elastic bands – this week: N

27 lettered loons go by
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or,
How perfectly streamlined it is.

I will post a letter of the alphabet
all BANDS or ARTISTS must begin with that letter.
Artists letter is determined by the letter at the beginning of their SURNAME (if they use it) – ignore the use of ‘The’ in a bands name.
up to 13 songs are allowed – fewer if you wish.

All can be the same artist if that represents you perfectly or all the same genre.
Just make them great tunes.

Make a youtube playlist (if you like) and link to it – just link to it – don’t overload the thread.

Cut and paste the band names and tracks (in a joyous list style) in the comments.
Then we can chat about the choices – add some waffle if you want (about how narrow or varied those choices are) … but above all, have fun.

It’s all over and I’m standing pretty
In this dust that was a city
If I could find a souvenir
Just to prove the world was here


134 thoughts on “elastic bands – this week: N

  1. opps – this was supposed to go up about an hour ago – but I forgot to press publish.

    Well as this is the LAST LETTER EVER – I will put up a list and i’ll keep to 13:

    In The Aeroplane Over The Sea Neutral Milk Hotel
    Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams Nico
    Everything’s Gone Green New Order
    Helter Stupid Negativland
    Narizambe Nawal
    Dadada The Naked and Famous
    pilot The Notwist
    (I Wanna Give You) Devotion The Nomad
    Stupid Questions New Model Army
    Let The Sirens Rest Now It’s Overhead
    Apples & Pears Nedry
    Waves Nouvelle Vague
    99 Luftballons Nena

    elastic bands; the eNd my friends.

      • Confession time: I gave my copy of the NMH album away. I listened to it, loved the melodies, lyrics and can still sing Two-Headed Boy but cannot get past his voice. 😦
        Will have to try again – starting now.

      • if we are doing honesty:

        I think it might be time that I gave Nirvana a proper listen – they didn’t really do anything for me at the time.
        I’d been listening to Dinosaur Jr for half a decade and Pixies for a couple of years before they released Bleach and in my mind they were a bit ‘clean’, ‘polished’ and ‘commercial’ for my liking (Bleach less so than Nevermind) – okay to get the kids into alternative rock as a feeder drug, but not really potent enough for a world weary hard core 19 year old – Jane’s Addiction had been doing the drug destroyed band with far more interesting results already… and by the time Nevermind came out (when I was 21) I’d given up on bands and could be found titted off my face in a field listening to repetitive electronic music; that felt so much more ‘revolutionary’ than a pretty boy in a hairy jumper jumping on a alt-rock bandwagon that was over already in England**
        I like: Come As You Are and (Pixies Lite): Smells Like.. but that’s about as far as any in depth knowledge of them goes – heehee

        But I do thank them for getting All Saints wearing combats – a brilliant legacy.

        ** this whole reply is designed to cause maximum offence in the minimum wordage.

      • I did notice after the fact that i didn’t have anything from Bleach on my final list – but i had a few slated originally. It’s a great album.

      • Dinosaur Jr. is one i really ought to give a proper listen to. World class guitar playing, but otherwise i never really got into the tunes all that much. I always thought they were an LA band, but it seems that they’re a UMass Amherst band too – did they have anyting to do with the Pixies?

      • they didn’t have anything to do with Pixies – but probably influenced the loud quite loud of Frank Black’s band – they drove up to NY to do gigs and were taken under Sonic Youth’s wing so that’s probably where the NY idea comes from.

        I tried to do you a playlist but loads wouldn’t let me add to the list – Repulsion – in a jar – the wagon – whatever’s cool with me etc etc would all be added:

        Over it

        fade into you


        Just Like Heaven

      • oh thank you! I’m off for an interview, but will be back to do lots of editing tonight, it will be good company.

      • I have heard the Fade Into You when you posted it on FB, it was gorgeous. Especially the guitar. Although i admit to being a bit afraid to click on it to listen at first.

      • * stands up from his chair in the circle, and raises his right hand *

        Hi. My name’s Rich, and I’m a music addict.

