Tech help required, AGAIN!

See? I can’t even embed this properly! Curse you, BBC, for building me up, then bringing me down. 😡

There are three sets from this year’s Glastonbury festival that I can’t stop watching. Elbow’s mellow sundown set on Friday was just ace. BUTBUTBUT ….

Given that it will fall off iPlayer in a couple of days, does anyone know how I can copy / archive / rip it before it disappears? Audio, video, or both: I’m not bothered. But seriously, cut to 49m04s, play from there, and listen to a song which for me, has transcended its studio version SO much it’s a shoo-in for my Festive Spill Top Three.

I really don’t want to lose it.
Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Tech help required, AGAIN!

  1. I can’t help, although I suspect it will make an appearance on YouTube somehow…?

    But I did love this – one of the few I got round to watching on iPlayer (John Grant also highly recommended). To be honest I can take or leave much of Elbow – though Guy Garvey is clearly a national treasure – but seeing that performance with that sunset must have been quite something. And I’m listening to the new album quite a lot.

    I’m assuming 49m04s takes you to “My Sad Captains”?

  2. Re YouTube: if it does, I can rip the audio from that (though the quality will be crap).

    Re My Sad Captains: yup! The simple removal of the sharp-edged electric guitar chord from the studio version makes all the difference to me. I bloomin’ love the Glasto version, lyrical missteps an’all.

  3. Given the DRM on iplayer, you may find the easiest thing is to film it from your TV/computer with a video camera or movie setting on a point and shoot or phone!

  4. There are plenty of converters out there, but if you only want an mp3 of the one track, I’d use Audacity to do a real time (old school) recording from the computer. You’ll need to download the software, but it’s a free open source project, Here’s a link:

    To export your recording from Audacity as an mp3, you’ll need the latest LAME encoder. A link for that is also on the site.

    Let me know if you get defeated, & I’ll do it for you.

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