Earworms 28 July 2014

I have managed to break my wrist so this intro will be short – thanks for the brilliant worms and please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com. More potential ‘Spill points on offer from tinny, today. Enjoy!

Glasvegas – Santa Monica (demo) – AliM:  Short but sweet.

Haunted House – Shoulders – ghe: I’ve tempted the earworm massive with Brighton’s Lianne Hall before. Now based in Berlin she is one half of Haunted House, with Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll. Here’s a remix off the latest EP, with a nice bit of wormy incantation, and an invitation to climb on her shoulders.

Syd Arthur – Garden of Time – bethnoir: I confess to being a fan of Gong, Caravan and even a bit of Hatfield and the North so it kind of makes sense that I’d like a band from Canterbury with a similar feel to those bands. These guys wear lovely jumpers, one of them is Kate Bush’s nephew and they take their name from Syd Barrett and the Kinks’ character, Arthur (surely a nod to Buddha too?), relax and enjoy.

Otis Taylor – Rain So Hard – Leavey: Where to start without sounding too effusive but I have tincanman to thank for this discovery (he’s got such good taste). He suggested Otis’s Coming With Crosses for my last RR Stint and I mentioned I’d have to look up his extensive back catalogue, well I am doing so and this one off of Clovis People, Vol. 3 is a stand out track. My he’s got a fabulous ‘gravelly’ voice over that insistent beat and a bit of brass in there too, brings me out in goosebumps.

-??- Sous Le Soleil Exactement – tincanman: Who on earth is that singing this Serge Gainsborough song? And for a whole heap of Spill points, what Jack of all trades is on guitar?

The Wailers – Pass It On – goneforeign: Note it’s ‘The Wailers’, from before the advent of BM&W. This is from 1973’s album ‘Burnin’; Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Bob, Family Man, Carlton Barrett & Wire Lindo. Possibly written by Bunny: “Be not selfish in your doings, Pass it on – Help your brothers in their needs, Pass it on – Live for yourself – you will live in vain. Live for others – you will live again. In the kingdom of Jah Man shall reign, Pass it on …”

18 thoughts on “Earworms 28 July 2014

  1. In response to Mr Canman’s quiz. I’d recognise those honeyed tones anywhere, that would be dear old Shane O’Hooligan.
    No idea on the guitar player and, frankly, 30 seconds of that is more than enough for me.

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  3. Liked this set very much especially the Haunted House and Glasvegas tracks. Searched for a vinyl copy of Burning which I was sure I had but couldn’t find. I do much prefer B marley with his two former partners. Will try to post again after a second listen.

    • All still sounding good the second time around. Possible exception is the Serge one. I find it hard to listen to Shane’s voice any later than the “If I Should Fall From Grace” album. Sounds better in French though for some reason.

  4. Ouch! Broken wrist!! Poor you, hope they gave you good painkillers and that you blamed the feisty worms and not the drink, X

  5. Nice set, as ever, though I think I would be happy for the singer of Under the Sun to remain anonymous. Loved the Otis track, and Syd Arthur had me scrabbling around for the tin of whacky baccy.

  6. Hi there, fresh from mixing with some ‘tarts’ on the Mothership so could do with some ‘fresh’ tunes.

    Shoulders, Sous le Soleil and Glasvegas in third equal place this week and receive a Bronze medal.

    The Wailers get the Silver

    Gold to Syd Arthur (bethnoir what’s your association with Canterbury as I spent 5-years there as a teenager, fabulous place)

    If I could i would of course give a Gold medal and bar to tinny for the introduction to Otis just a superb tune amongst many on the album.

    Gotta go have a deadline to meet 🙂

  7. Finally got time to listen whilst there’s a break in the gymnastics coverage 🙂
    I haven’t really listened to Glasvegas before, but this is very sweet, I like it a lot.
    Haunted House have a good name and a good sound, not mad about the female vocal, but overall very listenable.
    leaveitallbehind9, I don’t have a connection to Canterbury, never been there, but I’ve been listening to bands from there for so many decades I feel as if I’ve visited in spirit. Glad you liked the Syd Arthur track 🙂
    Otis has a wonderful voice.
    I’m afraid I have no idea about the Serge song’s guitarist, it’s not my favourite this week.
    The Wailers song is beautiful, great selection this week 🙂

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