        * waits until the supportive applause dies down *

        I know this, and yet I do have to say that I’ve tasted both Nirvana and Neutral Milk Hotel, but I didn’t inhale!

        Joking aside, I’m another one who preferred other bands at the point where the music press were trying to claim Nirvana as the grunge spearhead. In my case, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and a total obsession with the collaborative Temple Of The Dog album. And whilst I can admire and appreciate NMH, I would never call myself a fan. Yeah, it’s that voice.

      • Shane –

        I absolutely loved that playlist. What swoony guitarwork too. Count me in as a fan, another one of those where have you been all of my life bands.


        (I should have realized how good they were – another one of those bands like Pavement that both you and Chris agree on).

  2. Here’s one I prepared earlier. You may notice a certain amount of bias toward two particular artists. Please remember that it’s not R/R so none of their songs are now “taken” should you wish to pick any of them yourself.

    Harry Nilsson – Jesus Christ You’re Tall
    Nomad – Just a Groove
    New Order – Temptation
    Nirvana – All Apologies
    Nipple Erectors – King of the Bop
    Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road
    Randy Newman – In Germany, Before the War
    Randy Newman – Political Science
    Randy Newman – I Think It’s Going to Rain Today
    Nico – My Only Child
    Nico – Innocent and Vain
    Nico – Afraid
    Aaron Neville – Mickey Mouse March

  3. With iPod and memory both lacking in Ns (probably will be a few headslaps as I read other people’s lists) and sticking to my policy of not listing anything I don’t like here’s a short list of only 8 songs, which may however be added to

    Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now
    Gary Numan – Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
    Nickel Creek – Ode to a Butterfly
    Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
    Nico – The Fairest of the Seasons
    Ricky Nelson – Garden Party
    New Christy Minstrels – 3 Wheels On My Wagon
    Paulo Nutini – A Man’s A Man For A’That

    • just added 2 more which I’d meant to add but then somehow it slipped my mind when I made the list, plus another I’d forgotten

      The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Battle of New Orleans
      The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Emmylou Harris – Mary Danced With Soldiers (originally on a Nitty Gritty album but I have it on an Emmylou one)
      Randy Newman – I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

      Still pondering the final two to add later, possibly. Or not.

  4. No donds or dupes for me this week ’cause it’s a banner week or old school hip hop. And some grubby band from Seattle. Followed up by a fish out of water tune (on this list) i think i first heard from tipatina. (No NIN, i think i used them up on numbers)

    No Apologies for hogging a grab bag of so many Nirvana tunes, there’s plenty left to go around. Consider them pre-donded. I’ll leave that tune by the other Nirvana to Brendan with a dond.

    Thanks very much Shane, this game was fun and i’m going to miss it.

    Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hooray
    NWA – Straight Outta Compton
    Nas – Nasty
    Notorious BIG – Hypnotize
    NWA – Express Yourself
    Nelly – Hot in Herre
    Nirvana – Molly’s Lips
    Nirvana – On a Plain
    Nirvana – Come as You Are
    Nirvana – Lithium
    Nirvana – Polly
    Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night
    The National – Gospel

  5. The Marble Index.

    Thanks, shane, for sticking with this. You’ll be publishing the statistical analysis of our eclecticism in due course, I assume. Graphically, I hope 🙂

    • New Age Steppers – My Love
      Cliff Nobles – My Love Is Getting Stronger
      The Noble Knights – Sing A Simple Song
      Nieminen ja Litmanen – Leo Jokela Rides Again
      Nirobi – Your Failure’s Gone To Your Head
      The Northern Governors – Hela Huti
      Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
      Nada Surf – Popular
      Nt’s White Trash – You & Me
      The National – ‘Slipping Husband’
      new order – your silent face
      Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms
      Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits
      Laura Närhi – Kuutamolla (Se ei mee pois)
      New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream
      Neu! – Hallogallo
      No Respect for Beauty – I Am a Shadow
      The New Tigers – Pocketful Of Sand
      New York City Survivors – The Game
      New Age Steppers – Fade Away

