can’t Take It
    Ronnie Laws – Young Child
    Light of the World – Time
    Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives
    Nils Lofgren – Keith Don’t Go

    No cock ups this week !

  12. L of a week this week:

    List will include Zep, Zep and Hmmm Zep.

    Plus a smattering of Linkin Park, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lanegan, Lighthouse Family, definitely Little Big Town, London Grammer (possibly), the LSO, Loretta Lynn, The Low Anthem, The Lumineers and ‘lĕh-‘nérd ‘skin-‘nérd

  13. Lindisfarne clear white light
    Led Zep no quarter or achiles if its taken
    Little Feat rock roll doctor
    Lynyrd Skynyrd freebird
    Lennon slippin & sliding

    will have to think of a song for
    KD Lang Leadbelly nick Lowe lena lovvich

    shoehorn ‘the L band’ who were hillage’s troupe touring the L album light in the sky

      • It’s OK amylee, I’ve listed Stairway….I did wonder if it was over-familiar but I don’t tire of it. Might have replaced it with Peggy Lee’s Fever, if only had thought of it…

      • Cheers amy, and Zep donds back for II and III and for Lanegan up thread.

        In response to yours and suzi’s comments about STH, I did consider leaving it off but a) it’s an integral part of IV and b) it’s still phucking awesome and c) it’s Stairway To Heaven 😉

  14. I’m Late, but it’s appropriate this week.

    1. Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
    2. Loop – Afterglow
    3. Love & Rockets – Rainbird
    4. Lush – Sweetness and Light
    5. Lydia Lunch – Some Velvet Morning
    6. The Last Dance – Distantly
    7.La Femme Verte – Moonlight Mile
    8.k.d.lang – Miss Chatelaine
    9. Last Rites – Obsession
    10. Last July – Nothing Else But You
    11. Led Zeppelin – Friends

  15. 13 songs , 4 bands!

    The Lurkers – Freak Show
    The Lurkers – Hey You
    The Lurkers – What Happened To Mary?
    The Lurkers – False Fun
    Lack Of Knowledge – The Uninvited
    Lack Of Knowledge – Girl In The Mask
    Lack Of Knowledge – Flamethrower
    Lack Of Knowledge – Prayer And A Bomb
    Lower Class Brats – Who Writes Your Rules?
    Lower Class Brats – Glam Bastard
    Lower Class Brats – Shot Up Shot Down
    Lower Class Brats – Two In The Heart
    Lunatic Fringe – British Man

    Three ealry Lurkers tracks and one by the later Arthur Bassick-led version, almostr a seperatre band in a way
    It’s frustrating that my favourite Lack of Knowledge song, Are You Ready?, is nowhere to be found on youtube.

  16. Right! I’ve decided that there’s too many DsD faves already mentioned, both bands (Zep, Skynyrd, Little Feat, etc) and individual songs (Funky Town, Nice Weather For Ducks, There She Goes et al), so ….

    Here’s a DsD selection that have scored a big fat zero so far on the CtrlF test:

    Lucero – 1979.
    Live – Lightning Crashes.
    Low – Nothing But Heart.
    Lone Justice – Wait ‘Til We Get Home.
    Little Village – Solar Sex Panel.
    Level 42 – Leaving Me Now.
    Lowgold – Beauty Dies Young.
    Lewis & Clarke – Sometimes We Forget To Ask.
    London Grammar – Strong.
    Living Colour – Bi.
    Lyle Lovett – Memphis Midnight / Memphis Morning.
    Lone Star – Bells Of Berlin.
    The Last Post – Silence Seems To Say.
    Londonbeat – Drop.
    Less Than Jake – Short Fuse Burning.
    Daniel Lanois – The Maker.
    Little Axe – Going Down Slow.
    Little Angels – Too Much Too Young.

    I’d better stop there. I’m being greedy as it is.