      • The Notwist: ace German band who fit in with that Sage Francis/Atmosphere sound rather well though they’re much broader in style than that.
        New Age Steppers: On-U Sound/Slits. Dubby pop. Brilliant
        Cliff Nobles: uptempo Northern soul sharing a lyrical theme to the song above
        The Noble Knights: funky cover
        Nieminen ja Litmanen: one man beats skins while the other pummels the organ. Funky as hell. Live version.
        Nirobi: uptempo beats with an Asian-sounding influence
        The Northern Governors: groovy Finns go Afro-beating
        Nena: one of the best pop songs ever. I prefer the original
        Nada Surf
        Nt’s White Trash Soliti label owner’s garage rock band. A great moment.
        The National: about as close as I go to Americana at the moment. Could’ve added many other songs by them but…
        new order: this song is how I feel today or Should I have chosen Thieves Like Us
        Neon Indian: chillwave angst that’s survived the press hype; slightly self-mocking I think. Spent yesterday evening watching the video for Washed Out’s new single “Weightless”. In a very chillwave mood.
        Nightmares on Wax: fits the mood
        Laura Närhi: Kemopetrol singer gets Finnish-style garagey/dubstep makeover. Yes it’s a bloody lonely sound.
        New Young Pony Club: a song to make me smile
        Neu! Just ace. Inspired by the feeling of running when playing football.
        No Respect for Beauty: South Korean post-rock. Epic build. there’s a brilliant live clip of them playing this on some TV show but I can’t find it right now. Sounds like it’s title I Am A Shadow.
        The New Tigers: shoegazing fuzziness meets C-86 in Turku (On the Soliti label.)
        New York City Survivors: another Turku band: I thought of NIN and Nitzer Ebb but went for something inbetween Unremitting electro.

      • Forgot to add Notwist and Nena. Doubtless there will be others. Provided a description of the bands/songs cos there are more than a few obscurities in there, unless you live in Finland of course, and even then I’m pushing it.

      • Notwist are ace, aren’t they – one of the first names on my list –
        I got Nena’s 99 Luftballons A listed with a very elaborate recommend during Maddy’s time – Historical events being a bit of a stretch – heehee.

        Written because of a Rolling Stones gig (releasing balloons) in West Berlin – I’m told.
        I taped a live Nena gig off the radio in 1984 (all in German) on an old Curry’s c60 that I still own and love… and adored her hairy arm pits on TotPs – they had the papers and school playground up in arms ‘so to speak’.

      • I own very little by The Notwist because . . . well because I can’t buy everything I like . . . but they are so good. Love the stories of them travelling in North America and making friends with Themselves (I think) and doing collabos and broadening the sound of their genres. Another band deserving a much wider audience than the one then have.

        Oh the armpits! Actually, I think I was already doing A-levels and far too aware of sexual politics, gender issues and cultural differences to be shocked by her radical armpits. Being a hairy, sweaty bastard I shave my armpits to keep the air fresh. That’s more more info than you need to know, but if you were close by after I’d spent a day in the field, or an evening of punching the air at an Echo and the Bunnymen gig, you’d be glad I did.

      • but – and this is from what I’ve been told – doesn’t the air circulating around the hair create pockets for evaporation/or when cold; the air around the hair has pockets of warmth – thus hair, like a straw bale wall, is perfect for summer and winter… you don’t see monkeys rushing for the razor when the sun shines (I haven’t seen the new ‘planet of the apes’ – if they have a brazilian scene – I DON’T WANT TO)
        Shaving has the opposite effect – letting the sweat run and drip – once the dripped sweat goes stale on the skin it causes the smell… I could be wrong – but I’m sure a clever person told me that*** – the glands are the other thing that exudes the smell and: hairy or not hairy – there’s those that will waft.

        *** I just remembered, it was in the blurb I had for an advertising brief – so bullshit in a cfc aerosol is probably what’s implanted in my brain and I’m regurgitating that as facts.