  17. What the L, lets have a playlist: http://goo.gl/HshSvW

    LabelleLady Marmelade: Voulez vous dancez in the discotheque avec moi, ce soir?
    Abbey LincolnBrother, Can You Spare A Dime?: Her two gifts: singing and social activism
    Little FeatCold, Cold, Cold: Bonnie Raitt makes a great band celestial
    Austin LucasAlone In Memphis: Found under hard roots in the Glossary
    Lifter PullerI Like The Lights: I’ve tapped Craig Finn for F (Finn), L (Lifter), and H (Hold Steady). I’m an admirer, ok?
    LissieTo Ramona: Dylan wrote this for her to sing. It’s about Baez and Lissie wasn’t even born yet, but whatevs
    Louisiana Funky Butts Brass BandLes Bon Temps Rouler
    : Chosen for the name? Moi?
    Peggy LeeFever: Pop perfection
    David LindleyTwist and Shout: Music needs more gifted eccentrics
    Mary Lou LordHis Indie World: Evoking memories of Jill Sobule is a very good thing
    Ray LamontagneGod Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise: Nose singer, but such feeling
    Jim LauderdaleJanis Jones: Who wants him picking on their album? EVERYBODY
    Loretta Lynn (w Jack White) Portland Oregon: Jack endeavouring to reinvent all music genres
    Low$20: Sublime lo-fi

    • Donds for Ray, Loretta & Jack (a personal fave tune, that one), and anytime Bonnie gets up and gets down with Little Feat.

  18. A couple of duplicates, but hey ho…

    LA Vampires – How Would You Know
    Liars – The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack
    Ladyscraper – Bolt On and Jack Off
    Langhorne Slim – I Wanna Take You Home
    Langer – Whistlestop
    Le Tigre – FYR
    LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge
    Lemonheads – Big Gay Heart
    Les Rallizes Denudes – Strung Out Deeper Than the Night
    Lightning Bolt – 2Morrow Morrowland
    Lo-Fidelity Allstars – Battle Flag
    Love as Laughter – Hall and Oates Have Disappeared
    Lift to Experience – Just As Was Told

  19. blimey – I forgot to do a list – it would have to be narrowed down from:

    Bone Is Bloodstone LA Vampires & Zola Jesus
    Fried Eyes The Lovely Bad Things
    Burning Up Ladytron
    Mbube Ladysmith Black Mambazo
    Jesus Christ Superstar Laibach
    German Shepherds Laika
    Dark Angel Lalleshwari (Katie Jane Garside)
    Transfatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix Edit) Lamb
    National Talk Like a Pirate Day Lambchop
    It`s Still Rock`N`Roll To Me Laptop
    King of the Village Fete Lazarus and the Plane Crash
    Baby Battle Scratch Lemon Jelly
    Liebe Ist Cool Liebe Ist Cool
    I Saw Her In The Anti War Demonstration Jens Lekman
    Do They Owe Us A Living? Jeffrey Lewis
    Revival Mark Lanegan with Soulsavers
    I Won’t Lie To You Let’s Wrestle
    Little Bit Lykke Li
    LFO / LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix) LFO
    Lovesick Lindstrom and Christabelle
    C-c-c-crossfire Lions At Your Door
    Lazer Sheep Dip Funk Lo-Fidelity Allstars
    English Murder Mystery The Lucksmiths
    Superfreaky memories Luna
    ¿Por qué me tengo yo que enamorar? Los Fresones Rebeldes
    Beauty Dies Young (Graham Coxon Mix) LowGold

  20. I’ll add to the love for Luna (well, from two of you anyhow) by pitching in my fave ‘Ride into the sun” – seems appropriate as we are actually getting some sun these days….

  21. I’m not so ‘Indie-er than thou’ to pass up the chance to induct Lana del Rey into the L of Fame As summer wanes I get ‘Summertime Sadness’. Or is Lana filed under D or R?

  22. I’ll join those batting for Lykke Li (Double L!) with ‘I’m good, I’m gone’. I especially love the version in the video with Robyn…Excuse me doing my list piecemeal – no self discipline!

    • I’m good, I’m gone
      Little Bit
      Dance Dance Dance

      are a triptych of perfect pop songs with lovely sense of self and power – even when sad.

      annoyed the fuck out of me the lines “I’m your prostitute” in ‘Get Some’ – great rolling rhythm though.

  23. Another fave is Les Balayeurs du Desert – ‘Elephant Walk’. This was played at the magical Sultan’s Elephant event in London, with the four storey high mechanical elephant. Maybe you had to be there…

  24. Frankie Laine – Rawhide
    Frankie Laine – Jezebel
    Julius LaRosa – This Is Heaven
    Brenda Lee – Dynamite
    Peggy Lee – Fever
    Lettermen – When I Fall In Love
    Jerry Lee Lewis – I’m A Wild One
    Liberace – Malaguena
    Trini Lopez – Cu Cu Ru Paloma
    Trini Lopez – Granada
    Los Lobos – Colas
    Kenny Logins – Danger Zone
    Frankie Lymon – Little Bitty Pretty One

  25. A Finnish list:

    Antero Lindgren – Cigarette Stump Classic Finnish melancholy.
    LCMDF – COOL AND BORED A great pop tune. Not even being revamped for a fuller radio-friendly sound can destroy it.
    Laineen Kasperi — 7 miljardia soluttautujaa Wiity hip-hop about the world having seven billion immigrants/migrants/infiltrators; told from the point of view of your basic Finn.
    Loost Koos Taivas Kattona Charming hip-hop. The sort of fun stuff Gym Class Heroes might do if they were Finnish.
    Timo Lassy & José James – The More I Look At You Jazzy and cool.
    The Lieblings: It’s All Gonna Fall Ace power pop
    Lemonator – One Last Day Ace indie, power pop
    ERJA LYYTINEN-Press my Button Blues from a woman who like her double entrendes.
    Luomuhappo: Nainen Acid house gets acidic
    Lady Escape – Festive Hearts Twisted indie pop
    Lau Nau Valolle Beautiful Finnish art-scene pop.
    Luomo – Tessio A cut above others in the making of electronic soundscapes.
    Lapko – Love Is Sick and Wrong Big 1980’s drum sounds with a touch of emo. Rock music that needs a big hug.
    Le Futur Pompiste – Certain Signs Jazzy indie pop. Burning Hearts fans will recognise the singer.
    Jussi Lampela Nonet Feat. Jukka Eskola – Yardpost Jazz
    Ville Leinonen – Pieni ja lämpöinen Jazzy indie pop. Small and warm.
    The Latebirds – U + I
    Lubo-Mir feat. Lobotomi – You Are That Wave

  26. The Sexual Loneliness of Jesus Christ – Jackie Leven
    The War Crimes of Ariel Sharon – Sir Vincent Lone
    Call Mother a Lonely Field – Jackie Leven
    Courtship in Scottish Factories – Sir Vincent Lone
    Young Male Suicide Blessed by Invisible Woman – Jackie Leven
    His Arms are Full of Broken Things – Sir Vincent Lone
    Song For Bass Guitar and Death – Jackie Leven
    Balamory Death Chant – Sir Vincent Lone
    The View from Shit Creek – Jackie Leven
    Deep Choking Wooded Death Fix – Jackie Leven
    Rove on Wraith of Raith – Sir Vincent Lone
    The Snow That Thought it was a Dream – Jackie Leven
    Absolutely Joan Crawford (With a Little Bit of Tilda Swinton on the Side) – Jackie Leven

      • Of course, good choice; I made a folder of these in my Dropbox but haven’t worked out how to link the whole thing yet.

    • Never trust iTunes! It doesn’t list Jackie Leven under L! So can I add Empty in Soho Square, walking in Argyll, and Barefoot Days?

  27. I know I’m late but here goes :

    Linda Lewis – It’s the Frame
    Lydia Lunch – Lady Scarface
    Lounge Lizards – Do The Wrong Thing
    Leo’s Sunship – Give Me The Sunshine
    Lone – Airglow Fires
    Living Colour – Cult Of Personality
    Low Numbers – Nine All Out
    Johnny Lytle Quintet – The Village Caller
    Jon Lucien – Would You Believe in Me
    Lulu – The Man Who Sold The World
    Ludus – My Cherry is in Sherry
    Limmie & Family Cookin’ – You Can Do Magic

    Bloody L’s!

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