  6. Gosh, where have the last six-months gone! Doesn’t time fly by when you’re having so much fun.

    A huge thank you to shane for keeping this show on the road and an appreciation to everyone that’s shared a list and commented from time to time, it’s been fantastic, though I feel there’s going to be a mid-week hole in my life for the rest of the year!!!

    I’m struggling with ‘N’s there’s hardly “NE” in my music library 😦

    Start off with a bit of fun from Willie Nelson and Beer For My Horses, because well because why not.

    Not just because of Shane’s intro but when this came out I played it so often on the pub jukebox: Nena – 99 Balloons

    Can I have Olivia Newton-John and Physical?

    Now to bore the pants off you all:

    Nickelback – Never Again, Where Do I Hide, If Today Was Your Last Day.

    Stevie Nicks – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

    No Doubt – Don’t Speak

    Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric, Cars

    Paulo Nutini – Candy

    Fred Neil – Everybody’s Talking

    Nazareth – Whisky Drinkin’ Woman

    Back later for the playlist.

    Best wishes to you all.

    • ha ha – I was going to ask you when you were around Canterbury area – due to the conversation you and Beth were having; but teenager in ’83 old enough to be in a pub dates you fairly well. From ’86 to ’88 I went to Broadstairs technical collage where they discovered I couldn’t read after a decade of education and they held my hand through enough exams to get into proper art collage. But the friends I made there were a disparate bunch based in either Medway or Canterbury – so after last lessons on Friday we jumped on a train and went to Canterbury – where we settled down on the grass outside the Millers Arms, by the water, and drank until the pub opened – not all day drinking then!
      We’d then do the shortest pub crawl in the world before closing – a shot in the Dolphin (as we didn’t fit in very well) then up to Simple Simons for a last couple before the bell rang and we had to drunkenly sprint to the train back to Medway…. (trying not to lose the bootleg LP’s or band t-shirts I’d purchased from the indoor market).

      • I met up with some university friends in Canterbury a couple of weeks ago. We settled into the Millers at around noon, and didn’t move for the rest of the day. (Simple Simon’s now some chain pub sadly, presumably no longer selling cheap home-brewed beer)

      • Canterbury ’78 – ’83, and to be fair it was a time when pubs weren’t so hot on checking ID and there were several establishments that served us (The Millers, Seven Stars, Three Tuns, The White Horse (I think that’s what it was called, the one by the Odeon) and in the many bars at the University)

        I was last in Canterbury with Mrs L about 3 or 4 years ago and The Millers wouldn’t let you take your drinks out by the water, damn shame because that was such a good spot.

        • I celebrated my 18th birthday first off in the collage local – half way up a cliff in Broadstairs – and continued the day on a pub crawl of Canterbury. Taking in The Millers, Seven Stars, Three Tuns as a bare minimum… couldn’t have got much better at checking those ID’s!

          Funniest thing that happened a year later in ’89, when I was climbing on the Berlin wall, was I spotted a Canterbury Uni banner pinned to the wall – I mentioned it to my mate – and some lads behind me went – ‘you used to drink in the Millers’ we’d never spoken in the years drinking in the pub, but they recognised me at the Berlin wall. Small world and all that.

          Crying shame not to be able to drink by the water – that was the whole essence of it’s appeal.

    • Donds for the uncool Nickelback’s Never Again, which I still think is righteously, awesomely angry.

      Stevie Nicks? Right album, wrong song. Let’s see if she makes the cut on my list.

      Nazareth? Did I do that to you?

  7. I could easily just do a New Order list, but I will restrain myself.

    This is going to be pretty varied this week.AS I am not a huge fa of the band, there won’t be any Nirvana.

    New Order – Thieves Like Us
    Fred Neil – Dolphins
    Laura Nyro – Eli’s comin’
    Jack Nitzsche – Bank Robbery (feat. Miles Davis and John Lee Hooker)
    New Riders of the Purple Sage – Dirty Business
    NRBQ – That’s Neat That’s Nice
    Les Negresses Vertes – Zobi La Mouche
    Youssou N’Dour – Dem
    Randy Newman – Rider in the Rain
    Harry Nilsson – Everybody’s Talking
    The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Stand A Little Rain
    Nektar – Desolation Valley
    Nine Inch Nails – Hurt

    Carole’s_Nuts_for N’s

  8. Neu!: Fuer Immer
    New Radicals: You Get What You Give
    Gary Numan: Cars
    Nena: 99 Luftballons
    Nirvana: In Bloom
    New Order: Regret
    Napalm Death: You Suffer
    Fats Navarro: Nostalgia

  9. new model army – smalltown england
    nine inch nails – sin
    nitzer ebb – lightning man
    no joy – lizard kids
    nirvana – lounge act
    neutral milk hotel – two headed boy
    nixon – anorak christmas
    the noseflutes – romance takes control
    the new pornographers – these are the fables
    the names – postcards
    the national – baby we’ll be fine
    new fast automatic daffodils – big
    new order – temptation

    nth degree

    • Ah, I didn’t check before I posted more and as usual there is some overlap, dons to NMA, NIN, Nitzer Ebb and the National.

      • Ta Beth. Different tracks though which is good. Don’t think I’ve heard NV’s Marian. Nearly chose their great version of Dance with me which I did select for The Lords under L.

        • I wasn’t sure whether to be offended or amused by Nouvelle Vague to begin with, love their cover of Bela Lugosi’s dead, but hate A Forest, once I’d removed my disapproving goth stance though, I love their reinterpretations and seem to have all their albums!

  10. Once again Youtube doesn’t want me to make a playlist for some reason. Hi ho, here they are anyway

    The Nips – Happy Song ( last gasp single produced by Paul Weller, you had to send off for it)
    Non Stop Body – Fuck shit up ( Three Korean girls capture the “essence du punque” perfectly
    New York Dolls – Personality Crisis ( classic)
    Nico – I’m not saying ( Who says Nico couldn’t sound cheery !)
    The N.A.I.F – Elephants in my tambourine ( Possibly the best record ever made ?)
    The Nightcrawlers – Little black egg ( Mysterious and creepy)
    Neil – Hurdy gurdy mushroom man ( lost “b” side, “fluffy hair on a polar bear means more to me than a lavatory” is one of the all time great lyrics.)
    Nickey and the Warriors – Nothing but the punks ( Tender and yet punkish , from Japan)
    Ninette – Push a little button ( Twee)
    No Brain – Fighting spirit ( Korean “punk” stars, think Ruts or thereabouts)
    Noodles – Velvet Underground ( Sounds a bit like the Velvet Underground but more Japanese)
    Neu- Negativland ( monster)
    The New Creation – Sodom and Gommorah. ( Last but not least, what happens when Canadian Christians picked up guitars. Sounding like an unholy alliance between the Velvets and Slits).

    • It’s been great and many, many thanks to saneshane for the idea, and for the illustrations! Can I make a suggestion, for those of us who are bound to be suffering from withdrawal symptoms next week?

      Could we go through our lists and pick our favourite from each one so that we have an A – Z of favourites (in cases where there’s several letters per week, one of each letter). Another possibility could be a mix of our own choices and other people’s choices, perhaps. I think it would be kind of interesting!

  11. Bill Nelson October man
    Nazareth broken down angel
    ted Nugent cat scratch fever .. mad as a box of frogs ..
    Nilsson the point, me & my arrow
    New Order theives like us
    New York Dolls jet boy – mock rock

    National Health .. bruford, stewart ..can’t name a tune

  12. Trust me to join in just as you are finishing up….here is mine, an oddball mix of country, commercial pop and a few other bits and pieces. My favourites are probably the Shane Nicholson, the Willie Nelson, the Juice Newton the Paul Norton.

    No Doubt – Don’t Speak
    Shane Nicholson (with Kasey Chambers) – Rattlin’ Bones
    Willie Nelson – On the Road Again
    Willie Nix – Prison Bound Blues
    Nirvana – About A Girl
    Nouvelle Vague – Oublions L’Amerique
    Jimmy Nail – Ain’t No Doubt
    New Radicals – You Only Get What you Give
    Juice Newton – Queen of Hearts
    Paul Norton – Stuck on you
    Ricky Nelson – Hello Mary Lou
    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
    Nena – 99 Luftballoons

    I have very quickly chucked them in a playlist too…

  13. Here we go:

    Napalm Death – You Suffer One of the finest songs ever written!
    Nirvana – Something in the Way
    Nina Nastasia – You Can Take Your Time
    The Nation of Ultsses – Perpetual Motion Machine
    New England Roses – All for the Night
    Nish – Jwel – Beautiful, beautiful electronica
    Nine Inch Nails – Head Like a Hole
    Noveller – Ends
    Nylon – 気にしちゃいないぜ – Japanese 60s-style garage rock
    Noxagt – Naked in France – Norwegian noise
    Nintendo Teenage Robots – No Disease Sex – Inevitably an offshoot of Atari Teenage Riot
    The Nosebleeds – Ain’t Been To No Music School
    Nas – Black President

  14. Thanks to Shane for putting this all together. Apologies for not joining in every week, I have a lot of half-formed lists on my desktop that I never got round to finishing and posting…oh well!

  15. Please will someone explain to me why that [expletive and derogatory adjective deleted] Nena song is so widely liked?

    • It’s the nursery rhyme melody, followed by the funky hip swivelling 80’s groove that goes into the chugging new wave twist that anyone can dance to. It then has an ace steal from early Blondie and the beat picks and then suddenly we’re back to the 80’s groove (clap your hands) and everyone knows the fun new wave bit is coming. And in German she sounds like a little girl that really means every word. And everyone bounces and sings along. Love it. 😉
      But I realise it might be a nightmare for some. I have walked out of parties that have played Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, which provokes a similar reaction in me.

      • Have now, thanks. He played with his family band at some place I’ve not heard of. Not 100% sure why he came over just for that. But he does keep on truckin’….

      • I found myself a bit offended that they called him an old man. I think he’s actually looking pretty good these days going by that picture.

        Robert Hunter played the Newport Folk Festival last weekend.

      • Well, as a human lifespan used to be ‘three score year and ten’ when I was growing up, I think 74 can reasonable be described as ‘old’…

        That piece is printed on the Graun’s Editorial page. I wonder who made that happen?

    • Adding my tuppen’th:

      Re Nena: for me, the song nailed our teenage, hitherto-ignorant, nascent political realisation that, yes-indeed, some stupid, rich, crown-wearing fucker’s gonna press a button and we pawns are all gonna die. The horror was all too much to compute without going stark-raving mad, so instead, let’s turn up the synths and party.

      Re GG’s IWS: the idea of spending time in a disco with that song makes the aforementioned nuclear Armageddon sound appealing!

    • Chris, I was young, was very in to CND at the time, this was an anti-nuclear protest song and well it was just so catchy both in the original German and the subsequent English translation.

  16. Not a lot apart from several worms that people have sent which you will already have heard … otherwise in my ITunes:

    Mike Nesmith – Dance between the raindrops
    Nazareth – My white bicycle
    Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Happy
    Neville Brothers – Yellow moon
    Nickelback – This is how you remind me
    Ted Nugent – Cat scratch fever

  17. Thanks Shane for doing this, I have really enjoyed thinking alphabetically and looked forward to the game, here are my Ns

    New Model Army – Vagabonds
    Nico – Fairest of the Seasons
    Nine Inch Nails -Perfect Drug
    Nefilim – Shine
    Nosferatu – Wonderland
    Nine Horses- Darkest Birds
    New York Dolls – Jet Boy
    Nitzer Ebb – Let Your Body Learn
    Nouvelle Vague – Marian
    Nobless Oblige – Seaside Suicide
    Gary Numan & Tubeway Army – Music For Chameleons
    The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

    may manage a list later, may not 🙂

  18. Finally got there on the world’s shittest computer

    New Model Army – Vengeance
    999 – Emergency
    Colin Newman – & Jury
    Naked – Our Correspondent
    Newtown Grunts – They Shall Not Pass

    Not quite the end for me , I’ve still got P and B (& possibly J but that’s not looking quite so promising ) to do

  19. The eNNed:

    Nina Nastasia (20)
    New Order (14)
    Gary Numan (13)
    Bill Nelson (12)
    Nirvana (8)
    Noah & The Whale (5)
    Neutral Milk Hotel (4)
    Nine Inch Nails (4)
    Neon Neon (3)
    Marissa Nadler (2)
    National (2)
    Negresses Vertes (2)
    New Age Steppers (2)
    Stina Nordenstam (2)
    Jack Norton (2)

  20. The long overdue P (cue smirk from Bob Holness)

    Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Blown Out Again
    Penetration – Don’t Dictate
    The Partisans – Blind Ambition
    The Professionals – Little Boys In Blue
    Protest – Third Generation
    Puncture – Mucky Pup
    Punishment Of Luxury – Puppet Life
    The Pack – Heathen
    Play Dead – Sacrosanct
    Iggy Pop – Sister Midnight
    Poison Girls – Persons Unknown
    PIL – Careering
    Paranoid Visions – Acts Of Love

    B to follow tomorrow night I hope

  21. Nino and The Ebb Tides – Those Oldies But Goodies
    Ricky Nelson – Cindy, Cindy
    Willie Nelson – City of New Orleans
    Willie Nelson – Whiskey River
    Harry Nilsson – Everybodys Talkin’ At Me
    Neville Brothers – Fearless
    Neville Brothers – Tell It Like It Is
    Ivan Neville’s Dumpstafunk – Raise The House (Jazz)
    New Seekers, – Pinball Wizard
    Stevie Nicks – Gypsy
    Maxine Nightingale – Lead Me On
    NItty Gritty Dirt Band – Fishing In The Dark
    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Rocky Top Tennessee

  22. The Noisettes – Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit).
    [Heavy] Rock’n’Soul. What’s not to like?
    Nickelback – Never Again.
    I’ve a soft spot for How You Remind Me, but it has to be this one really.
    Nerf Herder – Defending The Faith.
    I probably would’ve picked Jenna Bush Army if I could’ve found a YT vid for it.
    Nazareth – Hair Of The Dog.
    I’ll grant you the studio version is slightly limp, but anyone who’s heard this full blast through a gig PA system should back me up on my choice. I’ve picked a live version.
    Ted Nugent – Live It Up.
    An odd suggestion maybe, but back in the day, I preferred Derek St.Holmes’ vocals to Ted’s.
    Norfolk & Western – The Longest Stare.
    It was this or Banish All Rock, but I couldn’t find that one on YT either.
    New Order – Thieves Like Us.
    I’m instantly transported back to my mid-80s student days by this.
    Nine Horses – Darkest Birds.
    Sylvian’s voice also a student memory, but this is obviously more recent. As ‘rock’y as 9Hs got.
    Natural Life – Strange World.
    Early 90s crusty-types channel 60s hippie ideals through a baggy/rock tune. Er, yeah.
    The National – England.
    Coulda been Lucky You, or a live, voila-crescendo-ing About Today, or DsD asafaerae All The Wine, or Secret Meeting, or any of a dozen others. Ace band.
    Noah & The Whale – First Days Of Spring.
    Hark. The sound of a broken heart mending! Redemptive.
    Juice Newton – Angel Of The Morning.
    A lifelong earworm par excellence. Cheesy, yet satisfying.
    Stevie Nicks – Beauty And The Beast.
    Well if I’m gonna get all sloppy/slushy, I may as well go the whole hog.

    This Is The N, My Friend

    I’m away with the family now until late on Sunday. If the RR topic really grabs me, I may well fight with my iPhone to try to post a song or two, but if any of you think of some DsD faves for whatever it is, please go ahead and nominate ’em. Don’t wait for me.



  23. Interesting letter, this one. Quality over quantity. It would be hard to beat 13 tracks by The National, unless it was 13 tracks by Joanna Newsom, or Neutral Milk Hotel’s ITAOTS album in its entirety.

    But here’s a playlist. People with an aversion to female singer-songwriters may want to stop halfway through.

    Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit [though “Unplugged” is, predictably, my favourite Nirvana album]
    Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945 [though taking any song in isolation doesn’t really do them justice]
    New Fast Automatic Daffodils – It’s Not What You Know [teenage favourite – memories attached]
    Nicolette – No Government [I think I got this A-listed]
    New Order – Blue Monday [I’m really only so-so with New Order, but, you know]
    Nouvelle Vague – I Melt With You [the thing with NV is that I don’t actually know many of the originals, so it’s not a novelty record, I just love the music]
    Night Beds – Ramona [Americana by numbers, possibly, but perfectly executed]
    The National – City Middle [though could be Karen/Start a War/England/Pink Rabbits/Don’t Swallow the Cap/Gospel…]
    Laura Nyro – And When I Die [though the version I know is a live recording off an REM Uncut compilation, which I can’t find on YouTube – compiling this playlist is the first time I’ve heard the studio version]
    Nina Nastasia – This Familiar Way [love these strings, voice not bad either]
    Marissa Nadler – Leather Made Shoes [if I could choose one vocalist to sing me to sleep…]
    Nico – These Days [most perfectly melancholy song ever]
    Joanna Newsom – Only Skin [possibly doesn’t work too well on a playlist, but I’m getting as many minutes of her for my money as I can]

  24. And here is the long-awaited (?) B-List. Spot the band that doesn’t quite fit

    The Business – Harry May
    Bad Sam – Black John Wayne
    Braindance – Empty Bottle
    Barbed Wire – No Hope
    Blanks 77 – We Are The Punks
    Bus Station Loonies – Loonies In The Bus Station
    Bovver 96 – American Pie
    Bottlejob – Who’s Your Mate?
    The Blood – Mesrine
    Bonecrusher – Soldier Of Fortune
    Blitzkrieg – Destruction
    Blitz – Warriors
    Bauhaus – Spirit

  25. Really late this week but I didn’t want to miss the last Elastic Bands week as I’ve enjoyed doing it every week since I discovered it (thanks Shane)

    N has proved to be a pretty difficult letter but has provided a diverse list to say the least ;

    Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (bit of a cliche perhaps but probably my favourite single of the last 20 years)
    The Nips – Ghost Town (cheating a bit as I’m having Nipple Erectors too but I’m not sure when they changed their name !!)
    Newtown Neurotics – Suzy is a Heartbreaker
    Randy Newman – Baltimore (an absolute masterpiece)
    Nipple Erectors – Gabrielle
    New Order – Dreams Never End
    Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky
    Johnny Nash – There Are More Questions Than Answers
    NWA – Bitch is a Bitch (non PC most definitely)
    The Names – Your Eyes Give You Away (if anyone was around Canterbury in the years 1976-79 you may have run into this lot – a great live band)
    New FADS – Beatlemania
    The Not Sensibles – I’m in Love with Margaret Thatcher
    NoFX – Perfect Government

  26. Late, but not as late as last week, here goes :

    Oliver Nelson – Stolen Moments
    999 – Emergency
    The Nightwriters – Let The Music (Use You)
    Milton Nascimento – Cravo e Canela
    Paul Nero – This Is Soul
    Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
    New Edition – Candy Girl
    Neville Brothers – Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy
    The Nips – Gabrielle
    Nuyorican Soul feat. George Benson – You Can Do It (Baby)
    The Nite-Liters – Afro Strut
    Newcleus – Jam On Revenge

    Nicely, nicely

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